The Eye.

5 years back

The Arcade department

"You are going to befriend him, get closer to him so that when the time comes you can be our eyes and ears, Clear Agent Depp?

Reeves Depp: Yes sir.

Sergeant Rehtul: You know what is at stake, the whole world depends on it and you'll be accompanied by Aras Palm and Larry Nrep.

"Your new identities are as follows: Reeves as Mloclam Fischer, Aras as Ayera Anavrin, and Larry as Yrreb Ivar. Here is your timetable and we've placed some lectures that will assist you if you need anything" [Issuing the required documents]

Back to school:

Backpacks on the tables unpacked and notebooks slightly open. Every seat seems occupied. Students sitting on the sideline of the passage, some sharing seats. One can barely fit in the reserved seat squeezing her way in. "Hey, Teddy!".She looks down with shame in her eyes as she tries to avoid the mocking greeting aimed straight at her. A chubby girl with curly hair.

At the back of the class stood a group of girls and boys. One has his face covered by a jersey. A football jersey. He seems deep asleep. Beside him is a slightly tallboy. "Nivlek can you pass me my backpack, that one next to Rainbow" A boy named Kciwdahc instructs him. The tall boy barely reacts. A girl passes the bag forward. "Thanks for nothing Nivlek."My bad, I didn't hear ya" the boy responds.

"Y'all better wake Yrrah up, I bumped into Mrs. Edison across the hall on my way here. "I'm up Mloclam " moving the jersey off his face." Here is your stinking jersey Nivlek."

Day 15 report.

Mission Analysis:

I've befriended the subject and we have settled in well, so far everything is going as planned.

There hasn't been any suspicious activity. The subject seems to be maintaining a normal teenage life, school, and parties. I will gather more sufficient information.

[Message sent]


[ At the lounge]

"Wake up!"


Shadow reflections above his closed eyes. It is someone's hand waving, Probably checking if he is faking his sleep.

"He is dead asleep, he better wake up or else, death shall become him.

Noslen: Who sleeps knowing they have a party to prepare?

Nivlek: By 'party' you mean yours right?

Noslen: Mine, His, Ours, there is no difference, I'm going to buy some booze, just can't deal with this negative energy surrounding me. [Looking annoyed]

Mloclam: I'll tag along, just for the drinks.


Mloclam: Have you noticed anything different with Yrrah lately?

Noslen: Not anything I know about, what is it?

Mloclam: Umm it's nothing, he just seemed pretty tired that's all so I thought maybe he has been working on something and as his close friend you might know what it could be.

Noslen: It's probably school work man I wouldn't stress about it besides aren't we a tired youth?

Mloclam: Yeah I get you, So what brand are you going with?[Changing the topic]

Noslen: You'll know when you see it.

Day 17 report

Mission analysis

Incompetent information.



●So what's the plan?

○I am Not sure

Nivlek: I say we make a run for it

Noslen: And where will we go genius?

Nivlek: Somewhere far from the ordinary

Eillib: I think we are all overreacting

Mloclam: Yeah I'm with Eillib, firstly we aren't sure if what we saw is true or not. It could be a prank for all I know.

Noslen: Are you hearing yourself?

Mloclam: I'm just saying, besides you are the type to pull such stunts.

Noslen: Okay I get where you are coming from.

{The discussion continues}

Nevlik: I think we should share this with the rest of the class

Noslen: Yeah let everyone know that they are government experiments, hmm that'll come out well. Hi guys, I hope you are all well ? Did you know that you are all lab rats? And all this is just a simulation.

Nivlek: Well I don't see you coming up with any ideas Sherlock.

Ayera: What if they are all part of the whole thing? [Speaking softly in a low voice]

Mloclam : Speak up Reya

Aleinad: She said, what if they are all part of the whole conspiracy, What will we do then?

Yrrah: We can't risk being detected nor can we trust anyone as of now It will be safe to keep this between us.

{They form a pledge}

●If I knew that my hangout escape would turn out like this I'd have remained at home.


The video projector plays what seems like a documentary

[A knock on the door followed by conversations]

Noslen: Oh snap, I forgot to tell you that I invited some friends over.

Yrrah: Why do you always do these things without telling me?

Noslen: For starters you are often absent doing God knows what and well that's what friends do. They invite other friends on your behalf [ opening the door]

Oh, Mloclam, you didn't have to. Mloclam brought the best wine guys. Such a darling.

Nevlik: Yeah yeah, you all can kiss and talk later, Alienad is coming too. Embrace yourself.

Noslen: what? Why? When... who called her?

"Well, her and Ayera are like close now" Responds Eillib

Noslen: I didn't invite Ayera either.

