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Outlast Game - The Ruined World


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Following the death of his mother, his only family in the world, Park Eun-ho decides to end his life one day. During the day of his suicide, bizarre things started occuring around his school and throughout the world. With monsters roaming everywhere in the school campus, he and his schoolmates tries to find a way out of this crisis. However, they were out of options. With all seem lost, a portal opened before them and a strange creature came out of it. With an initial greeting, he explained their current situation and also instructed that they had to complete quests in order to survive. If not abide by the rules, they will be eliminated by them in a gruesome way. Having to act out of their own will and going through numerous life-threatening moments in order to survive, Eun-ho and many others became an entertaining pawn for the amusement of godlike beings called, 'Constellations'. Thus, the endless trials for survival of humanity begun.


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