●I brought him in, it's my fault.

○No, don't do that to yourself, you couldn't have known. We all did not.

●How could he betray us like that? (Smashing a hole in the wall), I'm, I'm gonna kill him. I swear I'm going to break his fucken skull( tears flowing from his eyes)

" Everything will be alright, Noslen" says the other boy.

Noslen: How?How can it be alright? She's dead! He killed her. We all saw it with our own eyes.

Saenihp: [Silent] wait, where are you going?

Noslen: I just need some time alone, don't worry about me I'm, I'll be fine[smiling to the kid before walking away]

Present time:

From one of the abandoned Auditorium, a meeting is convened.

"This is the plan.[laying a map sheet on the table for everyone to see]

"The first squad will use the elevator to get to the third floor, Second squad will move opposite the drains, across the basement. Me, Nivlek, Seanihp, and Anir will shut down the cameras, here is where the main switch is[pointing at a red dotted room, filled with surveillance cameras] stealth mode from thereon. The black suit gears and your backpacks contain a body parachute for safety protocol, it will only be used after opening the portal to Earth 1C¹. We have to do this properly. To jump from the highest building is not an easy task but we all know what is at stake. Thanks to Sir Zehcnas we were able to plug in the "relapse inverse" device on the removable straps, you will have to press it and within 5 minutes the portal will open. Only do that when skydiving, hopefully, all will go well. Any questions?"

Eillib: How will we get inside the building undetected?

Yrrah: That's where Noslen and Mloclam come in.

{Another Joins the conversation }

Noslen: The front gate is well guarded it'll be a suicide mission to take that path[pointing at the map sheet of the building] so we are going to use the underground route through the sewerage pipe that will lead us to the basement, from here we take the left door to the right.

Mloclam: And we will regroup at the laboratory, right here[ marking the spot with a black pen] and the first squad will go south, second squad east and the rest will remain back waiting for our signal. After Nivlek's squad shuts down the cameras, Alienad, Yrreb, and Aek will move to the centre of the building, inside the ITS room where lies the main switch which shall open the top roof.

Nivlek: It won't be an easy mission, that's why we'll have to train because we are going to have to fight our way to the other side.

Yrreb: How are we going to get on the top flow in 24 hours? I mean this is one of the tallest buildings in the world, and I ain't going to take no stairs up there.

Yrrah: Great question, getting there won't be a problem getting through will be kind of tricky and from the looks of it this place will be heavily guarded, we will need few people from the inside. We'll have to inspect the building properly, a month or two is all we'll need to find the security defaults on the building. To answer your question, we won't have to head to the top floor.

{Taking turns}

Mloclam: I'll take it from here Yrrah.[ marking part of a room on the building structure sheet ] We will all meet up here, I chose this part of the building for a reason

Anir: Is that a Lab?

Mloclam: Accurate, this is our passport to the roof, you see this right here[pointing at the 2D sketches of machines while the group all squeeze in to see what is being referred to] These babies can transport 5 people in about 10 minutes before they can be used once more.

Noslen: Incase if some of you are wondering what those circle flat-looking pathways are, if you guessed teleportation machines you damn sure are right.

Yssim: It is a secretive government building after all, of course they'll have machines like that lying around, just imagine what else they have kept hidden.

Alienad: Training sessions start on the 3rd of May, be on time or you'll be stuck on cleaning duty.

Nosaj: Fuck no, not cleaning duty

•Back to School

Third period:

Yrrah: I hope I am not disturbing

Dr. Kciwdahc: I see, you've finally decided to attend[Reading an article from the newspaper]

Yrrah: Not quite, I just have few questions I need help with

Dr. Kciwdahc: unfortunately the class ended a while ago, it seems you are too early for the next class

Yrrah: I know sir, and I'm not here for that class I just need clarity with manipulating reality and I've been told that you are the man to confide to.

Dr. Kciwdahc: Flattering, fine take a sit

Yrrah: [Sitting opposite the man]Sir, you did say that only if we knew more, we'd be grateful the other time we attended your class and you seemed rather serious, what did you mean by that?

Dr. Kciwdahc: Knowledge is a pathway to the truth

Yrrah: What does that mean?

Dr. Kciwdahc: and the truth can be an ugly thing [pausing as he glares at the boy, slowly hinting that they aren't alone]

The boy takes a slow look just to find a camera hidden at the corner of the class. Surely it has been there ever since. He plays along.

Yrrah: You sure do have a great sense of humor and I will definitely submit the project before its due date. I should get going, don't want to be late for the next class.

Dr. Kciwdahc: Don't forget your script [Handing him a page, below it is written: one any trust don't.]

Yrrah:[Sliding the page in his backpack] I'd appreciate taking mentorship lessons from you Sir {Those were his last words before he exited the class}

Dr. Kciwdahc: I'll see what I can do in my spare time[going back to his newspaper]

Later on:

"Hold up young man " says a man in his Mid 70s

Yrrah: [placing his right foot at the middle of the elevator before it shuts]

Dr. Kciwdahc: So about your project, do you need more clarity?

Yrrah: Oh yes, that'll be helpful[reading in between the lines]

Yrrah's place

Dr. Kciwdahc: A book written in another tongue? [excitement filled his face]

Yrrah: Yes kind of, it is mostly written backward. For instance, this line says " I-was-once-a-child-I've-gotten-older-still-i-know-I'm-just-a-boy-in-my-father's-eyes." When taking into consideration the highlighted words a code is formed. I just need a better translation of it.

Dr. Kciwdahc: Fascinating [Reading through the formulas written on the following page]

Dining Room:

"Oh no, just some thoughts and dreams" replies Yrrah

Dr. Kciwdahc: Mmm, what types of dreams?

Yrrah: Reoccurring ones

Dr. Kciwdahc: It could be memories or visions, or maybe it's the present in the form of vivid images.

Yrrah: It could be that

Dr. Kciwdahc: Mind taking me through it.

"A lonely rose I have stumbled across as I walked in the valley of anxiety, the same one that spat me out earlier. She had worn her thorns out making me bleed as I reached my hand to grab. I'm a garden boy, oh hail ye the forest of daises I had sowed and few that died out from drought, my tears couldn't wetten the sand she slept on.She says to me: Time is too young to be old before vanishing into complete nothingness.It is at that moment when it feels like her existence is mine to meet.'In a dark place the lonely rose grew. White in color. As white as snow, its shadow shaded light opposite it is a barefooted infant holding a portable container with a handle and a funnel.'

"The rose can be a symbol of the love you nurture. I see an incomplete relation through the image your words create." Dr. Esebo.

Outlandish Impulse.