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There was a player in Yggdrasil called the Final God of Demons. Known to all players as a symbol of fear and a legend. He transferred to another world with the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick without the dense Momonga. Now he will take everything for himself, including all beautiful women. ........ Join me on Patreon for advance chapters. https://www.patreon.com/Autistically You can also support me on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/autistically Join my discord: https://discord.gg/tYRjtYxKmM

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Grabbing Albedo's Boob

"Albedo, did you feel it just now?"

"Forgive me, Aurelius-sama, for my ignorance. I am unable to provide an answer. If you would grant me the opportunity to rid myself of this ignorance, it would bring me great joy. Whatever it may be, please enlighten me."

"It seems that Nazarick has been affected by a mysterious phenomenon—a dimensional shift."

"Dimensional shift?!"

Albedo's expression grew serious as she leaned in, but Aurelius momentarily disregarded her, turning his attention to the old butler.

"Listen, Sebas."

"Yes, my Lord."

Sebas, with impeccable posture, responded with a resounding voice before rising from his kneeling position. He arrived just below the steps of the throne, knelt once more, and bowed his head.

"My Lord."

"Sebas. Go out of the Great Tomb and check out the surrounding geography. If there are intelligent lifeforms, negotiate and bring them here amicably. When negotiating, you can accept some of the opponent's conditions if necessary. Conflict should be avoided if possible for the moment."

"I understand, Aurelius-sama. I shall depart at once."

"Take one of the Pleiades with you. In the event of a fight, send her back immediately to gather as much information as possible."


Just like that, Sebas and one of the Pleiades disappeared in a flash.

After that was done to put up a façade for the floor guardians so they wouldn't think he had future knowledge, Aurelius turned to the rest of the Pleiades.

"The rest go up to the 9th floor and watch out for intruders coming down from the 8th floor."

"We understand, Aurelius-sama."

With swift obedience, the remaining Pleiades also vanished, leaving only Albedo and Aurelius in the throne hall.

"Albedo, come closer to me," he beckoned, gesturing with his finger.


Albedo responded eagerly, moving closer as if anticipating a hug, her breasts bouncing lightly with each step—a sight that stimulated him to act on his desires.

"Remain still; allow me to touch your breasts."

Upon hearing his command, a deep blush painted Albedo's face, and her jet-black wings fluttered in excitement as she let out a sharp breath.

"Yes!" she responded without hesitation, her excitement evident.

With a bold gesture, Aurelius reached out and grasped one of her breasts.

'Hmm. Soft. And squishy.'

A soft touch was transmitted from the other side of his hand, and the suple flesh of the boob changed shape freely according to the movement of his hand.

Albedo's nipples sticking out from inside the dress further aroused his sexual desire. 

"Huh... Haa..♥"

"It feels good," he acknowledged, relishing in the sensation.

"Me too~ ♥️ Fuahh..."

A sensual moan came from the red-faced Albedo, and he could practically feel her body heat raising the surrounding temperature.

"This was my first time, Aurelius-sama... Kyaaah!" Albedo cried out in embarrassment, her face turning red as she covered it with her hands like a bashful bride.

However, because she was a succubus, she quickly regained her composure and began flirting, offering more sexually suggestive propositions.

"Aurelius-sama, would you like to feel it again, but this time without clothes? Should I undress myself, or would you like to do it yourself?"

"Not now, Albedo."


"We can do that later in my room. For now, let's focus on the unexpected situation at hand."

To be honest, Aurelius really wanted to undress her here and have sex with Albedo, but he knew he had to take care of the current situation as the guild leader of these residents of Nazarik, who were all living things now, so all he could do was touch her chest for a while.

"Yes, I understand," Albedo replied, though she couldn't hide her regretful expression as she smoothed her dress and clasped her hands together.

"Albedo, I have one order for you."

"Please command me anything."

"Contact the guardians of each floor and instruct them to gather at the amphitheater on the 6th floor. The meeting will commence in one hour. I will personally inform Aura and Mare, so they need not be contacted."

"I understand."

"Okay, let's go then."


Albedo hurried down her steps, and Aurelius swallowed his saliva as he saw Albedo's back as she walked forward with bewitching steps. 

That bewitching ass. Aurelius was very interested in what it would feel like to touch it.

'No, no, there's a whole night left for that,' he chided himself, banishing the inappropriate thoughts from his mind.

After Albedo left the throne hall, he also rose from the throne.

"Should I move too?" he murmured to himself, absently playing with the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown on his finger.

With a blink, he activated the ring's teleportation ability, disappearing from the throne hall in an instant, bound for his next destination within the Nazarick Underground Tomb.

Following that was exactly what happened in the anime, but instead of Momonga, this time the main character was Aurelius, who arrived at the Amphitheater on the 6th floor, where he met Aura, the little dark elf girl dressed as a boy, and her brother, Mare, a timid-looking little dark elf boy dressed as a girl.

