1 Oh Rise The Origin

In the beginning, there was Light soon its counterpart followed its creation which was called Darkness. Whilst Light holds the good aspects of everything from living or not, Darkness holds the opposite. Evil, hatred, betrayal, and so much more, their difference caused a conflict with one another to occur. Their battle rages on for countless years to come, if one were to die they'll be reincarnated as a new individual

Death isn't even the end of their existence, they bear a new name without having any recollection of their past. With no knowledge and no connections, they'll start a brand new life and yet a path destined for them to walk. An existence comparable to a newborn child and yet they possess an unimaginable power that any will choose to kill for them to attain

Even till this day and age Darkness never once died and its influence only grow with every defeat of its counterpart. And then it happened that day finally arrived, countless cycles, many era's that came to pass. Not to mention a ton of blood thats been spilled by their endless quarrel. The origin of Darkness has finally been struck with a powerful blow that even he acknowledges his defeat

Cultivation Era

[Demon Sect Leader: Tan Yingyi

Power: Bearer Of Darkness

Standing: Patriarch

Specialty: Demonic Arts

Traits: Murderous, Unforgiving, Cold blooded]

"Ughh!!! Hahaha looks like you've finally beaten me, after all these years, this marks your first victory. Why are you hesitating? End my life? Do it, so I can finally taste the bitterest defeat of my entire life. I can finally put an end to this winning streak and I can join you in this endless rebirth," Badly beaten and bruised up Tan Yingyi also known as the Originator Of Darkness was struck by a sword

This sword belonged to none other than the 127th reincarnation of Light known as Liao Zhicheng. In his final hours, he accepted his defeat after their battle to rage on for a couple of eras. But for him, it pass by like they were days only to get a glimpse of an item Liao Zhicheng had on his palm

[Divine Justice Sect: Liao Zhicheng

Standing: Patriarch

Power: Bearer Of Light

Specialty: Sealing Arts

Traits: Courageous, Kind, Protector]

He stands near the body of his crippled foe, Liao Zhicheng gave him a cold and piercing glare. Once he calms his nerve, he pointed his attention to the item in his palms after he finally confirmed his victory. The item wasn't something flashy like a sacred sword or an ancient scroll filled with a powerful divine art sealed within

It was an item that houses his perfected sealing art, in hopes of cleansing, the world of its evil. Zhicheng perfected this art and improve it as time passes. Its destined time was today, his ideals for a peaceful world will soon be rid of its ugliest side

"Victory? This isn't about defeating you, Tan Yingyi. My plans are beyond your comprehension, I do not desire your death. I desire a way to permanently erase your existence," From the bearer of light's previous incarnations Liao Zhicheng was the only one who could remember his past lives

Every failure, defeat, disappointment, and hope seemingly disappears when met by his counterpart. Tan Yingyi noticed the power of the item he held in his palms and he tries to end his by biting his tongue. But he wasn't able to, his body was drained, and even with his training he couldn't move because he was poisoned

"This cycle of ours is coming to its end, as of now I've finally weakened you to the point where I can seal you forever. In my past lives, I've seen many versions of myself trying to find a way for you to disappear but they weren't successful. And that's when I thought of something... If I can't erase your existence, I might choose the second best option, to seal you in the depths of this world," Shocked by Liao Zhicheng's statement he notices a seal inlaid in his hand

Countless peerless experts prepared the formation of his insealment arrived and the power started emerging. From the item in Zhichengs palms, golden chains appeared and wrapped around his body until he couldn't draw a hint of his power. Slowly Tan Yingyi hears the cries of his many followers as they weep in the presence of their lord. They begged that they'll take his place and even cried and screamed his name for the final time

"You fool! Don't you know the consequences of what might occur? If I were trapped instead of continuing this cycle? You know the rules and so do I, even if you don't have a good way of accessing your memories deep down you know... Both of us know that one side can't live without its opposite. That's how the world works!!!" Yingyi's warnings were simply brushed off from Zhicheng's mind

He could feel it, the grounds were shaking and the preparations for his seal were complete. The elders opened the land to its deepest depths and it came to be the prison for the likes of a monster. Zhicheng walks closer and gazes into his eyes before he could fully be dragged by the chains. He gave him his one final goodbye

"Our battle will be spoken by the ones that live their lives upon this world, Tan Yingyi you are my opposite. If I open up to people you would push them back, if I try to treat them with kindness then you'll be the exact opposite. Why have you chosen this thorny path? Why did you antagonize all of those people...? It seems that you're not a fan of answering questions?" He found his face stained by some blood Yingyi spat after he could no longer move nor swing his fist

"Go... To... Hell!!!" In his last ounce of strength, he pulls back the chains and manages to strike him once again. Zhicheng faced a headbutt, but instead of returning what he received, he gave him a simple smile. That expression of his enrages Yingyi and he tries to pull back the chains even further

"Demon sect leader Tan Yingyi for the crimes you've committed and the deaths that you made... I Liao Zhicheng hereby sentenced you to eternity to be sealed in the depths of the world. Never to return once more, this world will be better off without a monster such as yourself," With his command, the experts activated the next step in his plan and formed the last piece of the circle

"Liao Zhicheng!!! Mark my words, I'll find a way, I'll make it so that you'll pay for ruining the balance... No matter how many years it takes I won't submit to death for I am the master of my fate. Just wait, the demon sect leader Tan Yingyi will return!!!" Yingyi was pulled to the depths of the world and the chains soon imprisoned and restricted him from his power

'Before I knew it I was sealed within the depths of this world, I don't know how much time had passed. After my insealment, I've been feeling weaker as time passes through this narrow hole. The seal inflicted on my body wasn't the same as before... Maybe the reason why the bearer of Light always tried his best to practice sealing arts was for this very moment?'

'Hehehe im impressed, being able to seal something as an origin would likely have taken a lot in return. But I've noticed that the weaker I've gotten the lesser the seal would hold. I found it odd that my bones aren't being ripped to a thousand pieces, it's not that I grew so numb. I can feel it, there's no such presence of the seal, I can feel most of the movements of my body,'

[System: Divine Chains are weakening!!! Its detection function isn't sensing the power of the target?

Searching... Error: The target is no longer within the range of the divine chains. The seal has finally fulfilled ira duty, it will now cease to exist]

"Wait what era is it today...? What's this a system, is it the System era? How many cycles have I been sealed within this place? What this thing could scan my body!" Tan Yingyi saw a message pop up from his view after he asked something that the system has taken as a question

[System: Approximately 1,000,000 years have passed before you've made this question, player [ ]

Error: The player has not yet registered any kind of knowledge or identification before the arrival of the system can't be traced]

'Thousands of millennia passed away without my presence? What has the world come to be? I need to find out what occurred after my disappearance. But how, how can I escape from this wretched environment? I can't even feel a single ounce of my power!!! What's this?'

[System: You've been seen as an awakened player you'll be given the chance to register for the system

Registration: No matter how far you are, you'll be teleported to the nearest registration facility. Would you like to accept? Becoming a player has many benefits and being a player is desired by many. You'll have a better chance of succeeding as a player compared to a normal life]

"This must be a gift of sorts. I wonder how much the bearer of light has grown in this era. Even if you don't know my name, the origin of darkness will kill you. Before that, I need to take back what's rightfully mine,"

That marks the arrival of a player that would be known as Shadow. Cruel and merciless he takes the world of awakeners by storm. This is the story of the origin Of darkness that was sealed a million years ago. An existence that was said to be unmatched, a being stripped of his duty. This is the start of his story, where every villain originated from is the one and only origin of darkness

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