392 Volume 5 – Chapter 9(Mondstadt)


Author Note:

[ ] = When Twilight is speaking.

{ } = When talking through Telepathy.

' ' = When thinking in your mind.

<<  >> = When talking with your Pokémon or Tamed Beast.

--- --- = When describing a certain period of time OR Another place.

** ** = Point Of View i.e., POV

/// /// = In Call

" " = System and when talking to it.


** Yuuya POV **

Now that I have Anemo element, I can train my element.

Though, I still can't believe my dream of transmigrating to this world came true.

Now, with golden finger System in my hand, it wouldn't be long before I will become strong. That time I will get all the booba and waifus and will become the Harem King of this world.

For now, I should make my way to Mondstadt. I still don't know whether the main protagonist is Aether or Lumine.

If it's Aether, then I will make sure to become his best friend so that I can also get the opportunity by hugging his thighs. And if it's Lumine then I will see whether she really is as cute as in the game. In case she is then I won't mind having her join my Harem too.

Anyway, I should hurry.







As Primis, Lumine and Paimon were continuing their way to the forest, Primis stopped.

Lumine: Hmm? What is it, Mr. Erste?

Primis: You both go ahead. I will catch up with you guys later.

Lumine: Is something wrong?

She asked with worried expression on her face.

Primis: I hope not. Anyway, go ahead.

Paimon: But there is that dragon in the forest! What if it saw us and attacked!?

Primis: As long as you both remain caution and hide yourself for its eyes, you will be fine.

Paimon: That's not reassuri---mmmhhhhhh.

Grabbing Paimon, Lumine covered her mouth with her hand.

Lumine: We will be fine...…Please be careful.

She spoke last words softly before turning and walking towards the forest while holding Paimon.

Once he could no longer see them, Primis disappeared from his spot and appeared high in the sky.

His gaze was lingering on the other side of Mondstadt at the place called Stormterror's Lair.

He moved reached the location in an instant.

The area was protected by a storm barrier to prevent others from entering. Nevertheless, Primis casually passed through it and appeared in a place called Stormterror's domain.

A storm was furiously swirling around this plane of existence. It was as if held in the skies, touching the void and sky.

Howling winds echoed in the surrounding with stone, bricks, dirt, rubble, leaves, trees flying around in the wind and storm.

But they flew and spun in circular never leaving the platforms in the middle. As if some power was preventing them from leaving.

At the very bottom one could see a vortex of wind as akin to an abyss with sixteen platforms around it.

If anyone fell, then it would be the end of him or her.

Primis was looking at that very vortex without any hint of fear. There he saw something completely unexpected. That something was not a part of this world. That thing was fully hidden by the wind vortex and since it was at the depth of the vortex, one couldn't even realize its presence or something. Not even the Archon Gods.




[An unidentified----]

Waving his hand, Primis put the notifications windows away. Even if the System didn't know what it is since it's not related to this world, Primis still knew what that thing is.

'Primis: Let's see how Mondstadt will cope against it. Though their chances of survival are...NULL.'

With this he turned and left the Stormterror's lair.






A blue flash went by the sky and Primis appeared.

Lowering his head, he looked at Mondstadt who was also known as Mondstadt city and Crown of the North.

This city was located at the west part of Starfell Valley on a large island in Cider Lake. It featured cobblestone streets and several windmills surrounded by a large stone castle wall on the east lower end. A statue of the Anemo Archon watches over the city, with the Favonius Cathedral in the back.

Primis observed Mondstadt for a second before descending in front of the bridge leading to the city.

Just as he was about to walk across, a voice stopped him.

???: Hey! Stop for some time! Otherwise, you will scare all the pigeons away!

Turning his head, Primis saw a young boy with pale skin, blue eyes, and short dirty blond hair. That boy seemed to be feeding the pigeons.

Nevertheless, after giving him a side glance Primis continued walking.

???: I said wait!

Just when the boy was certain that all the pigeons would fly away, to his surprise the pigeons didn't do any such thing.

On the contrary, after noticing Primis they moved and made a way for him to pass.

This made the boy's brain to short-circuit since he had never seen the birds behave like this before.

Soon Primis crossed the bridge and reached the entrance. Though before he could enter, he heard the sound of birds flapping their wings and flying away along with the anger voice of the same boy.

???: Hey! Not again, Amber!

Then there was another voice.

???: S-Sorry, Timme! You should actually be in a city right now! Stormterror may attack!

Looking back, Primis saw a girl with long, dark brown hair, gold eyes, and fair skin. She was wearing a jumper-like outfit composed of dark brown leather shorts, a red hoodie-like top, red stockings, and white thigh-high boots embellished with gold linings and symbols.

Timmie: Hmph! Fine!

So, the kid Timmie also followed her towards the city.

???: Ah! There you are!

At this Paimon hurriedly flew towards Primis. She and Lumine seemed to be with this girl Amber.

Seeing Paimon stopping in front of Primis, Amber also stopped on her tracks.

Lumine: Paimon, what happened!?

Lumine could also be seen following behind trying to catch up to Paimon. Though when she saw Primis, she became delighted.