He experimented a little with his new power and gave the little siblings something refreshing to drink.

It was also then that he received a telepathic message in his head from Sebas using magic.

[Yes, Sebas, how is the situation around you?]

[My Lord, the surroundings have become grasslands, and no sapient beings have been identified.]

Luckily, Aurelius's presence didn't change in Nazarick's transfer, and it was in the same location as in the anime, with nothing special or noteworthy around it.

[I see.. Return in the next 20 minutes. When you arrive in Nazarick, come to the amphitheater. Now that I have summoned all the Guardians, explain what you saw there.]

[I understand.]

Listening to Sebas' agreement, Aurelius canceled the [Message] spell as a portal opened, and the fourth person appeared from it.

"Oya, am I the first to arrive?"

The tone was archaic and formal, but the voice itself sounded like it belonged to a young person. 

She wore a black ball gown, which looked soft to the touch. Her skirt puffed up into a voluminous bell shape.

On top of that was a bolero edged with frills, lace, and ribbons, as well as a pair of long silk gloves. Together, they covered most of her skin.

With a celestial appearance comparable to Albedo's, her skin was as white as powder.

She gathered her long silver hair to one side, twisted it up, and let it hang down. And she had the same bloody crimson eyes as Aurelius, and in those pupils there was a magical light of joy at his sight.

"Shalltear Bloodfallen."

Guardian of the first to third floors of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and a 'True Vampire'.

Upon her arrival, Shalltear delicately placed her hands on the sides of Aurelius's head, as if to cradle it.

"Oh, my master, my beloved master, the only one whom I cannot control…"

Her carmine lips parted, revealing a moist, slick tongue.

The tongue undulated like a living creature as Shalltear affectionately licked her lips, her fragrant breath wafting from her parted lips.

Despite being perfectly suited to the role of an alluring seductress in every other aspect, she was notably youthful for such a role.

The dissonance between her expectations and reality was almost comical.

Moreover, she was notably short; when she reached out to embrace Aurelius, it almost appeared as if she intended to hang from his neck instead.

"...That's enough from you." Aura, from the side, shouted suddenly.


Shalltear reacted with a low growl. Then, in a mocking tone, she addressed Aura, "Ara, are you still here, shorty? I couldn't see you, so I assumed you had left."

Aura's face twitched uncontrollably, and what followed was much the same as depicted in the anime.

In response to the earlier taunt, Shalltear was teased about her undead odor and Aura's playful remark about her use of breast pads.

Pancied and frustrated at being exposed, the vampire immediately engaged in an argument with Aura, exchanging jibes and mockery about each other's stature until they were silenced by Cocytus's peculiar, monotonous, and inhuman voice.

"What. A. Ruckus."

He was the Guardian of the Fifth Floor, known as the "Ruler of Glaciers," Cocytus. A large humanoid insect with four arms and three blue eyes, adorned with two prominent crystals protruding from his back, along with the addition of a tail, and a big halberd in his hand.

After exchanging greetings, they engaged in small talk until a tall, well-dressed demon with dark skin, black hair, and glasses came and bowed respectfully.

"Forgive me for keeping everyone waiting."

He was the Guardian of the Seventh Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, specifically designed to serve as the defense commander of the NPCs.

"Don't worry, Demiurge; you're not late at all," Aurelius reassured, waving his hand dismissively. His thoughts drifted to someone who had yet to arrive.

However, it didn't take long for the remaining two to join them.

Step! Step! Step!

Aurelius turned his head toward the approaching footsteps.

"I apologize for being late, Aurelius-sama."

The voice exuded confidence, akin to a tardy student entering a classroom with assuredness. A white-haired woman stood next to Albedo, wearing a smile.

"It's okay, Luminous."

Luminous, the dragon demon, stood before them.

She bore a striking resemblance to Aurelius, almost enough to call him a sibling, with whitish gray hair similar to his own, long and soft, and crimson pupils adorned with vertical slits.

While Albedo, with her jet-black hair, wore a contrasting pure white dress, Luminous donned a jet-black dress that starkly contrasted with her white hair.

Her dress, which clung to her bosom's curves, revealed more than Albedo's, also offering a seductive glimpse of her beautiful legs with each step she took.

She was a beauty comparable to Albedo's.

Aurelius nodded in satisfaction, believing he had crafted her well.

As Luminous joined them and bowed in greetings, Albedo stepped forward and commanded:

"Then, everyone, let us pledge our loyalty to the Supreme One."


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For Evil, Villain, Manipulative, Smart, Cunning, and Dominant MC, and The Beautiful Harem of Virgins, check out my other books on my profile:

1) Villain Simulator

2) Second Reincarnation: Villain in My Girlfriend's Novel


The more you support these original novels of mine, the more I will upload chapters to this fanfic. So please support everyone.

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