Outrageous Summoner

# cards There is a world where cards are a commodity. From sealing powerful supernatural beings, godly weapons, these cards can also control the weather and the four elements. Those who master the power of the cards are called Summoners. Unknowingly, You Chu transmigrated to the cards system world. As he opened his eyes, he found himself about to be sacrificed in a cult and the only thing that could save him now was the card drawing chance from the system.

Used Name · Fantasy
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40 Chs

I'm About to Be Sacrificed

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Forcing himself to open his eyes, You Chu felt a wave of dizziness and nausea sweeping through his body as he tried standing up.

The strong stench, mixed with mildew, hit his nostrils, irritating the acid in his stomach. As his eyes adjust to the darkness, he found himself in a filthy room, the only source of light coming through the gaps between the barred windows, casting thin ribbons of white light across the dirty floor.

You Chu tried his best to recall what happened before he blacked out. His last impression was of him setting up to play a game of Amway with a close and trusted friend before…

… and then he was electrocuted…

Before You Chu could get a better gauge of his surroundings, another sharp pain spread through his temples. Fragments of memory flashed through his brain like blurred images from data damage.

The memories that appeared quickly told him that he was currently in was called… Blue Planet?

Well, alright. As a transmigrator, it was not strange. Everyone knew that the Blue Planet was one of Earth's alternate planets.

You Chu, who realized that he had transmigrated, was shocked. He quickly lowered his head to check his physical condition.

Fortunately, he transmigrated safely in one piece.

No missing limbs or head.

Just like the many transmigration novels You Chu read in his previous life, supernatural powers existed in this world. However, unlike most fantasy novels he had read before, the source of supernatural powers here was not battle prowess, spiritual power, or internal strength, but…

… cards?

On this planet, all supernatural powers, and even the living creatures, were closely linked to a card.

It was a card that could seal everything. Be it powerful divine creatures, powerful weapons containing divine power, or even controlling the weather like hurricanes, lightning and flames, it could all be summoned by this card.

In ancient times, people with special talents tempered their mental strength through special methods for the ability to control such cards.

These people were called the Summoners.

The birth of the Summoners laid foundations for modern human civilization, and the use of cards became a major driver of social progress.

Therefore, the status of Summoners in today's world left little to the imagination.

The sheer volume of memories flooding in left You Chu dizzy and in pain.

Recalling this, You Chu was a little stunned.

Hang on, he suddenly remembered that the game that his friend was setting up before he lost his memory… seemed to be a card game too?

Other worlds where battle aura and mystic energy dominates, a world where cards reigned was a little lacklustre.

Imagine a battle between two armies in ancient times. The warrior leading the battalion on a horse shouted, "Do you dare to dismount and fight?"

It was a little strange to think about it…

However, compared to these, You Chu was more concerned about his identity in this world and why he was treated like a prisoner as soon as he transmigrated.

Before he could make sense of the information from his jumbled memories, the door to this cell was violently kicked open.

White light suddenly poured in from outside, blinding You Chu. He could only vaguely make out the two burly men blocking the door, staring fiercely at him.

"Get up," one of the big men said.


I'm a transmigrator, and I'll definitely be a Summoner in the future. If I get up just like that, wouldn't I lose respect?

You Chu stood up immediately. His movements were even more agile than when the military training instructor shouted the order back then.

He had no choice. The men were armed…

Of course, it was impossible to be afraid. You Chu was just making a calm and rational assessment of the danger of an unknown threat in his environment and making the most rational decision in the current situation according to his gut instincts.

It could not be labelled as cowardice.

Two burly men escorted You Chu out of his cell, sandwiching him between them. The man behind pressed his cold spear against You Chu's back, preventing him from even thinking about escaping.

Without a word, the two of them solemnly escorted You Chu out of the cell and down a dark, narrow passageway. As You Chu walked, he took the opportunity to continue trying to digest his new memories, trying to figure out where he was and why he was in such a place.

The given name of this body was also You Chu. This was quite a coincidence to have the same name as You Chu…

… Hang on, no, it was no coincidence.

As more and more memories emerged, You Chu realized that the parents, relatives, classmates, friends, and even many childhood memories in the original body's memories were exactly the same as his own.

The original host did not just happen to have the same name as him. He is the original host!

Just as he had lived on this planet called Blue Planet in a parallel universe, he was You Chu's counterpart in a parallel world, and he was much younger than before he transmigrated.

You Chu had long left the school campus before he transmigrated. He was a social butterfly who had been through the baptism of 996 initiation .

And You Chu's current job…

…Well, there's a saying that when a person has nothing to do at home, that person often likes to claim to be a freelancer.

So You Chu might be a freelancer now.

When You Chu was in junior high school, his talent as a Summoner was discovered in the "Talent Contest" organized by the school.

At the time, his entire family had been ecstatic. For an entire month, his father had held his head high, wanting nothing more than to boldly say, "My son has the makings of a Summoner."