Eillib: That was nice, what you did for Ayera back there.

Yrrah: oh you heard that, Nosaj can be mean at times, besides I won't say I didn't enjoy mocking him.

Eillib: Boys[ rolling her eyes] it's been a while since I've come here.

Yrrah: Chaperone on duty. I, myself know a few shortcuts in this park, I'll walk you through my lady.

Eillib: A gentleman you are.

Yrrah: [Smiles.]

[Entering the main gate of Lotus Park]

Yrrah: lately I've been feeling like part of me is missing, it is like there are things and people I've forgotten. Seems as if I had a completely different life that....sorry I didn't mean to bore you.

Eillib: I think we all feel like that at some point, it's quite normal if you ask me. That's what happens when you grow. You tend to lose some part of yourself.

Yrrah: So how come others don't seem bothered about it?

Eillib: Well how can they be, some memories appear in the form of dreams so they remain dreams.

Yrrah: I couldn't put my hand on it, it always seemed to escape my grasp

Eillib: what?

Yrrah: Garden of Eden.

Eillib: Thee 'Garden of Eden'?

Yrrah: Yes, Adam and Eve's settlement

Eillib: Paradise on Earth, well where do we find this mysterious place, Sir Jones?

Yrrah: From the looks of it, we have two paths, this is a tough one Miss Ravenwood. One leads to the depth of the uncharted forest and that only leaves us with the rainbow path, everything nice, love and romance, too good to be true if you ask me.[Ending the sentence with her previous line.]

Eillib: [Adding on the Exaggeration with a smirk on her face] It sure is a tough one, seems like we have no choice but to hold hands and only hope we don't get swallowed by the love giant.

10 minutes later:

Eillib: [Sitting on the bench across a lily pond]Wait, so you mean to tell me that you have a book that you've written but never read.

Yrrah: Precisely that, it's more like a diary, an ancient book with loose papers.

Eiilib: I'd love to read this book you speak so highly of sometime.

Yrrah: Well, you can have a peek at it today, my place?

Eillib: hmmm, are you already inviting me in? I thought that was like, for our third date or something.

Yrrah: oh, then this must be our first date then.

Eillib: so it seems

Yrrah: You are indeed beautiful, a rose in purple jeans.

Eillib: oh thank you, my dear Sir, you don't look bad yourself [getting up, walking towards the pond]

Ever wondered what life could be if we could just-

Yrrah: Go anyway?

Eillib: Yes, far from the ordinary.

Yrrah: A safe haven.

(Moment of silence)

[Yrrah's library]

Eillib: You never told me, you were a bookworm.

Yrrah: Well that's not something one can pride themselves in.

Eillib: These are great books, from Harper Lee's To kill a Mockingbird to Macbeth. I'm impressed, surely this must be one of your charms [walking around the library]

Yrrah: Not quite, But I am glad you like them.

Eillib: like? oh no, this intrigues me. [Taking a step towards the door]Love the whole dark theme you got going here.

In the Sitting room:

Yrrah: I don't know how it always collects dust every time. [gently wiping off the grime with a cloth]

Eillib: it wields magic, It must be a sorcerer's Bible.

[Yrrah gave a chuckle as he went through the pages]

Eillib: wait, turn to the first page.[leaning close to him]

Yrrah:[flips the pages over]

Eillib: This is interesting [after reading the first paragraph]

Yrrah:I wouldn't know what to say

Eillib: I would have gone for extraordinary, but that too can work. [She continues reading]

Part 7: Essence

I hope this gets to you in time.

My name is Nosirrah Deusa, son of Ava and Leinad Deusa. Born in England, 1986 during the great uprising.

If you are reading this, there is a high possibility that you are my younger self. I have discovered a world similar to ours, but in this world, the clock ticks backward. Just like how the trees grew to become seeds. Seeds grew to become trees in that world. A strange place, in an alternative universe, located in our galaxy but twisted horizontally from below the realm of common logic. You are probably stunned right now. It sounds quite absurd doesn't it?

But I can reassure you that this is as real as those white rose dreams that have lingered in our minds. Haunting us ever since birth laid eyes on us. I have figured you've got stranded at the centre of the world trying to find the bridge for part of you exists in that timeline, probably of a different gender, ethnicity, age, belief etc. But that is still you. Having used our new technology that enables one to communicate telepathically, we've managed to reach a message to ourselves on that dimension and in a while, they responded.

We've continued the communication for several months, unknowingly that what we were experimenting with will then be deemed as an unforgivable breach of security, a crime to the existence of mankind as a whole.


Our laboratory got raided by The PSI(Pseudio Sallah ibeil) They had arrested five of our scientists. As I write these words, they are somewhere locked up and awaiting trial. I and a few of my colleagues managed to escape through the safety pipe voltee. Where most of our failed experiments were disposed of..

The word has gotten out that our government knew of this information and has been in contact with the leaders of that world despite being restricted by the UE[Unified empire]. Info:The UE has become the foremost forum to address issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone.

Having used the conventional serum they obtained on Earth 1C1 to maintain their memory loss. The government has been outsourcing the resources of this earth to one of the planets in the milky galaxy named Jupiter 6V4. They've figured the reason why that planet has been inhabitant, exterminating its surface to replace them with those of our planet.

We've allied with the Palmin Society, a secret organisation that hopes to overthrow the government. A temporary solution.


We had a mole, an undercover spy who had been sharing our intel with the government. One of our colleagues lost his life, I barely escaped, wounded but alive. I had gotten a heads up before things went south, the Palmin Society Had been compromised.

I've planted a chip on us, at the back of our head. It stores memories in the form of dreams, I'd figured there'll be a time when I'd need to remember. You can activate it by gently pressing it sideways while rotating it; you can pluck it off by twisting its tail vertically when the time comes. In case you forget to, it will automatically activate itself when you turn 19 years.


I've used some of my finances that I had saved up to create a new identity for us. From here forth we'll be known as Yrrah Revned. I am currently living in Hillah, a small town, hidden away from the rest of the world. Despite all the years that have passed the guilt dwells within me. It haunts me every night. Those that have fallen to protect this information, I can't stop now for all of it would have been for nothing, their lives, and what is to come. So suit up and get ready for radical change.