Imperial Palace

Throne Room

Sitting on his throne, the Emperor of the Empire can be seen. He usually has a dignified aura around him but as of right now, if one were to stare at his face, they would be able to see signs of nervousness 

As for the reason why he was nervous? It was because of a certain someone kneeling below the platform

In it, Ryden and his wife can be seen. They are showing utmost respect for the Emperor but deep inside them, not even the least bit of respect is present to be given to the Emperor

They were just acting as to not put themselves on danger

However, even though Ryden seemed to be respectful and is lowering himself, the Emperor still does not feel good

In the past, this illegitimate child of his has always also acts like this. In some sense, aside from his status, he is a good child that is respectful and is also different from his brothers that are coveting the Throne


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