Overlord: So I'm a spider, so what?

I decided to write an overlord fanfic due to my deep love for the overlord series (and because they do pretty well). ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Anyway, the story revolves around the Mc whom dies and gets reborn in a heavily polluted and corrupted world completely ruled by corporate greed as just another wage slave with no way of achieving any riches or meaning. But just as the main character makes up their mind to kill themselves, preferring to die on their feet then live on their knees, they have a revelation that maybe, just maybe, this is the same world where the protagonist of overlord originates from. Due to that possiblity in combination with their instinct to survive, the mc decides to stick it out until the announcement of Yggdrasil. The story starts on the day of the announcement. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Btw as u might have figured out from the Cover and title, the Mc's chosen race will be a spider monster just like Shiraori from "Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?" another series I am very fond of. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This year I am very busy with my studies and I only have Sundays free so I can only guarantee one chapter a week on Sunday though I'll post one whenever I got free time.

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The beginings of an evil God

[2265 Words]

This chapter is written, Proof read and edited by me, Your only god and savior



Inside an expansive and crowded office building floor full of closely packed cubicles like sardines stuffed in a can, The sound keys being hit reverberated as it bounced off the white walls as hundreds of people could be seen typing away at their computers.

Joseph sat in a trance as he slowly and mechanically typed on his key board. He was only awakened from his trance when he heard a familiar sharp cry of agony next to him.

Joseph looked to his right just to be met with the gaze of his 'thiccc' colleague Sakurai. Sakurai was an extremely obese man who although seemed to be in his late thirties was actually the same age as Joseph; 25.

The aforementioned cry of agony came not from him but from chair he had just sat on. Everytime Sakurai moved even slightly the chair would let out a shrieking howl of despair.

'I know just how you feel Mr. chair.' Joseph thought as he continued to hold awkward eye contact with Sakurai. Well it was only awkward to the other party. As for Joseph, it was just a game he liked to play with youngsters in his free time.

After having lived a combined total of 60 years in both his first life and his current one, Joseph had acquiesced an unflinching death stare.

He could hold unblinking eye contact forever, and that was no exaggeration. He would be fine with just sitting here and looking into the brown eyes of the fat Japanese man Infront of him until the sun dies.

Though it seemed the tub of lard had other plans as he soon just looked away and started typing away at his keyboard, his head down in his monitor.

"Hey Sakurai." Joseph knew that Sakurai was uncomfortable and that all he wanted at that moment was to be left alone, so he decided to make his misery last just a little bit longer.

"Yes?" Sakurai answered in Japanese but Joseph understood completely, not because he was some genius whom could speak all languages but simply because the chip in his brain automatically translated for him.

"Are you done with that report?" Joseph asked as he took the opportunity of Sakurai turning around to answer him to engage him in eye contact once more.

The results were bittersweet as Sakurai immediately looked down in a subconscious showing of submission.

"I'm almost done, it should be finished by next Monday." Sakurai answered while looking at a wall to the side.

"It's alright, take your time. A job well done is worth the wait." Joseph answered with a warm smile that seemed so genuine even he himself would be momentarily fooled.

Fake smiles were an art. One has to be meticulous and make sure that the smile reaches their eyes.

'Here at Joseph and associates we pride our selves on making your life just a tad more miserable with a smile!'

A drawn out heavy silence befell the pair.


"Well I'll be back to work now." Sakurai said.

"Sure." Joseph replied before also 'going back to work'.

Just when Sakurai breathed a sigh of relief that the interaction had finally ended, the devil's pitchfork suddenly impaled him, dragging him back to hell once more.

"Say, Sakurai." Joseph spoke.

"Yes?" Sakurai answered.

"Earlier when I was talking to you."

"Yes, what about that?"

"Well, you were looking at the wall the whole time."

'This fucker' Sakurai had a mental break down and started a bloody massacre in his head in order to let off enough steam before he blew a gasket.

"Is everything alright?" Joseph asked. "Is everything at home ok?" Joseph asked in a concerned tone.

Inside Sakurai's mind all the pristine White Walls of the large office were turned scarlet.

"Yes, everything is alright, thank you for your concern." Sakurai managed to squeeze out before he went back to work.

"That's just what I wanted to hear." Joseph said with a smile.

'Poor pieces of shit, If i were them I would have killed myself a long time ago.' Joseph thought.

Once work had ended Joseph wore his hazmat suit and went back home. On his way back home, on the train he sat uncomfortably close next to a woman even though there were plenty of empty seats everywhere.

Once he was finally back to the tiny one room apartment he lived in, he took off his hazmat suit and hung it off to dry from the acide rain, he then took off the rest of his clothing and went the fridge at the corner of the room.

He opened it, revealing that it was full of only rows upon rows of soup cans. He grabbed a can and sat naked on the floor as he drank his soup.

Other than the fridge, the apartment had only one other piece of furniture which was his Virtual Reality gear.

Once he was done with his dinner, He placed the empty can in a pile with the other cans, he was trying to construct a throne out of the soup cans. A throne worthy of someone like him, though it seemed he was still a few hundred short.

'Meh, Should only take a hundred or so days. I got time.'

'I wonder how much longer it will take for Yggdrasil to drop.'

'Well in the meantime I'll just keep practicing.'

Joseph sat down and put on his V.R head set and once he inserted a cable into the port on his nape he found himself floating in the main menu.

As usual he scrolled through the games in his library until he arrived at a game which had over 10,000 hours of playtime on it.

