61 Chapter 61

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"Where the f*ck..." Raizel paused for a moment as he glance at his surroundings. "... am I?"

Judging from the incredulous look on his face, he is very confused by everything that is happening by now.

Well, he has every reason to be so.

A few moments ago, he's standing in the throne room of Nazarick, and all of a sudden, he just found himself standing in the middle of a snow field.

Of course, he's aware of the transmigration phenomenon that will happen after the server shutdown, but he did not know why he got transported to a different place.

He did not expect this to happen at all. He thought that, he will be transported to the New World together with Momonga, inside the great tomb of Nazarick.

But not only that did not happen, he's also now in an unknown area.

He has some hunchs about the place he's in right now, but he's still confused about the overall situation.

Though it would be good if the problem that he needed to worry about is just that, unfortunately, it's not.

Cause also earlier, the guy who he's looking out for ever since this morning, suddenly appeared out of nowhere- seconds before the server shut down.

It would have been good if that guy is an ordinary Player, but no, that guy just has to be a World Enemy.

A massive headache for Raizel.

"... Who the f*ck is that guy anyway?" He cursed as he remembered what just happened earlier.

"... Can't even face me like a man. That piece of sh*t!"

A Player, who's a World Enemy, is an existence that shouldn't have reached the New World.

Raizel knows this pretty well. He is quite sure that in the main canon, no such Player existed.

No Player like that got transported or will be transported to New World ever.

How can he be so sure?

Well, that's because Raizel knows the main canon pretty well.

In the main storyline, when YGGDRASIL is still running, a World Enemy is supposed to appear at some point inside the game. That World Enemy is a Player, a Player who used to be a World Champion but with the help of a certain World Item, managed to turn himself into one of the strongest entities in the game.

This event, is one of the Major events in the story, and an event that Raizel was looking out for.

This is an event that he's been preparing to do for years. Cause when that time finally comes, he wants to Hunt that Player and claim the bounty that the killer will receive, all for himself.

But alas, such event did not happen.

And this fact, at first, raised confusion on Raizel throughout the past years.

At first, he thought that the appearance of that Player will happen in the later years of the game- since in canon that Player's appearance is not specified, but before he knew it, YGGDRASIL will end already in months' time, and that certain Player is still not appearing.

This confusion is the reason why Raizel asked his friend Satoshi to check on that certain Player back then.

If he already quit playing YGGDRASIL a long time ago, then everything is fine, he would feel great disappointment, but he knows that he can't do anything about it.

He'll just think that this is due to his presence in this world.

A butterfly effect in other words.

But if it turns out that he's still active, then... it will be a big problem.

Spoiler, the latter happened, and when Raizel found out about this, unfortunately, he did not have enough time to think about a solution for this anomaly.

Raizel is not stupid. As he had thought, this shouldn't have happened. That guy is meant to be defeated, not come to the NW.

There's no way that such a thing could have happened just because of his presence in the Game.

That kind of action is too weird for a normal Player.

Reserving a privilege and will only use it at the very end. A time when no one will care even if you turn into a World Enemy?

Making your presence as little as possible to avoid conflict with others?

Steady progression in the game?

Making sure to log in just before the server shutdown?

Raizel will not have a hard time realizing that the person who's doing these kinds of actions is just like, him.

Someone, who's not a part of this Universe and only has one goal.

To reach the end of the game and get into the NW.

"... How did this even happen? Did they mess up and send two guarantors in one Universe? Or is that... a norm?" Raizel said as he clicked his tongue.

What Raizel's talking about is the God domain he had been through before getting transported to the Overlord Universe.

He's frustrated because he didn't know that there can be two variables- or in gods' terms "Guarantors", in the same world.

If he did, he could have wasted one of his wishes back then to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

He's that frustrated about all of this.

NW is a place where he planned to have fun and lay back for a bit after his 12 years of hard work, but now, he can't even do that any more cause of a possible World Enemy running around.

"... Aiish~ Whatever, let's just deal with this matter later." Raizel ruffled his hair in annoyance as he look around his surroundings.

Although he wants to solve this situation as soon as possible, he sighed heavily cause he knows that he can't do anything at the moment.

Besides, he has a much more urgent problem that needed solving.

" Hmm... I don't think I'm in the right place."

Raizel, just like he already predicted, will be transported to another world.

