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------- Quest -------

[ The hunt for the True Monster begins ] NEW!!!

Description: The Monster of Origin succeded in its endeavor to devour the other two Origins, the Beast King, and the Hero. Now, it is currently on its way to becoming, once again, the True Monster.

Goal: Defeat the Monster of Origin before it fully consumes the two Origin it devoured.

Duration: 671:32:12

Rewards: 1 Million Gold, 1 Unique Job Class, 10 Treasure Trove keys, Random Set of Equipment (Legendary), 200 Data Crystals (High), 1 Treasure Map (Legendary), 1 Glorifying Orb.

Penalty: None


- Upon taking the quest, every participant will receive [ All for the fallen ], a quest-exclusive perk that reduces the Penalty for each death by 90%, but the drop rewards for each kill is massively reduced as well.

- The General Location of the Monster of Origin will also be displayed on the Map.

- Every participant will be able to receive the reward regardless of their level of contribution during the quest. But the top five Players that have the highest contribution amongst all, will receive another set of rewards together with the original reward.

- This quest can be taken infinitely until the quest duration is over.


It's been almost a week now since Raizel caused that entire chaos within the community and since then, up until now, it simply never stopped. In fact, as days went on, it becomes even worse as if it wasn't already.

Players upon Players started leaving their own worlds and flooding the gates of Niflheim just for one sake, join in on the hunt. Even Players who were originally not interested in this kind of thing and chose to stay away from anything that has something to do with Raizel, decided to join as well.

It's that chaotic.

The realm that was once a safe haven for Heteromorphics suddenly became the most dangerous for them in an instant. Especially so after the release of the [ God-defying totem ], a Cash item that was made to resist the miasma that Raizel released in Niflheim back then. Making it easier for anyone that is originally unwelcomed by the world, to go in and out as they pleased.

Niflheim right now has literally been turned into a full-blown battlefield at this point. Actually, if one were to see this objectively, it's not even a hunt anymore, but an all-out war.

Cause Raizel, really utilized Niflheim at its fullest during this event. How? Well, it's pretty simple... He will first go to a nearby city and seek shelter inside it, and due to his "Privileges", that particular city will then turn hostile to everyone. Blocking every Player that wants to go inside it, or even near it.

This means, other than the Summon Monsters and Created Npcs under Raizel's control, the Players who are trying to hunt him also have to fight an ENTIRE city as well. Making this hunting quest, much harder for everyone that participated in it.

Of course, given the overall number of the hunters, they will surely eventually siege the entire city and reach the castle where their supposed target is located... only for them to know that he was long gone already. And is now hiding in another nearby city. Then the same process repeat. Over, and over, again.

This, is the very reason why many Players have joined in on the hunt, cause unless they pull off a large number on this one, this quest is just plain impossible.

That's why it is not a joke when it is stated that Niflheim, became a full-blown Battlefield. Cause it truly is at this point.

Well, given the current situation, obviously, not a single casual player will choose to remain in the realm anymore. Players who were originally just there to seek shelter and protection, have to leave immediately upon the Hunting quest announcement.

Doesn't matter what world it is they say, as long as it is not Niflheim.

Even Raizel's closest friends who originally want to help, decided to leave as well, or at least, he made them leave, for pretty obvious reasons.

In short, all that's left in Niflheim is just Raizel himself, and of course, the Players that want his ass dead.

Raizel's situation at this point, according to the community itself, or to those that decided to follow along with this whole chaos be it within the game or not, is like that of a Demon King in every fantasy story.

The whole world banded up together, attacking the Demon Realm (Niflheim), enduring all the challenges, and hardships as they make their way toward the Demon Lord's Castle, the exact place where they can find their most common enemy, the Demon King (Raizel). The being that is the main source of chaos and pain that has been happening in the entire world.

It could not be more accurate really, it's almost cliche at that. The fact that Players started treating this Hunt as a Raid, and Raizel being a full-blown World Enemy rather than a Player, is even more comical.

But even though most would find this funny and entertaining, there's a certain group of people that doesn't find this whole situation fun and entertaining at all.

It's the Devs themselves.

Well, why would they? The balance and harmony of the game itself are being ruined as days go by. Other Main and Side quests are being ignored. The server is overloaded one-sidedly. The Market is being wrecked due to large demands for certain items. Etc. Basically, many problems have been happening throughout the game because of this exact situation in one way or another.

So unlike many Players who find this fun, for them, it's nothing but more work. So MUCH MORE WORK.

In their defense though, none of them predicted that the scale of this entire situation would elevate to such a degree. All of them thought that this will just be your fun little event. Clearly, none of them thought that Raizel actually has the ability to face the entire server and survive this long. Admittedly, all of them greatly forgot how resourceful Raizel is and how much chaotic fuckery he can pull out when the situation requires him to be so.

Actually, there's one Dev that predicted this whole thing happening but sadly, none listened to him. Now they all suffered together.

In any case, to make matters short, the Devs already learned their mistakes and are already trying to calm down what has been happening in Niflheim throughout these past few days... only to no avail unfortunately.

Cause Players just ignored them and do whatever the hell they want. The fact that the perpetrator of this whole scenario seems to have liked the fact that he was being treated as everyone's common enemy, and also, to the Dev's dismay, exaggeratedly acted as one, did not help at all.

Raizel, who was branded by everyone as the Demon King, started performing the role like it is his calling or something.

Going around online, trash-talk everyone, infiltrating the Hunters' community servers, and trash-talk everyone there as well. He's basically one of the reasons why this entire chaos hasn't died down even for a little bit, instead made it grow even more.

A menace. That's what he is.

So much so that the Devs themselves had given up already and had no choice anymore but to contact Raizel himself and plead for him to stop instigating everyone.

Well, that plead, for their side, unfortunately, didn't really go well. Raizel simply left them on hang and do whatever he wants anyways.

In Raizel's defense though, had they not released the [ God-defying Totem ], this would have not elevated in such a situation. So for him, he simply cannot just leave them off the hook, not now that he already sacrificed so much after the Devs decided to f*ck him up and used him as a quick Cash grab.

But still, Raizel is not that heartless. He understands to some degree how hard is the situation for them as well. So he decided to give them another chance.

"Fine, I will stop... but let's talk about how you will compensate me first."

To make matters short, in the end, this entire issue was then solved. After their "negotiation" everyone is finally satisfied with their answers and left the meeting room with a smile on their face.

Raizel left with a huge smile. And the Devs left as well with a smile...

A painful smile that is.

( To be continued... )


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