41 New World IV

Knight 1: Our job here is done. Let's head back to the village.

Knight 2: ~Sigh~ What a waste. I wanted to play with the little one before killing them.

One of the knights spoke in a disgusting tone while looking at the bloodied corpse of Nemu. He had a lascivious grin under his steel helmet.

Knight 1: Control yourself. We have girls back in the village. You can have fun with them.

Knight 2: Sure, let's head back. It's been a few days since I forced myself on an elf.

Even though they were wearing the armour of the Baharuth Empire, they were the Slane Theocracy's soldiers.

The Slane Theocracy was a human supremacist in the New World, and they were at war with the elves.

As the knights turned to return to the village, behind them, a purple portal opened. It was the portal created by the *Gate* spell. Because of its sound, the knights turned around and saw it open.

Knight 1: What is that?

One of the knights asked in bewilderment.

Knight 2: I don't know. Never seen something like thi--.

Before he could finish his sentence, a white blur exited the portal and attacked him. Unable to react quickly, the blur shot attacked his neck, separating his head from his body in a single strike.

His head flew away, splurting blood everywhere, while his body fell to the ground.

Knight 1: WHAT THE HEL--.

Like his comrade, the blur attacked the remaining knight and easily killed him.

After killing him, the blur stopped, and one could see a beautiful wolf with white fur and red eyes.

Momonga: Well done, Fenny.

I exited the portal, followed by Felicity and Albedo. I was using my Zombie variant.

(Status in the AUX Chapters.)

Once outside the portal, I began inspecting our surroundings.

Momonga: This does seem similar to the anime.

Thinking this, I turned toward the corpses of Enri and Nemu. I deliberately let them die. I could have saved them and then used them in my plans.

Why bother saving them only to erase their memories afterwards? Rewriting their memories while they were alive proved more challenging than doing so after they were dead or partially incapacitated.

Momonga: Felicity, I want you to transfer these corpses to Grotto Sanctum and ask Thea to revive these two but keep them in a coma.

I ordered Felicity while pointing toward the corpses of Enri and Nemu.

Felicity: It shall be done, master.

I nodded and turned toward the wolf. She was Fenris, the Floor Guardian of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor, and currently, she was using one of her skills from the 'Werewolf' racial class that allowed her to change into a wolf.

The skill was known as 'Beastification: Wolf.' Her stats would increase tremendously in this form, and if she used this skill on the full moon night, her stats would be further buffed.

Fenris: How did I do, Daddy?

I heard a youthful voice in my head. I smiled upon hearing it and moved toward her. I raised my right hand and began patting her head.

Momonga: You did good, Fenny.

Fenris: I am happy.

Even though she had a wolf head, one could see signs of happiness. Her long tail continued to sway in a display of joy as I continued to pat her for a while longer.

Momonga: We can continue this later; for now, I want you to go and massacre every person wearing armour in the village up ahead.

Fenris: Understood.

She began moving at inhuman speed toward the village. In just a second, she vanished from my sight.

Momonga: Let's get a move on.

I turned back toward Albedo and spoke. She was wearing her usual armor.

Albedo: Understood.

I nodded and started walking toward the village at a leisurely pace.

Albedo: Lord Momonga is focusing more on his creations. I should meet them to know more about my beloved's taste.

Albedo thought while feeling a little sad. She also wanted to receive head pats from Momonga.

Momonga: I haven't been paying much attention to Albedo. She has been doing her best; maybe this is the time.

Thinking this, I stopped, turned my head toward Albedo, and raised my right arm.

Momonga: Come here, Albedo.

I ordered in a soft tone. Without wasting time, Albedo moved near me with an inhuman speed.

Albedo: What is it, lord Momonga?

I wasted no time, wrapped my arm around her waist, and pulled her closer.

Albedo: Uuuh!

She let out an unintended yelp, which sounded cute.

Momonga: I forgot to reward you for your hard work. And I decided to reward you. Also, I am aware you are trying to get my attention.

Albedo: Lord?

Momonga: I know you love me, Albedo, and I do too. But this will have to do for now.

Albedo: I understand.

Albedo: Lord Momonga is hugging me!!

We kept walking like this for the rest of the way.

~Scene Change~

The knights in the village kept massacring the villagers without any mercy.

Belius: Die, you peasant!

Shouting this, he impaled the struggling man with his sword.

He was Belius, the captain of the Slane Theocracy 'knights.' He had blonde hair and grey eyes.

After killing the peasant, he shouted at one of the knights.

Belius: Hey, you. Capture his woman!

Belius instructed the knight while pointing toward a grieving woman.

Knight 1: Understood, sir.

They were in the town's square, where the knights kept the remaining villagers hostage.