To the New World to be exact, together with the denizens of the great tomb of Nazarick.

But not only did he not get transported with Nazarick, he's also not in the New World, the World where the original Overlord series took place.

Odd it might sound but Raizel knows that the place he's in right now is not the New World.

He is not sure if the New World has a snowy area or winter season, but he's pretty sure that it's not the case here.

For some reason, ever since he got transported here, he started feeling some sort of connection somewhere.

He didn't know where it is exactly coming from, but he knows that it was coming somewhere in this world, and that he has a sense of odd familiarity with that connection.

And through that very connection, he can weirdly sense that this world, is nowhere close to the image he has of the New World.

He has a vague guess of the World he's in but he still has a lot of questions that needed answers so he can be 100% sure of it.

And thankfully, he knows where to get it...

"... Jarvis?" Raizel- while looking around, called out to someone, even though he was entirely alone within the area.

[ How may I help you sir? ]

"... Woah~" He muttered unknowingly as he heard the voice that rang inside his head.

The one who answered him just now, and proved that he's not going senile already, is Jarvis.

The built AI inside his system.

Obviously, Raizel knows of his existence already, though he still can't help but be surprised because this is the first time he had an interaction with Jarvis.

Well, he already operated him inside the game so technically this is not the first, but the way Jarvis works back in YGGDRASIL compare to how it is now, is entirely different.

The Jarvis he's talking to right now, seems more, alive.

Also, the fact that the voice of his Jarvis, is extremely identical to the Jarvis from the Iron man series, increased his bewilderment too.

"Hoo~ alright... it's time to see how much of a masterpiece this system is." Raizel muttered with a sarcastic tone as he remember his friend Satoshi, keeps rubbing into his face the fact that he really worked hard when he was creating his System, and that it was one of his masterpieces.

"... Can you tell me where is this place?"

[ ... ]

Jarvis did not reply to him immediately, and It took him a few seconds before he finally received a reply.

[ According to my database, the current location that we are in now is... Unknown. ]

"... Thought so."

Hearing what Jarvis told him, Raizel's hope- that was ignited momentarily, died immediately.

Well, he kinda expected this kind of answer already, but he was quite hopeful that he would be given any type of hint at the very least by this masterpiece of a system.

Not just a simple "No" for an answer.

[ I compared the surroundings to the places that are saved in my Database but none of them have matched. ]

"... Yeah yeah, I get it. I appreciate your help."

[ But I could start a mapping sequence if you would like sir. It seems to me that this unknown land would be a great addition to my information database. ]

"... Oh? Mapping sequence? Can you explain to me how that works?" Raizel asked, though he has a vague idea of what this does, he still wants the exact details about it.

[ The Mapping sequence is a protocol that allows the system to gather information about the surrounding lands without the need of being present in the said lands. Using this, we can quickly gather information about the lands around us. ]

"Hoo, that's amazing. I didn't know that you could do that."

[ Should I start the mapping sequence? ]

"... Yeah, go ahead."

[ Mapping sequence has been initiated... How far should I go sir? ]

"... Go all the way. Map as much as you can."

[ Understood. ]

"... Alright, lemme see the map. Can you bring it up for me?" Immediately after this, a system window appeared in the corner of his vision.

In that panel, a map-like feature is displayed. Though in that said map, he can see nothing but darkness.

"... Wow, right now, this map is so useless."

Since Jarvis has no data about the place he's in, his map is obviously blank. Other than the spot where he's standing on, he can't see anything.

But Raizel knows that the current pitiful state of his map wouldn't stay that long since... a minute later, the vision that his map covers, started growing at a massive rate.

Suddenly, his map is starting to brighten as new places started appearing out of nowhere.

"... Seems the map sequencing is working alright." Raizel commented as he closes the map.

The area that his map covers are starting to get bigger, but there's no reason for him to look at it, especially at the current moment.

Besides, if Jarvis detected something, since the map-sequencing profiles anything it passes through, from living being to structures and etc- Jarvis said so, he would surely be notified.

"... Jarvis, don't take this seriously, I know this question is nuts given that you just started a few minutes ago, but is there a way that you... can give me an estimated time of when will this mapping end?"

[ I can. ]

"... Damn really?"

[ Yes. In what format would like me to detail it?]

"... Uuh, hours will do."

