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Hm, it's safe to say that I haven't quite read a book like this. It's very unique and the issue of age and how it seems to be addressed in the direct opposite way that we see it in our world. Growing old means your growing young? It's a special book for sure. People who like a deep book that teaches hidden concepts, not so obvious, this is for you.

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A perfect work of art, very descriptive and impressive Grammer usage 👏 👏👏👏👏👏 short and concise loved it! an instant five stars for me!


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If you are looking for a new book that is lyrical at times as well as philosophically challenging without pandering or becoming formulaic, this is it! I was vaguely reminded of House of Leaves by Danielewski, as I don’t recall being challenged like this since attempting to read that cult (now) classic.


The story has a literal sense to it, there is no fault in the story nor a flaw. The grammar used is perfect, I am not a fan of Romantic Novels but I did like this novel.


Amazing poetry, deep thinking... amazing. Although I was a little lost at first, I found my way back a few chapters later. Still, it's something I would not be able to put together. Keep it up!


I really liked uniqueness this story offers. It certainly reminds me the movie benjamin button where the protagonist was born an old man and as he grows his body turns back to infant. Would certainly recommend this to others!


I never read anything like this before, but this was definitely worth the read. The story is deep the characters are well written and the concept is just something out of the ordinary. - Recommends reading this!


poems are awesome but your writing is at another level like it is making me float between two timelines philosophy and reality...keep it up!!!


I love how intriguing and brief the synopsis is. I've enjoyed the very few chapters I've read so far. The writer has done a great job on this. Big up!


obsessed with the characters and their continuity. it amazes me to read such a descriptive word, and I love the wordings of the very littlest things. keep up the good work, author!


Very good! Anyone wondering if they should read it, you definitely should! Haven't read all of it yet, but thumbs up for this one. And I have to say beautiful front cover. Great work.


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such a nice story, I never knew I was missing something of this calibre. The work and details are so true. Also, I could see and feel the atmosphere that author tried to write in words...A read is definitely worth it.🥰❤️💖💕


THE CHARACTERS Since it's only the beginning, I'm having a hard time figuring out the characters, I'd need more details, but for that I'll have to keep following the chapter publications. From what I've read, I think there will be a lot of characters with whom we could recognize ourselves in them, giving the book a very personal touch, which is an amazing thing. THE UNIVERS The concept of reversing the cycle of life is an idea that one might find weird, but I think it's great, in the sense that the reader, or personally, it took me out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed it. It's something rare, I've never read a book that used this process, and I don't know where you got the idea, but I would call it genius and it fascinated me throughout the chapters. When we read a book, no matter what genre, we are looking to escape, to travel intellectually and to use our imagination, this book fulfills all three of those goals. We can see where you are going with your story, each chapter makes sense and completes each other. THE WRITING STYLE The vocabulary used can sometimes be difficult to understand, if, as in my case, English is not our native language. However, the story is precise enough to guess the meaning of complex words. Everything is in the right places. By that I mean there is neither too much nor too little. The length of the chapters combined with the vocabulary makes the whole thing fluid and homogeneous. It is a pleasure to read your story.


I'm really hooked up with this book. I'm enjoying it especially chapter 4 and 5. I don't know what to say again but I'm in love with you novel. Keep it up.


The plot develops well throughout the chapter and the picture created is admirable with an enjoyable storyline. As a reader i got sinked in this world the Author had created. A fascinating escape from reality into another world. A great read.waiting for new chapter 👍🏻


the story is good and the world-building, the only bad thing is, of course, how short is..............................................................


Definitely a strange one, this is probably a book I'll remember reading months and years from now. It tackles the deeper topic about we age and progress in our lives in a really thought provoking manner. It admittedly does frontload a lot of information at the start which required me to reread it as to avoid being confused, but it was worth it. Thanks for both the entertaining and interesting read!


Story is really really marvelous. I love 💘 romance. Plot of your story is strong. Arrangements of characters are extraordinary in short everything remarkable no doubt keep it up...