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Read OUR CURSED LOVE novel written by the author Chandru_chandru on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, mystery. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


this is a story of who's love was cursed in past becouse of their behavior

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Ini novel terjemahan, bukan karya saya. Judul alternatif : Istri Mulia Tidak Menginginkan Cinta, Hao Men Ni Pei Bu Xiang Yong You Ai Qing Penulis : Gong Zi Wen Zheng Sinopsis: Xu Xinyi bangun dan mendapatkan sebuah sistem, sistem tersebut memberitahunya bahwa dia adalah pemeran utama wanita kedua yang akan mengalami akhir yang menyedihkan dan bahwa dia memiliki 2 pilihan, untuk menanggung semua keluhan dan perubahan menjadi lebih baik, atau berjalan di jalan yang sama seperti aslinya dan menjadi wanita yang kejam. Dia memilih opsi kedua. Suatu hari Yi Yang tidak bisa mentolerirnya lagi dan, di akhir kesabarannya, dia menuntut cerai. Hati Xu Xinyi merasa gembira ketika dia meletakkan perjanjian perceraian di depannya tetapi dia menatap suaminya dengan ekspresi sedih dan patah hati di wajahnya, lalu dia menunggu suaminya untuk menandatangani. -"Percepat! Tandatangani dengan cepat! Aku akhirnya bisa meninggalkan lubang neraka ini! ” Tapi Yi Yang, yang tiba-tiba bisa mendengar pikiran Xu Xinyi, membuang pena dan berkata, "Tidak menandatangani." *** Sejak Yi Yang menemukan bahwa dia bisa mendengar pikiran Xu Xingyi, dia menemukan bahwa sementara istrinya terus menciumnya dan mengatakan dia mencintainya di luar, di dalam hatinya dia akan menertawakan itu dan berpikir sebaliknya. Dia hanya mencintainya di permukaan. “Suamiku, kamu sangat baik, aku sangat mencintaimu ah ~!” - dalam pikiran “Aku tidak harus bersama pria sombong ini selamanya, kan? Aku benar-benar wanita paling menyedihkan di seluruh dunia! " Yi Yang “Xu Xinyi !!!!!”

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Dragon's Legacy: Unleashing Hidden Powers

In the bustling city of Midtown, a humble salaryman named James leads a mundane life, until a tragic car accident abruptly ends his existence. But instead of meeting his demise, James finds himself reborn in a realm of magic and fantasy as a magnificent dragon—an all-powerful being in a world governed by a multitude of races. As James awakens to his newfound draconic form, he discovers that the world he now inhabits is not as harmonious as it seems. The various races, each vying for supremacy, engage in relentless power struggles, ignorant of the imminent threat lurking in the shadows. While dragons are revered as omnipotent beings, they have chosen to remain aloof, seemingly uninvolved in the world's power dynamics. However, as James delves deeper into the secrets of this enchanting realm, he unravels a hidden truth—the existence of adversaries more formidable than anyone could have imagined. The survival of the world hangs in the balance, and it is up to the dragons and the gods to stand at the forefront of the impending battle. Unbeknownst to the other races, they fight to protect all forms of life from an imminent catastrophe. As James embraces his role as a dragon, he must navigate a treacherous landscape of alliances, betrayals, and ancient prophecies. Along the way, he encounters beings of extraordinary power and forms unexpected friendships with individuals from diverse races, all united by a common purpose. Together, they embark on a perilous quest to rally the forces of good and thwart the malevolent forces that seek to plunge the world into eternal darkness. "Dragon's Legacy: Unleashing Hidden Powers" is a thrilling tale of adventure, magic, and the untapped potential within. It explores themes of unity, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of hope in the face of overwhelming odds. As James embraces his destiny, he unravels the depths of his own inner strength and discovers that even an ordinary individual can wield extraordinary power.

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