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Volume 5 – Chapter 33(Stormterror III)


Author Note:

[ ] = When Twilight is speaking.

{ } = When talking through Telepathy.

' ' = When thinking in your mind.

<<  >> = When talking with your Pokémon or Tamed Beast.

--- --- = When describing a certain period of time OR Another place.

** ** = Point Of View i.e., POV

/// /// = In Call

" " = System and when talking to it.


--- Outside of the Cathedral ---

Venti was sitting patiently on the railing while looking at the Statue of The Seven in front.

'Venti: The winds are changing. They are becoming more...…ominous. Why am I having a feeling that a greater danger in making its way to Mondstadt.'

Sighing, he shook his head and put those thoughts away for now.

'Venti: I really hope that I am being paranoid here.'

Lumine: Venti!

Suddenly he heard Lumine shout which snapped him out of his thoughts and he turned to see both her and Paimon hastily exiting the Cathedral.

Paimon: We're busted! Run!

Venti: What!? Follow me!

Getting surprised for a second, Venti jumped off and flew away using the power of Anemo.

Venti: Use your Wind glider! I will use my power to keep you right behind me!

Lumine: Um. Paimon.

Paimon: Okay!

She then hurriedly turned into light and disappeared inside Lumine who on the other hand used her glider and followed Venti.

Two people flew around the rooftops of the city before finally landing in front of a tavern.

Venti: We would be safe here.

Lumine: Here?

Showing a confusion, Lumine looked at the sign.

'Lumine: Angel's Share?'

Venti: What are you waiting for! Let's go before they saw us!

Lumine: Oh, Ok.

With they hurriedly entered the Tavern.





--- Angel's Share ---

Two men could be seen talking to each other inside.

The one who seemed to be bartender had brown hair, both a mustache and a beard, he had amber eyes, a necklace with a golden amulet, also a brown belt with pockets. He also wore brown gloves.

The other who was standing on the opposite was a tall man in his early-mid-twenties. He had red eyes and hair, which was tied into a low ponytail. He wore a suit with a fur lined jacket, black and red gloves, and had his vision attached at his waist.

Bartender: Master Diluc, our business has plummeted ever since the attack of Stormterror.

Red Haired(Diluc): Hmmm…Give me reports of all the things which we still have in stock, Charles. I will see what to do next.

Charles: Right away.


At this time, the door opened and Venti and Lumine entered.

When Diluc turned to look at them, Venti stepped forward.

Venti: Hi, we'd like a seat at your, uhh...…least conspicuous table.

Diluc: Um...The second floor has few customers at the moment. That would be less conspicuous there.

Venti: Thank you.

Just when Venti and Lumine were about to leave, Diluc asked again.

Diluc: But aren't you a bard? Why not sit front and center?

Venti: Hahaha, let's save the paid performance for next time. We will be heading up now, see you in a bit!

Waving his hand this they get going while Diluc kept on staring at their back.

Charles, the bartender noticed Diluc behavior and asked.

Charles: Is something wrong, Master Diluc?

Diluc: ...There is something strange about that bard. Keep an eye on it while I'll go ask around.

Charles: Ask who exactly?

Diluc: The "protectors" of Mondstadt...…


With that he left the tavern while Venti, Lumine and Paimon(who came out) took their seats upstairs.

As Venti gave a sigh of relief, Lumine who was looking down from the ledge of the first floor narrowed her eyes.

'Lumine: That man is suspicious of us. There is a possibility that he has gone to call the guards. I must keep my guard up in case we need to run again.'

Venti: So, what exactly happened?

Lumine: Everything was going smoothly but when we were about to grab it, a lady in purple took and it disappeared.

'Lumine: If I only have one second, I would definitely have found the traces of where she ran off to. Too bad Knights came at that moment.'

Hearing Lumine response, Venti let out a sigh.

Venti: We must get that Lyre back somehow.

Paimon: Is there no other way?

'Lumine: Mr. Erste!'

Venti: No, there isn't.

Paimon: But how do we find it? We don't know where that lady took it.

