63 Chapter 63

Throughout these past years, Raizel had forgotten many things already.

Well, with all the events that occurred throughout these past years, no one can probably blame him for being forgetful. There are just so many of them and there's no way that he can keep tabs on everything.

Especially with all the stress he's been dealing with lately.

But Raizel has some things that he absolutely must not forget. These things are so important and so crucial that forgetting them is basically out of the question. Some of these might put his life in danger if forgotten.

That's how important it is.

So with all that said... one can probably understand how frustrated Raizel is when he realized that he managed to forget one of the most must-not-forget things in his life. And out of the must-not-forget, it's one of the crucial ones at that.

And to make matters worse, that one thing is right in front of him right now, looking down on him with an unreadable gaze... making Raizel pour out cold sweats.

"... It's been a while now my love." Said the being on the throne as it stands up and approach Raizel ever so slowly...

The distance between them is not that great, but in Raizel's mind, he greatly wishes that the distance could be longer...

"... You've been gone for too long now."

Maybe, if that's the case, he would be able to think of some ways on how to deal with the mess he's in right now.

"... In fact, too long that you made me start thinking that something serious must have happened to you while you were out there."

But that wish is just not possible at the moment since before he could think of anything, he started feeling his head being cupped by the being that just arrived in front of him.

"... But looking at you right now, you seemed fine to me."

Now, the two of them are facing each other eye to eye... and Raizel, couldn't do anything about it.

"... Well, you must have a pretty good reason right? Right?"

His ability to resist has been rendered useless for some reason.

"... So now, tell me,"

Well, if he wants to, he actually can resist, but he chose to not do anything related to that because he's afraid of what might happen.

"... 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗼 𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗴?"

Now, Raizel is literally leaving his everything to fate itself.


Back in YGGDRASIL days, one day, Raizel devised a plan for his ultimate safety.

Ultimate safety for what?

Well, for everything, and everyone.

Since the very beginning, Raizel had this one particular ongoing quest from his main Racial class, the Origin.

It's a quest that requires him to kill his fellow Origins, the Hero and the Beast king.

Now, doing that quest is a very easy task, especially right at the early phase of YGGDRASIL when the Hero and the Beast King are still nothing but newbs, whilst Raizel is already as strong as a high leveled player.

But Raizel, didn't do it. Instead, he made peace with the two. He made himself and the two promise that no one of them will pursue the Origin quest.

Why he did do that?

Well, if Raizel decided to do the quest that early, he will have a great problem. A problem that might ruin his future plans in the game. And he wouldn't want that.

No, the problem is not the quest itself. As mentioned, Raizel can kill the two if he wants. The problem that Raizel had been worrying about, is the consequence that comes after the quest is done.

He will be an official enemy of the two other races. The humans, and demi-humans. Heteromorphics are not included but they can join the hunt as well so it's basically a threesome galore.

That, wouldn't be good. And Raizel knew that. The other two, hero and beast king, knew it as well, that's why the peace treaty met no resistance when Raizel brought it up.

That's why Raizel decided to abandon this Origin quest...

Until he finds an ultimate safety for himself that is.

Spoiler alert, he did manage to find it...


Well, It all started when Raizel obtained the title, "Prince of Niflheim" by completing a certain quest... which would be upgraded later on to "King of Niflheim" when he got the "World Champion" class for the world of Niflheim.

It was then followed by him getting a map of the entire Niflheim that was "gifted" to him by the devs.

Add to this is a certain World Item that he had, the World Egg and the Hex of the slighted goddess.

Yes, Raizel's ultimate safety contains these three ingredients.

The events proceeded in this manner...

A rumor has been circulating around YGGDRASIL that Raizel managed to complete the entirety of Niflheim, and that he has already seen it all.

Which is both true and not. He has seen it all, but not completed it.

Yes, he just saw all the contents that Niflheim had... with the help of his friend Satoshi.

That's all. He only managed to actually complete the entirety of Niflheim in the later years, when he finally have the "King of Niflheim" class and the Map of Niflheim.

Talk about him clearing Niflheim, his journey on that is actually quite... not smooth to say the least.

Well, he decided to do it all alone so that's not surprising. Well not actually alone since he has a bunch of NPCs helping him throughout his journey but yeah, a Player's presence is still different.

But in the end, after all the hardships, he finally managed to clear it all... or not.

He cleared the world, but just in name. He didn't actually clear it "ALL".

There are still some uncleared places here and there, but those places are not required for him to go if his only goal is to just "Complete Niflheim", so since that's the case, he didn't bother.

But that's not the case for every uncleared place.

There's this one place, located in the deepest of Niflheim, a beautiful castle made of what looks like ice, and houses countless treasures.

But, there's one problem... there's a giant dragon on top of that countless treasures.

And that dragon... is a World Enemy.

Now the reason why Raizel avoided that place is pretty obvious.

He avoided that place... until he managed to clear the world that is.

Yup, after he cleared Niflheim, he came back to this very place, to conquer it and finally lay down the final step for his ultimate safety...

With the help of his Waif- NPCs, armed with the best items he got, and with a very, very, very, subtle help from his friend Satoshi, he managed to defeat the dragon and clear the castle.

Well, he mostly cheesed the Dragon to death, and spent almost a day and a half doing it, but he cleared it cleanly nonetheless.

PS, All made possible by Satoshi's very, very, very, subtle help.

So with all that done... he finally started his "Ultimate Safety" plan.

First safety is the world itself. Since he already cleared Niflheim, he can go wherever he pleases. To those that planned to hunt him down, Raizel can only wish them Good luck in finding him in the deepest part of the world, while enduring the resistance of the world itself.

Second safety, the miasma that covered the entire world, made possible by the Hex of the slighted Goddess. No explanation is needed for this one.

Third, and his most ultimately dangerous weapon yet, ultimate to the point where Raizel is starting to question himself on what he had just created... The Queen of Niflheim.

The Queen of Niflheim is probably the most questionable project that Raizel made. It's even more questionable than that moment when he decided to create Frank-hen-stein...

Yes, the Queen of Niflheim is worse than Frank-hen-stein.

Unbelievable right? How can someone top an Abomination created by combining three World Items?

Well, Raizel managed to do it... again.


It's pretty simple actually.

It was made possible by the World Enemy(Dragon) he defeated in the ice castle, and the World Egg... and of course, a very, very, very, subtle assistance from his friend Satoshi.

The creation process is like this...

When he defeated the Dragon, its essence was then left behind... Raizel then brought out the World Egg and made it absorb that very essence.

Egg plus some essence, it was pretty obvious what's the outcome of this process.

After that, Raizel proceeded with the customization. It's a standard process, add all the good stuff and remove the bad stuff. Raizel's standards that is.

Normally, this is not possible, but there is nothing to fear because Superman is always there to save the day.

So, with all that said and done, Raizel just waited for the process to go on... it didn't take that long before the World Egg finally hatched, and the being that came out... is obviously the Queen of Niflheim.

AN: Imagine her to look like this.

Raizel knows how to design his Waif- NPCs pretty well.

Though, there's one miscalculation on Raizel's part here. The being he created, the Queen of Niflheim, is not branded as an NPC.

But a World Enemy...

(To be continued.)


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