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overly dramatic life of female lead: the CEO power couple


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she is a seemingly ordinary rich naive stupid and dumb kind of lady to the world. she seems to have near to zero presence in the social circle but she is the goddess of business. She is a person of perfection. she excels in whatever she wills of. she wasn't born perfect but the circumstances forced her to be a step ahead of world and this lead to her excellence. she acts dumb and stupid but that opposite of her reality she is confident, loud, willful, cunning, intelligent, sharp tongue, decisive, black bellied...... yes she is the most two faced person, hidding all her trum cards but loves to use white lotus tricks. He is the most kind and sweet guy. He is the defination of true gentlemen. He looks completely harmless yet he is the scariest existence. Always maintaining a kind and soft facade he hides his sharp beast claws. She the mysterious goddess never give any man a second look, but what did this harmless looking beast do to make her propose a marriage to him only on their third meating!!! she married him unknown of his impressive identity thinking of him as her obedient little husband...but now he has slowly started to unravel his tricks and she regrets for the first time for being unable to recognise his true colors. xi yan:you stupid pig! you lied to me.(shooting dagger from her doll eyes) lin Feng: sweety when did i lie..?(sweetly, uncertainly) xi yan: you..you lied to me you said that you are poor and you are just a good for nothing!(RAWR) lin Feng: i didn't lie, I'm poor without you, you are my wealth, without you I'm useless. I'll be just a piece of breathing meat without you darling.(looking pitiful, teary eyed) xi yan: *chokes*(this damned beauty)(hmmh) then what about you saying no one loves you, your bees and butterflies can fill up an entire city.(i won't forgive you yet) lin Feng: how can you say that, those insects are meaningless existance to me I don't even look at them. still have you ever seen me complain about all your admirers who can fill up an entire state.(i am a pitiful wife and you are unfaithful husband in our relationship) xi yan: I'm done for, I can't control this man anymore.