Venti: Lady in purple...Anything else noticeable?

Paimon: She had like long purple ear---

Lumine: She was a Fatui.

Paimon: EH?

Venti: Ok, this explains everything.

Paimon: Paimon still don't!

Venti: Let me guess, she had long purple ears on the top of her costume similar to wings. She wore mask that cover her eyes and had green hairs.

Paimon: Exactly!

Venti: Um. Then she was Cicin Mage, they work for Fatui.

Paimon: Oh, but how did you know Lumine?

Lumine: You remembered that Fatui agent who was talking to Jean before.

Paimon: They woman who asked the Jean to let them take care of Stormterror?

Lumine: Yes. Her clothing was also somewhat same as that Cicin Mage. Black-Purple clothes, mask that covered their eyes. On top of that, since that Lyre is the only way to save Stormterror, they will definitely steal it so that Mondstadt is left with no choice but to ask for Fatui help.

Venti: That's some observation skills you got there.

He praised wholeheartedly. Though Lumine was groaning inwardly.

'Lumine: I got those skills by painstaking training Mr. Erste made me go through.'

Just remembering that Lumine felt a chill down her spine. Primis training can only be defined with one word, Inhumane.

In every one of them, he pushed Lumine to the point where she barely had the strength to remain conscious.

Shaking her head hurriedly, Lumine put the thoughts of those hellish training away.

At this time, Diluc returned and raised his head to look at them.

Diluc: The Knights have left. You three can come down now.

Feeling surprised, Venti answered.

Venti: Okay~!

Standing up from their seat, they all walked down as Diluc crossed his arms.

Diluc: Now, I want some answers.

Venti: Lemme finish my drink first? I will pay you---

Lumine: You are?

Lumine had no intention of dawdling this. She was still suspicions of Diluc and was wondering whether he would have stationed Knights outside in order to ambush them.

Before Diluc could introduce himself, Venti did the honor.

Venti: This is Master Diluc, the boss, no, the owner of this tavern. He is very famous. By the way, his dandelion wine is one of my favorites. Though most of the time I can only afford a bottle or two...

Lumine: I see.

When she replied, Lumine eyes glow for a bit as she used Appraisal on Diluc.

'Lumine: Level 85. Huh. He is stronger that Eula and Amber.'

Diluc: I just heard about some thieves from the guards. For the record, I like your guts for trying to steal Holy Lyre de Himmel. Even if you are fools…but we don't often get to see people like you.

Paimon: It wasn't us that stole it! The real thief is still out there!

Venti: Right. This is the hotshot of Knights of Favonius. Why would someone so aspiring steal Mondstadt's sacred treasure?

Diluc: Hotshot? Oh, so it's you. So, you and the bard are close friends?

Lumine: We are not.

Venti: Ouch! That's hurt.

In return, Lumine gave him a glare making Venti look away while scratching his head in embarrassment.

'Venti: I guess she still holds the grudge that I ask her to steal.'

Paimon: We just met this bard today!

Diluc: In any case, despite being a passing traveler, you still offered your help to Mondstadt in time of need.

Here, Diluc let out a sigh and continued.

Diluc: It's a shame you joined the Knights.

Paimon: Huh?

While Paimon was surprised Lumine raised her brows.

'Lumine: Looks like he has something against the Knights. Maybe they have some history.'

Diluc: The Knights of Favonius...Inefficient right from the beginning to end. And towards the Fatui? Weak and conservative.

'Lumine: So, my guess was right.'

Venti: Seems like you don't like the Knights of Favonius.

Diluc: Hmph, just difference in approach is all. I have my own hopes for this city. Now, answers. Why did you want to steal the Holy Lyre?

Venti: You sure about it? It could implicate you in the affairs of the Knights of Favonius.

Diluc: That's fine. I somehow always end up implicated in their affairs. It depends. I will make my own judgement.

Venti: Then will I get paid?

Lumine shook her head hearing this. She really wanted to get this over with fast yet, this bard kept on dragging it.

