Day: Fifty Nıne.

Everything went as usual. Classes, learning, recalling, sleeping, and waking up to repeat all those activities again and again. There have been times I wondered how I got admitted to this faculty of learning for I never had parents to fill in random documents neither do I recall filling anything of some sort. The school we attend helps us in a way to find ourselves as if we are lost nor stranded.[He pauses to reread those words he had written as if they weren't his.]

I've always had a backward thinking of life. Me and my dad spent most of our time unravelling the possibility of a world where people grew old and seeds turned to trees. Such an imaginative mindset we shared. I was born with all my qualifications and inheritance in place, so was everyone. Life is about fulfilling that purpose.

One class that fascinated me the most was the 'Psychiatry momentum also known as Biology' held by the man himself Dr. Kciwdahc Esebo. Kciwdahc was rather pale than ordinary, wrinkled, and usually talkative. People often said he knew more than he should. Some lecturer's didn't like the fact that he would share his knowledge so recklessly ignoring protocols. His focus was mostly on topics of knowing what is real, tangible and what is of an illusion, unreal and mere oppositional thoughts formed by the mind while examining the structure of living things.

Kciwdahc was in his mid-70s when he discovered what is called the 'Mind suppressors insomnia'. It is of age growth. People only grow young to lose themselves for their memories fade as a resort of little or too few brain cells manifesting: Says Dr. Kciwdahc Esebo. His classes were not all fun and games. He sure was old and grumpy sometimes. Especially when students seemed uninterested in his lessons. He would always bring up the "If only you knew more, you'd be grateful for my efforts '' then slide back to his talkative shell.

The other class that often caught my attention was the 'Astronomy or Astrophysics' taught by Sir Zehcnas Esebo, doctor Kciwdahc's younger brother. We can now confirm that astronomy and Biology are brothers of one mother who is science.

Zehcnas' module focused on the earth and its rotation above and below the sun.

Explaining why the Night is longer than the Day.

From: Dear younger me.

Under the Sun:Third period

"Take this green Apple for example. [Holding it firmly but not squeezing it.] As I Rotate it closely above the half-peeled orange. Not too close for in this context the apple is our earth and the orange our sun" Says Zehcnas Esebo.

"The purpose of this is to experiment with the upper heat of the sun. The acidic fluid of the orange acts as the heat"."Here Eillib Niffam, pass the Apple around. Hold and pass. Gentle Mr. Nosslin Bozeman. Yes, now bring it back. My point is, the apple came in contact with the acidic fluid of the orange without touching it. It is a transitional float of the fluid that the apple grabbed."

[Sirens followed by footsteps ]

"Oh, school out already? Well, We will continue this topic later on. Now wash your hands and enjoy the rest of your day" Concludes Zehcnas.

Few students had remained behind. 'Nosslin, also known as Noslen' had a theory in mind. "Sir, if I may, does the earth rotate vertically or horizontally above the sun?" asks Noslen.

"The earth does not rotate vertically nor horizontally around the sun it actually rotates simultaneously above and below the sun and sideways around the moon, it is a sublime rotation for it forms an Eight as it fully rotates. Sketch the Eight number with its upper zero smaller than its lower zero then picture the moon inside the small zero and the sun inside the slightly bigger zero below the line forming that Eight is then the pathway of where earth rotates and to be clear the earth rotates backward around the sun. I'll explain more of it at our next class, you all should start moving now. Yrrah and your buddy close the windows on your way out." He instructs the student after responding to the question.

Back of the class:

Nivlek: Leave that one slightly open, just in case we'd have to sneak back in.

Yrrah: Sneak in, back to class?, ya I'll pass (shutting the window.)

1 minute later:

Nivlek: I think that's all, let's head out and meet the squad. These two past weeks have been exhausting, I barely had time to rest.

Yrrah: Talking about rest, I've been having these bizarre dreams, ever since we opened.

Nivlek: Take me through it [closing the door behind him.]

Yrrah: it is as if it had happened before, or something to be. It seems so real and very strange.

Outside the campus:

Nivlek:.. yeah, you'd have to speak to Dr. Kciwdahc about that. Heyy Eillib, wait up![ Catching up to two girls.]

Where are you guys rushing to?

Yssim: The mall darling

Yrrah: The mall?

Eillib: Yeah, outfit shopping for the party.

Yrrah: what party now?

Yssim: Yours dummy, Noslen invited everyone including those lameies.

Yrrah: Oh yes, Thee Party, one I am hosting at my house.

I am going to kill that *** ( murmuring to himself.)

Nivlek: Seems like it'll be a great day after all. See you guys at the party.

Part 5: Wonder

•Aren't you coming?

[Saying the words while she disappears through the green.]

° Umm, where are we going?

• Paradise.

°Pardon me?

•We are heading to the home where mankind rose from death.

°Garden of Eden?

• Yes. [She pauses for a second, then continues the walk.]

Do you know who I am?

°No, I do not.

•Are you sure?

°Of course, I'd recognize you if I did.

• Not quite. Anyways I am Adelaide. I spoke to you not long ago.

°Ade, lade.[repeating the name]

•Ring a bell?

Few walks later:

•A dead man says the garden of Eden still exists.

°But a dead man tells no tales.

•A dead man speaks what the living can't hear.

When God flooded the earth all its remains and occupants were destroyed. That's what it's said.

But the Garden of Eden was God's heaven

on earth.


•Meaning It was more of a spiritual place rather than physical.

°I don't follow

•What affects the physical has little impact on the spiritual.

beneath us. We are stepping on it.

° Stepping on what?

•Terrestrial Paradise

Do you see that Cave? Look with your mind eye, that one in between the weeping willow.

°It sure is one heck of a strange cave.

•That there is our pathway

[ At the lounge]

"Wake up!


Shadow reflections above his closed eyes. It is someone's hand waving, Probably checking if he is faking his sleep.

"He is dead asleep, he better wake up or else, death shall become him."

Noslen: Who sleeps knowing they have a party to prepare?

Nivlek: By 'party' you mean yours right?

Noslen: Mine, His, Ours, there is no difference. You know what? I'm going to buy some booze, I just can't deal with this negative energy surrounding me.

Mloclam: I'll tag along, just for the drinks.