1 chapter 1

Under sparkling stars on the road enclosed by lush green trees a car was rushing only leaving a trail of light behind it.

As the car reached the hill top a chilly wind blows. After a few moments a smooth milky white leg steps out of the low key super luxury car and a tiny figure comes to light. The tiny figure was a sight to behold it looked so pure like a crystal without any impurities, like a supreme goddess descended in the mortal world yet with a terrifying aura making all those the evil beings shudder in fear.

The fallen goddess was dressed in a midnight black dress which was flowing with the wind in most elegant manner looking like a black panther on a tree top looking at its prey ready to attack any moment.

Standing atop the hill a chill ran through her eyes in the darkness, madness was evident in those eyes slowly a creepy yet mesmerizing smile graces her face. The atmosphere suddenly got a lot gloomy and cold.

Opening her mouth a low magnetic and intimidating voice came out "I am back" it was like a warning to all those who dare to cross her path and grimacing about some distant memory of past.

'Yes I am back to this place, the place where I lost the most important thing to me, not once but time and time again.

It is the very same place where that man who happens to be my biological father abandoned me and my mother; it is also the place where my grandma was gravely injured because of me. This is also the place I dreaded the most. This place has taken away the joy of my childhood. I ran away to get stronger, strong enough to make this whole city my stronghold, to become queen of this city. So all those bastard who dare to oppose me, be aware I will make your life worse than hell.'

This place reminds me of all the pain I suffered and that pain make me even more crazy to rule this land. here no one here treated me as a human.I was treated as useless or neglected, after all I'm a child who wasn't supposed to be born cause the man who's blood runs in me left me and my mother when i was barely four years old, and then my mother hated him so much for leaving that she couldn't stand the sight of me and left me alone in a cold and empty house with nothing but happy family photos although the happiness in them never existed .

With passage of time my mother's hatred for him grew she threw away everything that could remind her of him but unexpectedly kept me only to abandoned me even more ruthlessly, leaving me with nothing to rely on when i was just a kid of age four. It's a miracle that my grandparents whom I never knew existed found me.

At this moment a ring is heard which made the nymph like lady jolt in surprise as her train of thoughts was interrupted.

"What the.... Who is calling me?"

She picks up the call a little irritated without looking at the caller." I'm busy so get..." before she could finish her words an old mature voice came from other side.

"Su xi yan!" A shudder ran through her body when hearing her grandpa's voice a total 180° turn came to her personality and the phone in her hand shook a little as she replied.

"It's been so long grandpa, how is your health? Are you doing fine?"

"Can I be alright with a brat like you? Running away to another country without telling, and you have returned back without informing!. what in the world are you trying to do! You really are the death of me, do you even know how much work I had to do, as the president,of my company dared to run away in between a meeting! Making all kinds of rumors fly. You should consider yourself lucky that I haven't fired you yet, don't think I have no one to replace you at company."

Xi yan could hear continuous shouts from the phone so see kept it at an arms distance when she realized her grandfather had stopped his monologue she said

"Hey handsome oldie I wanted to surprise you so I planned to come later but now I won't and I won't give you that tea I brought with me , I'm not talking to you.

You scolded me and on top of that you wanted to fire ME! How can you do this grandpa? It's been so many years, to me you are the only one I can rely on and now even you are going to leave me alone. I'm so hurt my tears know no bound, but I'll be fine grandpa. Even if I don't have a job and become so broke to have a fulfilling meal, I won't beg you to lend me money.

And I guess you have already found a new granddaughter to replace me but believe me no one would be better than me I am one of a kind." as they say attack is better than defense so xi yan directly poured all the guilt on her grandpa but grandpa being the old fox and her teacher for overacting was long ago immune to her vicious tongue said.

"Enough do you think I don't know what you are trying to do, and in this world you can lack anything but money, you better comeback home and attend a party in my place at the Zhou family tomorrow evening, their young master's getting engaged" no matter what how long can a grandpa be angry with his such cute granddaughter.

"What! No! Never! I'm not going to that dimwits engagement party he is so dumb he thinks I have plans on him. Just look at me does he even deserve my toe nail, yet he has the imagination to think I have an unrequited love for him, Oh Please he makes me vomit."

"True he doesn't deserve you but he's your childhood friend and he said he wanted to talk to you so I agreed now you have to keep my word"

"No chances if he would not have been grandma's friend's grandson I would not even have spared him a glance."

"I don't want to hear anything you are going"

"No I'm not"

"Fine than I have a long list of blind date candidate ..."

"I will go grandpa. And I will come back home right this instance dearest grandpa"

"Good! I will see you at office tomorrow morning than"

Hanging up the phone xi yan let out a cry

"Why me!!!!" it was obvious that her grandpa has yet o forgive her for leaving that stupid meeting midway but she had a reason for that. And now it seems that she will be punished tomorrow.

She got into her car and just as she was about to leave she saw a bugatti dashing past her at a dangerous speed. It evoked a dormant feeling in her to crush her opponent and reflexively she stomped on her accelerate.

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