1 A New Life

Charlie was getting ready for his school that morning. In his head, he had hoped that he could start a new life after he had recently moved to a new neighbourhood.

Charlie was born attractive. He has a pair of deep blue ocean eyes and soft silky brown hair. Umfortunately, no one has ever took notice of his good looks. The reason being of how he would hide those glistening blue eyes with a pair of nerdy glasses. He had been short-sighted ever since he was a child.

"Have a good day, Charlie. Be safe on your way there!" Granny Nancy softly said as she waved her only grandchild a goodbye.

Charlie gave her a warm smile and bid her a goodbye. "Bye, Grandma!" He said before going off his way to school.

Upon reaching the school, Charlie was amazed at how many students there were. The school was too big for him to go find the school office by himself so he asked a few students that would willingly show him the way.

"Hello, may I ask—" Charlie tried approaching a male student but the guy ignored him and cut him off in the middle of his sentence.

"Sorry, better ask someone else, newbie," he laughed with his friends and walked away.

Charlie sighed and tried to approach other students that would give him a useful response.

"Oh it's that way,"

Charlie smiled, glad that someone would help him. He thanked him and immediately rushed to the direction he pointed at.

He stopped in front of a door with a sign on it saying "School's Office". He knocked on the door a few times before hearing a voice coming from the inside.

"Come in," Charlie wasted no time and opened the door. He was welcomed by a man in his 40s sitting on a sofa.

After discussing, Charlie learned that the man was going to be his new teacher for the year. He walked to class with the teacher.

As soon as he entered the class, he was asked to introduce himself to the class.

"Hello, I'm Charlie Brown. I lived in Vancouver but had recently moved to this neighborhood a couple of days ago. I hope everyone will accept me as a new friend," He said nervously but excitedly.

Some of the students gave a positive response to his introduction but many of them ignored his existence.

"Okay, Charlie. You may sit beside Evelyn. Evelyn please raise your hand," The teacher gave Charlie a reassuring look.

"Wait, what the hell?"

"Huh? Seriously?

"No way. He get to sit beside my Evelyn?"

The male students started talking over each other, jealous of Charlie who was somehow so lucky to get to sit beside the head student.

Charlie walked up to his seat and sat down. "Hi," he started.

The girl who was called Evelyn gave him a glare but she quickly switched to a smile.

Evelyn was modest, always busy with her work as a student leader.

Charlie was a bit upset by her manner towards him but he remained positive and happy as some of the students greeted him well after he got acquainted with a few of his new classmates.

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