Before the knight could reach the grieving woman, a white blur moved toward him and attacked his head, which resulted in his head exploding.

His headless body kept spraying blood everywhere for a few seconds before he fell to the ground.

Belius: What the hell happened?!

Knight 2: I don't know, captain.

The white blur didn't stop there; it kept jumping from one knight to another, killing them in a single attack. Some knights tried to run, which resulted in their deaths; some tried to attack the blur, but it was futile; some tried to beg for forgiveness but were ultimately killed.

The villagers kept observing the massacre with shocked faces. They were too stunned to run away. The wails of the knights filled the surroundings.

Before long, everyone except Belius was killed. The blur moved toward him, but before it could attack him, it was stopped by a booming voice.

Momonga: Stop, Fenny. I need him alive.

As the blur stopped, Belius and the villagers saw a gorgeous white wolf with red eyes. Without waiting, the wolf ran back toward the village entrance, where a man and a woman stood.

The woman wore black armor and held a massive Helberd in her right hand. While the man had a weird mask on his face. His arms and hands were covered in metal armor, and he had two great swords on his back.

The wolf moved toward the man and rubbed her head against his chest like a puppy. The man laughed and petted the wolf's head with his hands.

Belius: What in the hell.

He thought in bewilderment. How could a ferocious wolf capable of killing multiple knights in a single strike be acting like a puppy with that man?

There was only one answer to the question.

Belius: He should be far stronger than the wolf.

The man stopped petting the wolf and began walking toward Belius. The wolf and the woman started walking behind him.

Belius: Who are you? Please let me go; I am too rich to die in a hell hole like this. I am willing to pay any price; just name it?

Momonga: Shut your mouth, worm.

The man spoke in a voice that instilled fear in the most veteran warriors. He raised his finger toward him and used a skill.

"Death Ray"

A purple light exited his finger and traveled toward Belius, piercing his head and killing him on the spot. His lifeless body fell to the ground.

Momonga: Guess my skills are working fine.

I killed him to test whether one of my skills from the Zombie variant was working or not.v

The man kept approaching the villagers, and he spoke regally when he was near them.

Momonga: No need to fear; you are under my protection now.

The village chief mustered his courage and approached Momonga.

Chief: You, you are…?

Momonga: I saw someone attacking this village, so I came here to help.

Chief: Ooh.. How should we address you?

Momonga: My name is Ramses, a simple magic caster.

As reality settled in, the villagers had faces of relief and joy. They began hugging each other and crying.

Chief: We thank you, Lord Ramses, for saving our village.

Momonga: It was nothing. But I would like to be compensated for my efforts.

Chief: Can we discuss that later.

Momonga: No problem.

Momonga was using the name of one of his NPCs. He wanted to introduce him as a powerful magic caster and swordsman.

After some time, the villagers began burying the dead and grieving them. The village chief asked Momonga about Enri and Nemu. Still, Momonga feigned ignorance and sent Fenris to 'look' for them.

Momonga and Albedo stood beside a tree, watching the villagers mourn their dead.

Momonga: Albedo, what are your thoughts about Humans?

Albedo: They are lower life forms, as is everyone who is not a part of Nazarick. But they are surprisingly adaptable; we should take caution while dealing with them.

Momonga: And what are your thoughts on allowing them to join the ranks of Nazarick?

Albedo: Even though they are adaptable, I doubt anyone out there is capable enough to join Nazarick. But if there is someone out there who is, I think we should give them a chance. But, if they dare to disrespect the master of Nazarick or anything belonging to him, they should be cut down immediately.

Momonga: Excellent answer. I am proud of you.

Albedo: I am honored.

This was the effect of the edited Flavor Text. Before the transfer, Momonga changed the Flavor Text of all the Guardians. They still saw humans and other races outside the tomb as lower lifeforms, but they didn't have irrational hate toward them. They were indifferent toward them.

After half an hour, the chief invited me to his house. The inside screamed poverty. There were only a few articles of furniture.

Chief: Forgive me for the shabby appearance of my house.

Momonga: It's no bother.

After that, I kept conversing with him for a little while. According to his information, the countries were the same as in the original series. Nazarick and the Carne Village were inside the Re-Estize Kingdom. The Baharuth Empire bordered the kingdom.

Slane Theocracy was to their South. And the nearest city was E-Rantel. I tried asking him about the prominent figures like Adamantite adventurer teams. But, unfortunately, he didn't have any information regarding them.

Also, the gold from Yggdrasil was useless here; only the gold held any value. One coin from Yggdrasil was worth 2 in the New World.

Chief: Do you have any more questions, Lord Ramses?

Momonga: No, thank you for the information.


Fenris: Daddy, a group of soldiers are approaching the village, and they are wearing a different type of armor.

To Be Continued...

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