Looking at Primis, Paimon, and Lumine together, Amber asked.

Amber: Do you know him?

Lumine: Um. We are travelling together.

Amber: Oh...*cough* May the Anemo God protect you.

She greeted Primis and did some kind of salute.

Amber: I am Amber, Outrider for the Knights of Favonius!

Primis: Erste Herrscher.

Amber: Erste Herrscher...…what a weird name.

Then as she realized her mistake and bowed her head in apology.

Amber: I am sorry for my rudeness.

Primis: It's fine. You are not the first one to say that.

Amber: Is that so. Ehehe.

???: Hey wait for me! You three really move so fast.

Then another person came.

Paimon: You are finally here, Yuuya. Paimon thought you would take another few minutes to catch up to us.

Yuuya: Well, I found another Hilichurl camp nearby. So, I couldn't stop myself from clearing them otherwise they will hurt people.

Saying this, he started scratching his head in embarrassment.

Amber: You could have just asked for our help.

Yuuya: Well, I don't want to delay you guys any more. Hence, I decided to take care of it myself.

'Yuuya: There is no way I would have asked for your help. The System generated a quest out of nowhere and only showed me the location of their base? On top of that...'

He glanced at his system prompt window at the side and started laughing inwardly.

'Yuuya: Hahaha. There is no way I am gonna share my reward with others.'





Mission: Clear the hidden Hilichurl Camp.

Reward: 300 Primogems.

Failed: Overall strength will be decreased by 20% for a week.


Note: The more the participants the more the reward will be split between them.


Status: Complete.




'Yuuya: With this I am just a few hundred Primogems away from reaching 500. Then I will be able to complete my first ascension. Or...'

Giving an eye to Lumine, he continued.

'Yuuya: I can just ask Lumine if I need some. Someone as kind as her won't decline to help.'

While Yuuya was deep in thought, Primis was looking at his quest window. It may be hidden from other eyes, but he can see it clearly.



Paimon: Hey! Are you still there!?

Yuuya: Huh? Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something. But anyway, I promise to ask for your help next time.

Amber: Of course. I will be happy to help.

Lumine: Um. Me too.

Paimon: Paimon too.

Yuuya: Thank you. So, what are doing here?

Amber: Oh, it seems that we have met with Lumine's and Paimon's acquaintances. Hence, we are introducing ourselves to him.

Yuuya: Uh...Who?

Paimon: What do you mean 'Who'? Hi----

Turning Paimon pointed at Primis. But in the next second, she became dumbfounded.

She was not the only one Amber and Lumine also had the same reaction.

Why? Because Primis was no longer there.

Timmie: If you are talking about that Big Brother then he entered the city while you guys are talking with each other.

Amber: ...…

Lumine: ...…

Paimon: ...…

'Paimon & Lumine & Amber: He left! He really left and leave us behind!'

While the three girls were shocked, Yuuya had a confused expression on his face.

'Yuuya: What happened? Was there really someone here that I didn't notice?'






Primis was currently strolling through the streets of Mondstadt. He saw many shops, stalls, and many more on the way.

But not only did the people walking around seem less, but there was also a gloomy expression on their face.

"Must be due to the Stormterror's incident."

"Primis: Yeah."

"By the way, Lord..."

"Primis: Hmm?"

"That man seemed together with Lumine seemed somewhat off."

"Primis: He is a transmigrator with a system."

"He is WHAT!"

"Primis: ..."

"*cough* *cough* I am sorry about my outburst. It's just I never expected to see another transmigrator here."

"Primis: Yeah."

"I am also ashamed that Lord saw through him just like that while I still didn't have any clue."

Remaining silent, Primis made his way to a plaza with a tall statue of Anemo Archon in the middle.

People and a nun could be seen praying near it.

After giving it a glance, he walked over to the balustrade and looked down at the whole Mondstadt.

'Primis: Now the question is, is there only one such thing that I see in the eye of the storm or there are more?'

Pausing for a second, he continued.

'Primis: Though I more inclined towards the latter. I think those things also exist in other nations too. Hidden while waiting for the right moment to show themselves.'

Lumine: Mr. Erste!

Sighing, Primis replied without turning.

Primis: What are you doing here, Lumine? As the Knight of Favonius, Amber is the best person to show you around the Mondstadt.

Amber: Of course, I am. But it's still rude to leave others behind like this. Do you know the moment you left, Lumine had been looking for you all around?

Amber also appeared behind.

Remaining silent, Primis kept on looking down.

Amber couldn't help but be embarrassed noticing Primis ignoring her presence.

At this time, Lumine walked to Primis' side and said softly while looking at his face.

Lumine: It's true that I want to see Mondstadt, but I want to see it with you, Mr. Erste.

Turning he looked at Lumine before sighing and addressing Amber.

Primis: Should I leave it to you to be our Guide, Amber?

Amber: O-Of course. Leave it to me.

Saying this, she raised her chest proudly.

Amber: Oh…one more thing. Ahem.

Taking one fake cough, she smiled brightly and spoke.

Amber: "Welcome to the City of Freedom, Mondstadt."



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