22 Yggdrasil XX

I'll say this in advance; sorry for the bad quality of the chapter. It originally contained a lot of lore regarding Momonga and Ulbert, but since Ulbert wasn't his brother, that lore has been removed and replaced by the current content of the chapter.


Inside the room, the sigil that Momonga made began to glow red.

Ulbert: 'Where the hell did he go? That fucker is trying to kill me.'

Ulbert kept trying to break free from the chair but failed.

Ulbert: 'Shit! Is this how I die?'

The sigil kept glowing red for a minute before it stopped.

After a few seconds, the sigils underneath the corpses began to glow.

Ulbert: 'What the hell is happening here!'

The sigils underneath the corpses began to change them into a gooey substance.

This kept happening until all the corpses had been converted to goo. After which, the sigils glowed once again before stopping.

The goo had already reached Ulbert's feet. He was about to vomit due to the smell.

Ulbert: 'This smells horrible.'

A few seconds later, a small red portal opened near the floor and sucked all the goo. Before it closed, Ulbert heard someone talk in a distorted voice in a language he didn't understand.

The voice of the being felt demonic.

???: "Grythol shazornik ultharien zorvan!"

Ulbert: "What?"

As the portal closed, Ulbert lost consciousness.

~Outside The Room~

I had spent six months on the preparations of my plan. The method was simple; I needed the help of a powerful entity to unlock Ulbert's memories.

And there was only one entity that could do the job. And that was; the Demon Emperor of the Abyss, Azagor.

There were many methods to call for a demon's help. The safest and easiest way was to use its True Name.

If the True Name of a demon is used, they have no choice but to fulfil the command of their summoner. And here, I used the True Name of Azagor.

Underneath those corpses, I had written sigils in ancient demonic language.

And the corpses were used as a catalyst to open the portal.

Even with the utilization of numerous nuclear batteries, the ability to open the portal to the abyss would remain beyond my reach.

The opening of the portal required many steps. First, I needed enough Mana to start the process of the corpse mutation. That's where the energy conversion comes into play. It took a whole nuclear battery to generate a tiny amount of Mana.

Then, once the mutation process started, it would sustain itself. This would result in a gooey substance known as; Necroplasma. It was a source that some cultivators used for their cultivation.

Because Necroplasma had a higher energy content than Mana generated through conversion, it was a viable source to open the portal.

The portal opened using Necroplasma wouldn't be strong enough to let Azagor manifest on Earth. But it was strong enough for my intended purpose.

With enough Necroplasma, I opened the portal and commanded Azagor to unlock Ulbert's memories. The commands were given in the sigil underneath the corpses.

If I wasn't transported to the new world, this was one of the ways I intended to start my cultivation. But this process only works once.

Meaning; I couldn't use this process again for any of my future needs.

Momonga: 'I hope it was successful.'

If Ulbert wasn't my brother from the past; then, the process would make his memories of the last 8 hours vanish.

I opened the door to the room. The floor was red due to the Necroplasma. Ulbert was still unconscious. I approached him and stood by his side.

Momonga: 'I guess I'll need to wait for him to wake up.'

I kept standing behind him for 15 minutes before he regained consciousness. He opened his eyes and began to look around.

Ulbert: "Where am I?"

Because I was standing behind him, he wasn't able to see me. He kept looking around for a short while.

Ulbert: 'What happened? Where am I?'

Ulbert: "Hello! Is anybody here?"

Momonga: 'Have you returned, my brother?'

I kept standing behind him and asked in a heavy tone.

Momonga: "Don't look back, or you will die!"

I pushed the gun against his skull.

Ulbert: "Who the hell are you, man. What did I do to you?"

Momonga: "Just keep looking forward and answer my questions. If you do, I won't harm you, understood?"

I pushed the gun a bit harder against his skull.

Ulbert: 'This fucker!'

Ulbert: "Alright, man. Chill, chill. I'll answer your questions."

Momonga: "What is your name?"

Ulbert: 'Why is he asking my name?.'

Ulbert: "My name's Jeff."

Momonga: "-_-."

Momonga: "That is a made-up name. What is your real name?"