Mloclam: Ya, I kinda invited her[scratching his head]

{Mloclam and Ayera had gotten close}

Day 23 Finalist

Mission inspect complete

Feedback: Enough information has been gathered on the subject and his accomplices. I have come across new findings from the data discovered by the group, one of the topics brought up was the institution's formation and what it represents. The subject seems to know more than he had before, his leadership skills have grown rapidly, having formed a rebel team with the intention of retaliating against all odds. We were close to obtaining the documents for the Serum but it seems like time wasn't on our side.[Message sent]

Day 25. Response

From: The head

To: The Eye

Good Job Agent Depp, you have outdone yourself. Now maintain your position until further instructions.

[Message received]


Noslen: I see you brought everyone here, what a way of keeping it between us Mloclam .

Nosaj: Well we were bound to find out anytime soon[Joining the conversation]

Mloclam: I don't even know how they knew about this place, I met them on their way here I swear.

Nivlek: It seems we have no choice but to continue with the escape plan.

Yrreb: So this is where you all went, interesting.[ Having a look around the place.]

Saenihp: And if I may ask, does your escape plan include us? Or you all have decided to leave us behind as lab rats? I'm just curious [ tension amongst the student arises]

Nosaj: Well if they hid this from us for 5 months tops, I bet we were going to be pawns for their precious escape[creating an outbreak within the students]

A boy enters carrying a box full of tapes and books, beside him is a boy with blonde hair and a girl wearing a sweater with blue baggy pants helping him. Their entrance puts everyone at pause.

Nivlek: You are finally here

Anir: And what's that you guys got?

Yrrah: I did lead you all here on purpose

Mloclam: So it was you[ Trying to prove his innocence]

Fee minutes later:

Yrrah: Noslen, Anir, Aek, and Yrreb can you guys take these tapes and pass them to their owners.

Each tape contains each student's life before their attendance to the premier alops.

Nosaj: Why don't they have our names written on them? Just a picture and number.[Turning his tape over]

Anir: Well that's for you to discover on your own

Noslen: I'm glad you are all back, now what intel have we gathered.

Alienad: For starters, those tapes we found were hard to access so whatever is in there must be something worth learning.

Yrrah: and Dr. Kciwdahc has insisted we keep a low profile, the institute is starting to get suspicious.

Anir: Well if you all did attend classes there wouldn't have been any suspicions but-[Saying those words as she passes the box forward]

Alienad: I wanted to tell you earlier

Anir: But you didn't

Aleinad: Can we speak somewhere private?

Anir: It's not like what you'll say will change the fact that you've been avoiding me all these past months and to find out all this from someone else, and here I was thinking that we were close.

Ayera: Just hear her out

Anir: oh you two are best friends now?, such a small world we live in.

Aek: Anir does have a point, we are friends right?

Yssim: and Friends don't leave their friends in the dark.

Eniluap: For what's worth I didn't know about this too

Eillib: Guys calm down

Yssim: easy for you to say

{The back and forth conversation continues for some time, the group of girls change location to another room across the hallway}

Noslen: What do you think they are talking about over there?

Nosaj: Well I can read lips, their first conversation, Eniluap was saying "Noslen and friends are dog sh*t, I can't believe I'm dating that corn head"

Noslen: Haha very funny[being sarcastic]

Kciwdahc: I have mixed feelings about this whole thing.

Seanihp: Me too

Nivlek: Well we are all here, so we can fight amongst ourselves on who did what and why but that won't change the fact that we don't have enough time

Yrrah: Nivkek is right, we have to move on.

The Rebels.

Before the meeting:

{At the University's backyard close to the parking lot, three students form a discussion. One leaning on the fence staring at the sky the other two adding onto the conversation started}

"Just a heads up, I'm going to involve the rest of the class on our findings so an argument might break out soon" Says a boy with his hands inside his pocket.

Aleinad: Can you allow me to at least break the news to Anir, she is my best friend, I owe her that.

Yrrah: Unfortunately that won't be possible, since the main aim is to ensure that everyone is on board and it's highly likely that we might have spies amongst us. So the tension created will help us to buy some time.

Aleinad: And what makes you think we are not spies?

Yrrah: I did my research on everyone, and you too are the least suspicious one's here but I do have my eyes on a few individuals and Anir will understand. At least she'll try to.

Nivlek: It seems you've been working behind closed doors but I'm glad you trust us to let us into your next move.

{On the fourth floor, glaring through the window is Mloclam standing beside his friend.}

"What do you think they are talking about?" He asks.

Noslen: What?

Mloclam: Those three [Pointing at their direction]

Noslen: Oh, I don't know and I could care less.[Checking his timetable, not focusing much on what has been brought up]

Mloclam: I mean don't you think it's weird that two of your close friends would be hanging around your ex in your absence?

Noslen: If I didn't know better I'd think you are trying to turn me against my friends. [Giving him a smirk]

Mloclam: of course not, I was just saying.

Noslen: I hear ya, and yeah it would be questionable if I didn't know them that well. You know Mloclam, you have to trust your friends. You can't form accusations based on what you think might be transpiring.

Mloclam: Trust.

Noslen: Yes, just like I trust you to always have my back, that's what friendship is built on. Genuine love for one another.

"I see." Respond Mloclam.

Outlandish Impulse.