Lumine: Do it fast, Venti? Don't want to soothes Dvalin's as soon as possible?

Venti: That's true. Very well. Let me put on a show...

He then took out his harp and started singing a song about Dvalin's past.

Like this, a few minutes went by.




Once the act ended, Diluc was dazzled.

Diluc: What did I just witnessed? This is confidential information. Why did you let me know about it?

Venti: Let's say, the winds are changing.

Diluc: Interesting. Give me some time. I'll organize some contacts. Outlander----

Lumine: Call me Lumine.

Diluc: Right, Lumine, sorry, as one of the Knights, it seems you're not a suspect. The only description on the wanted poster was the blond, so you should be safe.

Both the Traveler and her companion gave a sigh of relief at that.

Diluc: However, bard, it would be better if you stay here in the tavern.

Venti: Haha. No Problem! I like taverns.

'Diluc: I suddenly regret saying it.'

Diluc: Anyway, let's meet here after in the midnight. It's too early to discuss important matters such as this right now.

Lumine: Um, Ok.

'Lumine: I better complete Daily Quests of Guild in the remaining time. Not only will I get materials and moras but also, I will gain experience to increase my Guild Level.'

With this, they both left leaving Venti and Diluc behind.






A few hours later, they returned only to be greeted by Diluc, Venti and Jean waiting inside.

Venti: Ah, You're here.

Jean: Wait...Lumine?

Lumine: Jean?

Diluc: Well, first of all, I contacted more than one person. Secondly, she came here as "Jean" herself, not as the Acting Grand Master. A Jean you would never see, even as an Honorary Knight.

Jean: What a surprise. I heard about the Holy Lyre, but I never suspected it was you.

Lumine just shrugged her shoulders at this.

Jean: Anyway, back to the topic. So, the sound of the Holy Lyre can purify Stormterror and return it to normal... Is that true?

Venti: That's right! Lumine is putting herself on the front line to try and resolve this Stormterror issue.

Praising the blonde, he continued.

Venti: Now that's the hotshot of the Knights of Favonius I'm talking about.

Like this their conversation kept on going. Diluc thought of a way to persuade Jean but to his surprise she trusted Lumine right away. They then also talked about the diplomatic pressure from Fatui which made Jean to only do this in private and so on.

From their conversation Lumine also caught a slip which made her knew that Diluc and Jean really did know each other.

Once Lumine confirmed that Fatui was the one who stole the Lyre, Jean also believed it since the conflict between Mondstadt and Snezhnaya stems from the conflict between the seven nations and their respective gods. And she also confirmed that the Cryo God's Fatui seem to be after the Anemo God's power.

Venti remained quiet at this while Lumine gave him a side-eye.

Jean: If the Knights of Favonius publicly prevented an attempt on Dvalin's head, then the only other way to affect the Anemo God's power is to take the Holy Lyre.

Diluc: The number of Fatui that have come to Mondstadt is far from limited. I've already managed to coerce a few reports out of them.

Jean: Diluc has confirmed that the Holy Lyre is not being held in the Goth Grand Hotel. I imagine they don't want to leave something stolen in a place where it could be so easily found.

Paimon: Paimon gets it. If too much of a scene gets made then it becomes a big diplomatic issue.

Diluc: Hmph, such is the diplomacy between the seven nations. Lumine, ready to go?

Nodding she answered.

Lumine: Yes, let's go.

Though the moment they are about to leave, a voice came from the upstairs and stopped them.

???: No need. Here is the Holy Lyre you are looking for.

Stopping, they turned and raised their head.

There they saw that very Lyre placed on the table with a black-haired man sitting on a chair in front of it and a purple-haired woman standing behind.

Seeing him, a smile formed on both Lumine and Paimon face while Jean also felt relieved.

Diluc was surprised seeing their reactions but didn't say anything since it confirmed that they knew who that person was.

At this time, none of them noticed Venti who was looking at the woman with shock as his eyes widened.

'Venti: W-What are you doing here in M-Mondstadt!?'



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