Out in the Strange Lands

Author: ArtistaFeel
Fantasy Romance
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What is Out in the Strange Lands

Read Out in the Strange Lands novel written by the author ArtistaFeel on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, romance, adventure, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world where magic and science coexist, humans evolved efficiently to balance between magic and science. People are free to choose between age-old professions like engineers, doctors, teachers, soldiers, etc., or magic-related professions such as Aurors, Mages, Paladins and Healers. Despite being born in a family of influential and powerful doctors and healers, Aurelia Swan aspires to become an Auror. The only female Auror in world history! To prove herself worthy, she must survive through the annual exploration of the Strange Lands. The day she turns sixteen, she signs up for the event under the request of being trained as an Auror in the prestigious Tanmatra School of Training Aurors, earning taunts from the officials. In this dangerous journey, she will realize that she isn't alone and will learn the values of friendships, teamwork, benevolence, and above all love! Could she prove her worth of being an Auror and earn an acceptance letter from Tanmatra? Above all, could she survive death?

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Hey there! This is an extra note from the author. I am sure that the first thing you do after clicking on a novel is reading the synopsis. Then, you head for the reviews. Firstly, I need to clarify a few things. In case of those who are still confused about Healers and Doctors, I will clarify it. Here, Healers are practitioners of magical cures and medicines while Doctors are the normal day practitioners we see everyday. As for the spells I mentioned, they are SANSKRIT terms that I know of. As for the chapters update, there will be 1- 2 chapters/day. And lastly, Thanks for coming here to read!! 🙂🙂🙂


I like how it was so descriptive, but sometimes its too much than needed. I got to imagine the details as images in my mind, I think its a good style, the writing quality is also good and immerses the reader into wanting for more. Overall I like it, adding to library!


The is an honest review: I give this story 3.6/5. Let's start the review: The writing was very simple with no variety in sentences. Most sentences used were simple sentences with the same structural building. It also was very plain and missed the factor of exciting readers. At first, the description was fine, but later own the author did it for somethings that I felt where unnecessary; like describing the clothes of her parents that had no significance in the story, and even the MC's clothes. I can't really judge in story development based on the number of publishing chapters that are published now. I also felt that some of the original terminologies were foreign to me and needed some explanation. This is only the start of the Journey!!


My rating: 5⭐️ You have only released 2 chapters so far so this note is more of an encouragement on my part because it shows right away that your story has potential, I was very surprised by your creativity, congratulations! But when you start writing a novel everything can't be perfect so I'm going to give you some advices. -Try to find a nice cover for your novel, it's very important. -Try not to make too long paragraphs by separating them into several smaller ones. This is not a problem for those who read on a computer but when we read on our phones the paragraphs look much longer and subconsciously we pay less attention to what is said. That's all I have to say at the moment and I hope you will be up to the task! 👌


The first chapter immediately says that this author surely knows how to write. One feels the knowledge of the artistic syllable. Everything is natural, there is an element of presence! All of these have a cultivation system! Different methods, comprehension of the way! If we talk about healing, then rather encyclopedic knowledge is needed, I wonder what method the author will choose? Already intriguing ?! Apparently Aurelia was too young and ambitious, she never loved, so she calmly agreed to this path. The question immediately arises, would she regret that she chose this difficult path? Stay in old age too alone ?! Extremely interesting! Although this is only the first chapter, but it is very exciting! There is still something interesting, Aurelia is the daughter of two doctors of traditional medicine, usually they are bad for traditional medicine. it is also intriguing! Great story. intrigue in each new chapter. This novel is worth reading if only to learn how to write so beautifully! Bravo author! With interest I added your novel to the library!


Interesting world-building and premise. I'm excited to see that Aurelia is going to become the only female Auror and can't wait how her journey leads up to it. The writing style is good. It's descriptive and visual, especially the opening paragraph made me want to read more. It immerses and makes the reader feel like they're with Aurelia. However, sometimes the writing feels a bit too descriptive and I feel like we don't need to know every little action Aurelia does. I can't wait to read more tho!


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