The game was simply known as "Arena" a game where you can have all sorts of realistic battles. The game had two modes: Practice mode where one was put into an empty room with only an unmoving target and an extremely wide selection of weapons to choose from.

How wide of a selection? the answer to that would be a simple "Yes". As long as the weapon was recorded anywhere in history, wether it was real or fictiticious then it was available for use. From laser guns to a sack full of door knobs.

The other mode was simply coined "arena mode" it allowed one to engage in battle with any rules, any weapons and on any terrain.

For the last few years all Joseph has been doing in his free time was playing this game in order to hone his fighting skills to the maximum in preparation for the release of Yggdrasil

This was a completely skill based game, because although it had so many options for weaponry everyone had the same avatar, with the same hit box, same HP, same strength and same speed.

One could choose to fight against random opponents or against their friends, however they could only advance their ranking through the leader board by winning battles against random opponents.

Advancing through the rankings was easy, If you win a fight, your "Battle score" increases by 5, and on the other hand if you lose it decreases by 5.

The higher your Battle score the higher your position on the leader board. After 6 years of playing, Joseph had accumulated a score of 10,905. An extremely high score considering the high number of increasingly skilled players he had to defeat.

The game was balanced in a way that prevents extremely skilled players from demolishing beginners.

It does so by never matching players with others who have a score higher or lower than their own by more than 50 points.

For example, Someone with a score of 50 could only fight against people who have a score between 0 and 100.

This mechanic had the consequence of also allowing players to continuously increase their level of skill.

Of course that was only the case for the low level players, the higher your level the higher the gap in score allowed, after all if someone with a score of over 10,000 like Joseph was forced to only play against those with only a score difference of 50 he would have to wait days to get an opponent after all there were only 20,000 players world wide with a score of 10,000 and above.

Joseph picked the battle mode and selected a random match. His chosen weapon was a scythe.

It took 3 minutes before he found an opponent. His opponent went by the Gamertag of [Samurai_Cow] and had a battle score of 10,765. his weapon was a crossbow.

'The crossbow strategy huh.' Joseph thought, The crossbow strategy was simple, take advantage of the fact that crossbows were already loaded in the beginning of the match and shoot the opponent as soon as the match starts.

Since the game is a simulation of real combat, a successful shot would either result in instantly one-shotting the opponent or severely injuring them which would give one a giant advantage as their opponents mobility would be severely affected.

Why crossbows instead of guns? that's because choosing a gun would automatically pair you with another gun user, but for some strange reason using a crossbow allowed you to go against those with melee weapons.

A horn blew and the match began. As Joseph had predicted as soon as the match began Samurai Cow shot his crossbow bolt towards him.

Joseph parried it with his scythe and hastily ran towards his opponent before swiftly piercing his scythe's blade into his opponents skull. Winning the match and increasing his battle score to 10,910.

Joseph started another match, this time he was paired against a player called [Poo Poo Man] who had a battle score of a whopping 12,767. their chosen weapon was a black whip.

The match started and Poo Poo Man whipped towards him, Joseph used his scythe's handle to block the whip making it wrap around the handle, he tried to yank it back to disarm his opponent and he succeed, all according to his opponents plan.

While he was focused on the whip his opponent let go of it and ran at him, grabbing his scythe and kicking him in the chest at the same time.

Joseph had his scythe taken from his hands as he fell to the ground, a second later Poo Poo Man decapitated him with his own weapon.

Joseph lost the match and 5 points from his battle score making him go back to a score of 10,905.

Joseph started another match. This time his apponent was someone called [Jesus Christ] with battle score of 11,000, he used a spear with cross shaped tip as his weapon.

The match began with a few probing stabs from Jesus Christ that Joseph parried. Joseph slashed towards Jesus Christ's feet managing to slice off his foot.

In an attempt to take advantage of the situation he tried to decapitate him and succeeded at the price of having his chest pierced through.

Never the less he was simply severely injured while the other party had died, making him the winner.

After a few more matches he decided to take a quick break and brows the internet through the chip in his head.

While habitually browsing a site called Gaming news, A small little article caught Joseph's small little eye.

It was the announcement of the sudden release of a new DMMO-RPG game with the name of YGGDRASIL by a Japanese game dev company.

No trailer had been released before hand nor had any information about the game been given all that was promised was that it would offer a gigantic range of customization to it's player base.

Joseph felt his face heat up and his heart pound, the moment that he had been waiting for for over 20 years had finally arrived.

He was about to click the link to go download the game but he calmed himself and decided to read the comments on the article first, he needed to know other people's opinions.

Most were discussing about how bad of a job the company had done in marketing their product while others were complaining about how it was a gigantic waste of money since a single copy of the game cost 200$ and how one additionally also needed to buy a special console to play it.

Most decided to not buy it and some even claimed that it was a scam. In all honesty if Joseph didn't know that this was the Yggdrasil from overlord he would have also dismissed it as just a ploy to make idiots burn their money away.

But since Joseph knew that not only was the game worth it but that it was his golden ticket not only out of this diseased, dying world but also his chance at achieving godhood. He decided to buy a copy of the game and order the console for it with Amazon prime same hour shipping.

It cost him more than 3,000$, a third of his monthly salary but it was worth it. After having finished his purchase, Joseph rolled around the floor madly, knocking over his soup throne and his V.R headset, only stopping when his order arrived.


Once the doorbell rang he dashed to the door, still naked.


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