[ Understood... Then, my estimated time of completion is around, thirteen thousand one hundred forty-nine hours sir.]


[ I strongly recommend that you shouldn't wait for the completion before making a move, sir. According to my calculations, it's a bad idea. ]

After hearing Jarvis's sarcastic remarks, Raizel snorted.

"... YEAH YOU THINK? WHY IS IT THAT LONG? T- that's like..." Raizel then started computing, converting the hours that Jarvis gave him into a year format.

But before he could even do that, Jarvis butted in...

[ Exactly one and a half year sir. ]

"... Y- Yeah, that. Why does it take that long." Raizel said in a demanding manner.

[ Based on the information data I have been receiving so far, this is the time that I came up with. Given the speed of the mapping, and how the current world we are in is structured. ]

"Still, isn't that too..." Raizel was about to complain but he immediately realized that doing that will change nothing.

"... Alright, whatever. It is what it is. Just give me the information you have gathered so far about this world, cause it seems that you already have it."

[ Understood. According to my analysis so far. This world seems to be a round planet, because as we scan and cover further lands, there seems to be a very slight curve in the overall structure of the lands, and by going deeper inside the planet, according to the very very slight increase in temperature, a core must be existing in the very center. Hinting that this planet is structured just like earth, your past world sir... ]

As Jarvis stated this, Raizel fell into his thought mid-way while listening to him... 'How did he know that? There's no way Satoshi would add a piece of information that's so useless as that. Wait, can he read the contents inside my mind? Is that... the database he's talking about?'

[ ... may I add that this world in comparison to earth, is larger by at least 50 times. That's because the land we had scanned so far is already as big as a continent- by earth standards, yet we can't picture at least 1/4 of the planet yet. ]

'... yep, he can definitely read my mind.'

[ ... when it comes to the weather, on the other hand, this world seems to be in a state of eternal winter. I can't make any assumptions as to why it is like that sir, because an unknown force seems to be involved in that matter... ]

"... I see. It's fine, never mind that. Instead, tell me about the living creatures you had scanned so far." Raizel said in a plain tone. Though he might seem too relax outside, inside his mind, he's quite serious as he's starting to piece together all the information he's getting from Jarvis. '... I just need to confirm one more thing to finalize my information about this world.'

[... If it's the living creatures... I managed to profile everything I had scanned so far and put it in the Beastiary. ]

"... Alright, bring it up."

After this, a holographic screen appeared in front of Raizel.

Inside that screen, appeared a list of different kinds of creatures, ranging from animals, plants, insects, etc. Like a bestiary or some sort.


Raizel didn't speak for a whole minute or two as he continue doing nothing but scrolling and looking at the list that Jarvis gave him.

Though at first glance, everything seems random, but in Raizel's eyes, they're not.

Actually, while looking at the list, a knowing smile appeared on his face.

"... I knew it," Raizel muttered while still looking at the list. "... I'm in Niflheim."

Every bit of information he had gathered so far solidated that fact for him.

At first, he's not quite sure of it.

Well, the moment he arrived here, everywhere he looks screamed of nothing but Niflheim, he knew, it was quite obvious, but he wants to make sure of it first. He doesn't want to just jump to a conclusion right off the bat.

But now, after seeing the familiar structures of this world, the things that live here that can only be seen on the Niflheim he knows, and the "Eternal Winter"- and the force that's keeping it, especially the connection he's been feeling since earlier, he's sure of it now. One hundred percent.

He's in his home.

"... Still, I don't understand why I'm here. This is the confusing part. Why here and not in the New World?" Raizel asked himself as he started pondering hard. "and the big question is... where's New World?"

This is the big question that Raizel has no answer to at the moment. He's afraid that even Jarvis might not be able to even help him in this matter.

Now he's frustrated again.

He was happy a while ago since he confirmed that his guess is correct that he's in Niflheim, but he immediately realized that other than that, he got nothing yet.

It's like putting the very first piece of the puzzle in its right place... now only a thousand more are left.

"Damn my life."

Although Raizel's not feeling tired physically, he sat down on the icy and snowy ground with a worn-out expression.

"I wonder, when will I get my well-deserved rest?" Raizel said as he looked at the setting giant sun from afar while laughing at the thoughts lingering in his head. "... I thought that the New World arc will give me that."

"... Haa~ How naive."


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