37 Fireworks in the human world

Translator: Lordbluefire

Within the scavenger's campsite, apart from the necessities for survival, meat was the next thing they had in abundance.

This was due to the proximity to the forbidden zone. Some scavengers headed there every day, which was why there were several stalls selling edible meat.

Captain Lei's wrinkled face broke into a restrained laugh upon hearing that Xu Qing wanted to eat snake meat.

He understood that the reason why Xu Qing said snake meat was because of what he said back then. It was obvious that the kid in front of him had committed it to memory.

As such, he stopped Xu Qing when he was about to head out to buy the meat.

"Those bunch of people in the campsite are all deceitful. You are not that knowledgeable about the mutated beasts from the forbidden zone. It'll be easy for you to get scammed and find yourself in a situation where you are being coerced to buy. It's still better for me to go instead." Captain Lei said as he stood up.


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