1 1 Too Late

Hundreds of men, covered in scars and seeping in auras of death and bloodlust, wearing dark expensive suits that exposed a bit of their muscles were haunched over a coffin. Tears were streaming down their faces and fists were clenched tightly.

A foreign man at the front with slicked black hair and white suit with a katana hanging from his waist. His eyes were closed and eyebrows knited together.

He stood by a beautiful female wearing a simple black dress. Her face was covered by a veil but one could easily see her beautiful lips and supple skin.

The foreign man turned around to look at the group of his men, "We've been through hell and heaven with this man...Remember when he picked us fucking losers off the streets?! When no one else even bothered to look at us?! Now look where we are, crying like babies in front of him! If he was alive, he would be...he would be..."

He began to choke on his own words, tears threatening to come. The man bit down on his lip, how pitiful he is right now.

The woman turned to look at him with a frown, then back at the coffin.

Her lips quivered.

"Father..." She whispered.

In the sleek and elegant coffin layed an old man. His skin was pale and he had many scars running through his face. His graying hairs and wrinkles were overshadowed by his odd smile...

Above his coffin lay his portrait, surrounded by a mass of white and red roses.

'Kilian Hannes; a ruthless man, a cunning bastard, and a loving father.'

'Shall the Golden Serpent Organization live on by his name.'

"Let's go, we have a lot of things to clean up."

The foreign man excused himself and not before long, the other men from behind began to follow. They shuffled quietly outside the door but the deep and depressing mood still trailed after them.

The foreign man stood at the doorway and watched the still woman, "Lilian, we must leave him in peace."

The woman didn't respond.

"Lilian?" He repeated.

She sat quietly as her head bowed even lower.


"Shut up!" She shouted and whipped around. Her veil fell off and revealed a stunning beauty, with beautiful chocolate hair and large hazel eyes, spilling with tears. Her body began quivering as she glared at the man.

The man simply stood there in surprise.

"The man who kept your ass alive for 30 years dies, and all you can say is 'let's go'?!" She cried out.

"Lilian, I-"

"I get it. I bet you never knew how much money and resources he spent on you worthless scum! I bet you never knew he risked himself and the company just to give you a chance to become assassins! I bet you...never knew how much he cared for you!!"

The man's eyes were widened as tears poured like rain. He looked down at his feet and tightly gripped the doorway.

"What do you know?! WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!" She yelled out once more.

The room became deathly silent, all except for a woman's sobs.

"I just want him back...I can't do this alone *hic*...I'm sorry father."


Somewhere, in another dimension, where nothing exists but the oblivion. Surrounded in darkness was a feeble soul standing in front of a rock and a forked path.

Up close one can see that the soul was the exact replica of the man who had died.

"Now, which path do you choose, Kilian?"

Either side leads to the abyss.

His eyes darted between the two options. Under a commanding voice on the day of their death, many people would find it hard to keep calm.

"Time is ticking~"

The man's skin was transparent and quickly fading. He had a stiff expression.

"Are there other choices?" Kilian quickly asked. He looked around the darkness and saw nothing, no trace of where the voice came from.

"Hmm, glad you asked!" The voice chuckled out loud. It rang with a masculine voice.

Suddenly a door popped in front of Kilian's soul, stretching for miles and taller than any mountain he's ever seen.

The door was adorned with many jewels and golden sequences, adding more luster to the already magical white marble frame.

Heavy pressure rained from the door, almost making him kneel... but Kilian never kneels.

"Whats this?" Kilian asked as he quickly regained his composure. He took a couple steps back, heart racing like a stampede of galloping horses.

"The other choice!" The voice replied.

Kilian raised a brow.

"Oh yes! I created another universe, basically, and I need a test subject to confirm some things."

"Test subject? Is this the option?"

"Mhm, you'll be restarting your life over in here. If you die early, you'll be damned to hell. If you break the rules of the universe, you'll be damned to hell. That type of stuff, understandable, yes?" The voice began speeding up its speaking.

The door suddenly opened and revealed a grand blue sky with little clouds. The sun shone brightly with furvor, but there was no ground to be seen. Kilian could just about tell it was pointed towards the sky.

"Looks nice doesn't it?" The voice chuckled.

Kilian admitted it looked much brighter than the usually gray skies back in his hometown. How it rained constantly yet how it was never gloomy despite the boring weather.

"Ah-ah, now's not the time to daydream my little guinea pig! The show is on!"

Instantly a black hand stretched from the void and grabbed at Kilian. The man jumped aside with groundbreaking speed but was still quickly caught.

"Hey! Hold on, hold on!" Kilian attempted to struggle once he saw the arm raise him into the air and aim for the open door, as if about to throw him in. He hadn't even made his choice yet and now-...

"Too late, you offered!"

"Oh sh*t!" And with a woosh, Kilian went flying in. The scenery within the doors rippled before consuming his entire body. He was nowhere to be seen. The stone doors shut with a groan and disappeared into smoke.

Silence returned to the void.

"Was that a little cruel? Oh well, on to the next soul."

And with that, the voice left after the small confrontation.

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