Ulbert: "That is my real name, man."

Momonga: "What is your mother's name?"

Ulbert: 'What is this guy on about?'

Before Ulbert could answer, I asked another question.

Momonga: "Does the name, Nihilastra ring any bells?"

Ulbert: 'Who?'

Ulbert: "I don't know, man. Never heard such a name before."

Momonga: "Does the name; Jacob ring any bells, Jacob?"

Ulbert: 'Jacob?'

Ulbert: "Who is Jacob?"

Momonga: 'Guess he is not my brother then.'

I bashed his head with my gun.

Momonga: "What a waste of my precious time."

I untied him, loaded him into the truck and drove back to the city.

~The next day~

Ulbert woke up in a soft bed.

Ulbert: "What happened?"

He looked around the room.

Ulbert: "This isn't my room. Where the hell am I?"

Momonga: "Finally woke up, huh. I was beginning to get worried."

Ulbert: "Satoru-san?"

Momonga: "Yeah."

Ulbert: "What happened to me?"

I then started telling him a made-up story.

Ulbert: "I see. Thanks for saving me."

Momonga: "It's nothing."

~Scene Change~

Touch Me had called all the clan members in the meeting room. Once everyone was there, he started speaking.

Touch: "Hello, everyone."

Everybody: "Hey."

Touch: "I called you all here for an important announcement. I have decided to disband the clan."

Everybody: "HUH!!"

Nishikienrai: "But why would you do that?"

Pero: "That ain't cool, man. What happened?"

Other members also asked similar things.

Touch: "Quite down, everybody. And please let me finish first."

Everyone quieted down and waited for Touch Me to continue.

Touch: "As I was saying, I have decided to disband the clan. But I have also decided to convert it into a guild."

Everyone: "Oooh!"

Everyone agreed and decided to join the new guild.

Touch: "My announcement hasn't ended yet."

As he spoke, everyone focused on him.

Touch: "I have also decided to step down as the leader of the new guild."

This announcement had varied reactions. Some agreed to the decision, some protested, and some remained silent.

Touch: "While I was the clan leader, I made several foolish decisions. And I feel I am not suitable to be a leader. But, I have a suggestion for a new leader?"

Everyone looked toward Touch.

Nishikienrai: "If you want to step down, I won't stop you. It is your own decision."

Tabula: "I concur."

Punitto: "I have no problem with that."

Ulbert: "So, who are you suggesting as the new leader?"

Touch: "According to me, Momonga-san would be a good leader. What are your thoughts on this?"

After some discussion, the majority of the clan members agreed to make Momonga the new guild leader.

Momonga: 'All according to plan.'

Momonga deliberately helped all the clan mates. He helped them in dungeon raids, gathering materials, saving them from other Players, locating mines, resolving conflicts between them, and much more.

All that to become the guild leader of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Touch: "Then, if you all agree. I would like to announce Momonga-san as the new guild leader."

I stood up from my seat, walked toward Touch and stood beside him.

Momonga: "Well, if you are happy with it. I will take the mantle of the guild leader."

The clan members cheered at this point.

Momonga: "I will make sure that our new guild reaches new heights. Together we will make Ainz Ooal Gown the number 1 guild in Yggdrasil."

At this point, the name of the new guild was decided. Every member was excited about it.

Ulbert: "Now that we are a guild, we need a guild base. I am tired of living in a cave."

Momonga: "I do have a suggestion for a guild base."

He waited to get everyone's attention.

Momonga: "While exploring the heart of Helheim, I came across an unconquered dungeon named Nazarick. After a bit of analysis, it turns out; it could be used as a guild base. So, as the new leader of the guild, I would like to suggest Nazarick as our new guild base. What are your thoughts on this?"

The way Momonga was engaging with the other members was calculative. He was just elected as a guild leader and didn't want them to feel like they were being ordered around.

Punitto: "I trust Momo's judgement. I am all for it."

Nishikienrais: "Me too."

Ulbert: "I agree too. Let's make that dungeon our guild."

Touch: "I have no opposition to that."

Momonga: "Then let's proceed!"

To Be Continued...

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