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Overlord: Beyond Supremacy


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What happens when gods fail? When gods die? Do they fall into the eternal void? Swallowed by greater powers...? Or do they realize their insignificance in the greater universe. Two goddesses of old, former mortals, now find their way to revenge and redemption playing in the hands of an even greater power. Falling in the virtual world of 'Yggdrasil', perhaps they could find a way to gain their immortality once more? ...Or is this just a ploy of those higher up? A Continuation of 'Correcting Justice' but it is more like a 'shared Universe' rather than an actual sequel. Can easily be read as a standalone. Warning: This story is mostly light hearted with 2 OP MCs on the loose in the Overlord Universe. if you do not like this sort of novel, I recommend you do not read it. This fanfic was heavily influenced by MisterGrin's Chaotic Good. I do not own Overlord. I only own the OCs I do not own cover art. Someone pls give me cover art.