Otaku In The Animverse As Shallot

Our Neighbourhood Otaku is walking through the streets of Tokyo (the cliche), he was on his phone playing Dragon Ball Legends, while looking at the New banner he was so distracted that he walked into the streets where cars could be seen speeding. He had 1000 Crono crystals so he decided to roll the new banner, after opening he got the Broly animation which excited him. The animation ended and our Otaku was on a roll getting 2 sparkings, in the next moment he got the new Legends Limited but before he could see the character he was run over by Tractor-Chan.

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2 Chs

Chapter 1: God and My Own Omniverse?

Normal Speech: "Like this"

Whispers/Muttering: 'Like This'

Thoughts: *Like this*

Telepathy: <Like this>

Athena: {Like This}


A Young Otaku was just finished with his College work, Y/N was a bright lad but he never took anything seriously. He was more focused on gaming and watching Anime, you could say he was a big Otaku.

He was currently walking through the streets of Tokyo while staring at his phone, this was a regular for all Teens. The internet has led to Teens being so immersed in the Online space that they never look where they're going.

He was currently playing Dragon Ball Legends, a new banner was released and Y/N was excited, the new Character was MUI Goku and he looks very badass. Y/N had 5k Crono crystals so he could do all the steps within the banner, in the first 3 steps he got nothing that was extraordinarily good.

He Was on the final free step, and he got very lucky the animation was Broly, which is guaranteed Legends Limited. He was on a roll with 2 sparkings and 6 more characters left, he was on the second to last roll and he got to see the character. He got excited but in the next moment...

The All-Mighty Truck-kun Ran into Y/N.


In the deep dark Meme Realm, You could see our young lad floating in the void 'Where Am I? I got The New Legends Limited and Truck-Kun the bastard ran me over, the fuck man. Why is his timing so bad?'

Out of Nowhere, a figure appeared in the Void beside Y/N. "God?"

Mysterious Being: "No it is me DIO!!!!.... ZA WARUDO" He Shouted.

Y/N: "Ok, Why is Dio in the void?" Asked Confused

Mysterious Being: "Ok, I was just meming, relax yourself lad. Anyway You have Died and I am The Author. You're In my Story. I will use a Wheel to determine your Powers And Race."

Y/N: "I'm a Character in your story then?" Asked confused

Author: "Sorry to break it to you, but all of creation in my eyes is a story."

Y/N: "Ok, I am shocked by this. But what now, Where do i go after being dead?"

Author: "Well, You will get sent to Boku No Pico. For having too many sins, I will make you the Main Character."

Y/N: "NO NO NO, I wasn't even a bad person." Y/N was going pale, he looked at the Author with terror in his eyes.

Author: "Ok, I was Joking. Loosen Up a bit. Anyway, I will spin a wheel to determine your powers and race. After that, we will go from there."

Y/N: "ok but could you allow me to spin the wheel?" He asked

Author: "Yes, I will allow it."

Y/N: "Ok, I don't see a wheel tho" He said confused

Author: "What? It's Right here"

Y/N: "Ok, Can I spin it now?"

Author: "Yes, Go Ahead"

Y/N Spins the wheel, the wheel started to spin which made him nervous, he wants a power that's OP. The wheel stopped spinning and the first power was Superior Adaptation which was very overpowered when used properly.

Author: "Ok, Spin the Wheel 3 More times."

He spun the wheel 2 more times getting Absolute Body and Absolute Immortality, this gave him the perfect body and Strength that is Unmatched.

On the last spin, he got some of the best Luck in the world, The arrow landed on Meta-Potence...

Author: "Ok, I might have to give you your own Omniverse, Meta-potence is way too OP For you to go into my omniverse."

Y/N: "T-T-This is Insane, Aren't I basically the second You?"

Author: "No, You'd have to have Author's Authority for that. You are just a Random Omnipotent Being right now"

Y/N: "Oh Ok. Well then When can i got to my Omniverse"

Author: "Do you Know Candice?"

Y/N: "Who's Candice?" Asked Confused

Author: "HAHA, Candice Nutz Fit In yo Mouth"

Y/N: "Ok, Send me on my way."

Author: "If you create the DXD World, Make sure you put Grayfia In your harem. That Gremory devil doesn't deserve her."

Y/N: "Ok, Grayfia will be in my harem."

Author: "KEEP MY WAIFU'S NAME OUT OF YO FUCKING MOUTH" He slapped Y/N who got sent flying out of the void, breaking the realm apart.


Y/N Woke up floating around, his body was allowing him to breathe. This place was the realm of nothingness. He looked around to see absolutely nothing, he thought to himself

Y/N: 'How do I Activate My Meta Potence, I should create a Mana Like Raphael or Ceil but with their own name.'

He focused on creating a Mana to help him on his journey, and not a second later he could hear an AI Voice inside his head.

{Hello Master, I am the AI that you have created. My functions are simple, Status where you can see your own Stats, Power rankings in each verse, and The World you are in.}

Y/N: "Ok, can you create the Omniverse with every Anime Universe And Multiverse. I don't know how to Activate my Meta-Potence."

{Master, It's not about How to activate it, all you have to do is think about it. And it will happen. Meta-Potence is One Step Down from Omnipotence, you can do anything without restrictions.}

Y/N: "I want The Animeverse to appear"

As soon as he said that, a whole Animeverse came into Existence. It was like a puzzle being put together.

Y/N: "It worked, The Animeverse Looks Like a Bubble to me, is this what it feels like to be at the apex of power?"

{Yes, Master. Since you don't have Omniscience and Omnipresence you are eligible to have more fun this way. Having Omniscience can be boring as you know everything that's existed, will exist or doesn't exist.}

Y/N: "Now that i think about it, I'm thankful."

{Master, Can you give me a Name?}

Y/N: "Ok Your Name from now on will be Athena" He exclaimed.

{Hello Master, I am Athena I will be helping as your assistant on your journey through the Animeverse} The AI's voice turned into a more feminine one, which surprised Y/N but he didn't mind it.

Y/N: "What the First world I should go to?" He asked for ideas from his new partner

{When you spun the wheel you got the Race Ancient Saiyan God. I suggest going to the Dragon Ball Multiverse so you can learn about transformations and meet the Angels Like Vados, Marcarita, and Kusu}

Y/N: "Good idea, I will Go to the Dragon Ball Universe. I will Appear when Goku uses Shenron to find out about the Super Saiyan God"


A/N: Please tell me what you think, And Do tell me if you see mistakes.