Overlord: The Multiverse

When MC was reliving on a picture of a Goddess, he died. Only meet the Goddess but instead of torturing him to eternity, She give him wishes. And make him reincarnated in Overlord world. As the name suggested, this a multiverse Fan fiction, that mean MC will travel through different world like Marvel, DC, Highschool DXD, My vampire Diaries(may be) , Demon Slayer etc. first world: Overlord second World: Highschool DXD There will a harem, No NTR Or stuff. (some of you might dislike the Yggdrisil arc as it is bit of AU and MC talk a lot. But it is only in this arc on world travel arc I will tone down his unnecessary internal monologue.) I am not a professional writing and I have no deep experience in writing, so please ignore my grammar mistake and such. I also took some inspiration from other fan fiction. It would be a great help if you could donate your power stone to me. I posted 50 and more advance chapters on Patreon, If you are interested check it out. Only 3$ is needed to join my Patreon. it will be helpful if you can join my Patreon. You can support me on: patreon.com/BlackBolt517 1, 2 or 3 chapter per week. I will post bonus chapters on 150 power stone. Regular chapter update are on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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Chapter 16: Dwarfs


Ah, Nidavellir, the land of dwarfs, dark elves, and all manner of demi-human creatures. It's like a fantasy version of a bustling metropolis, complete with towering mountains, underground tunnels, and, of course, a capital city to boot.

But don't let the picturesque scenery fool you—Nidavellir is also home to some of the fiercest monsters this side of YGGDRASIL. It's like a wildlife safari, except instead of lions and tigers, you've got giants and trolls roaming around looking for trouble.

And let's not forget about the weapon and armory scene. Nidavellir is like the fashion district of YGGDRASIL, except instead of designer clothes, you've got master craftsmen churning out swords, shields, and other badass gear.

So if you're ever in the market for a new weapon or just fancy a bit of monster hunting, Nidavellir is the place to be. Just watch out for the PKers—they've got a nasty habit of stealing your lunch when you're not looking.

Stepping into Nidavellir was like walking into a giant workshop run by a bunch of bearded craftsmen with a penchant for pounding metal. The air was thick with the smell of sweat and molten metal, and the sound of hammers hitting anvils echoed through the streets like a never-ending drum solo.

As I made my way through the bustling streets, dodging stray sparks and the occasional drunken dwarf stumbling out of a tavern, I couldn't help but feel a sense of realism as I looked around. It was like being a kid in a candy store, except instead of candy, there were deadly weapons and armor everywhere you looked.

I wandered through the maze of forges and workshops, marveling at the skill and dedication of the craftsmen hard at work. These guys were like the rock stars of the weapon-making world, crafting swords and shields with the precision of surgeons and the brute force of, well, dwarves.

And then I saw it—the grand gates of the dwarven capital, looming before me like a giant middle finger to anyone stupid enough to try and mess with these guys. It was a sight to behold, a testament to the sheer badassery of dwarven architecture.

As I approached the gates, a burly dwarf guard eyed me suspiciously, his bushy beard bristling with skepticism. "Halt! What's yer business in Nidavellir?" he barked, his voice echoing through the cavernous entrance.

I flashed him a grin as wide as the horizon, trying to charm my way past his skepticism. "Just passing through," I replied with a nonchalant shrug, hoping my casual demeanor would throw him off the scent. "Thought I'd check out the local scene, maybe grab a pint or two. You know how it is."

The dwarf squinted at me, clearly unimpressed by my attempt at nonchalance. "And what's with the fancy duds?" he prodded, gesturing to my impeccably tailored attire. "Ye look like ye stepped outta one of them fancy elf boutiques."

I chuckled, trying to think on my feet. "Ah, well, you see, I'm a... fashion guru!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms wide in a dramatic flourish. "Here to spread some sartorial wisdom to the good folks of Nidavellir. Gotta keep the fashion game strong, am I right?"

The guard scratched his head, clearly taken aback by my unexpected revelation. After a moment's consideration, he grunted in reluctant acceptance. "Well, I s'pose we could use a bit o' fashion sense 'round here," he muttered, stepping aside to let me pass. "Just don't cause any trouble, ya hear?"

I nodded eagerly, relieved to have dodged a potentially sticky situation. "Wouldn't dream of it," I assured him with a wink, sauntering through the gates with a newfound spring in my step. "Just here to spread some style and maybe pick up a few souvenirs along the way."

With a grin plastered on my face, I strolled through the gates of Nidavellir, feeling like I'd just pulled off the heist of the century. With a grin plastered on my face, I strolled through the gates of Nidavellir, feeling like I'd just pulled off the heist of the century. But if I revealed I was a vampire, things could get a lot more complicated.

So, I kept my fangs hidden and my true identity under wraps as I mingled with the locals, blending in like a chameleon in a rainbow factory.

As I ventured deeper into the bustling streets, I couldn't help but marvel at the sheer ingenuity and craftsmanship on display.

Dwarven forges blazed with the heat of a thousand suns, their rhythmic clang echoing off the stone walls like a symphony of industry. Everywhere I looked, blacksmiths hammered away at anvils, their brows furrowed in concentration as they brought their creations to life.

As I made my way deeper into the heart of Nidavellir, the rhythmic clang of hammers grew louder, guiding me toward the heart of the realm's bustling forge district. It wasn't long before I stumbled upon a quaint little workshop nestled in the shadow of a towering mountain peak, its chimney belching smoke and sparks into the crisp mountain air.

With a grin, I pushed open the creaky wooden door and stepped inside, the warmth of the forge washing over me like a comforting embrace. The sight that greeted me was like something out of a blacksmith's dream: rows of gleaming anvils, shelves stacked high with tools and materials, and a burly dwarf with arms like tree trunks hammering away at a red-hot ingot.

"Oi, what's this then?" the dwarf barked, shooting me a suspicious glance as I approached. "Another city slicker lookin' to get his hands dirty?"

I chuckled, raising my hands in mock surrender. "Guilty as charged," I admitted with a grin. "But don't worry, I come in peace. Just looking to craft myself a sword fit for a Vampire God."

The dwarf raised an eyebrow, clearly intrigued by my request. "A sword, eh?" he mused, wiping the sweat from his brow with a soot-stained rag. "Well, you've come to the right place. Name's Grimgar, and I'm the finest blade-maker this side of the mountains."

I nodded appreciatively, impressed by the dwarf's confidence. "Pleasure to meet you, Grimgar," I replied, extending a hand in greeting. "I'm Count Alexander Bloodmoon von Dracul but call me Alexander, and I'm in the market for something special."

With a grunt of approval, Grimgar led me over to a cluttered workbench piled high with scraps of metal and half-finished blades. "Alright then, Alexander, let's see what we can do for ya," he said, rolling up his sleeves and cracking his knuckles in anticipation. "What kind of sword are we talkin' here? Big and flashy? Sleek and deadly? Or maybe a little something in between?"


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