297 Volume 4 - Chapter 38(Participate in the Holy Grail War)


Author Note:

[ ] = When Twilight is speaking.

{ } = When talking through Telepathy.

' ' = When thinking in your mind.

<< >> = When talking with your Pokémon or Tamed Beast.

--- --- = When describing a certain period of time.


Fuyuki Cityis a city in Japan located in the Ōita Prefecture. Its name, "Winter Tree", supposedly comes from the fact that its winters are long. It is separated into two sections by the river Mion that can be considered two towns, Shinto and Miyama City, which are the new and old sections of city respectively. While not based directly on a real city, many of the locations are based on those located in Kobe.

Primis, Beatrice, and Kyubey were currently standing on top of the tallest building. Beatrice was looking around in curiosity while Primis was looking at the information he received from the Wills of this world.

'Primis: Hmm. Basic strength will be at pseudo-God level while Noble Phantasm will be at Dimensional-God level.'

Shaking his head, just when Primis was about to move.





[An additional information has been received.]

[An additional information has been received.]

'Primis: Additional Information?'

[Hmm? Wait a minute......…It's not one but two information.]

'Primis: Two. Huh.'

[However, the sources of both information are different. Let me see.........…They are provided by different different Wills.]

'Primis: Different Wills? Could it be from Gaia and Alaya separately.'

[It seems so.]

'Primis: What is the information?'

[The First information, I think it's from Gaia. It's......…]

{{"The Greater Holy Grail has already been corrupted by Angra Mainyu."}}

'Primis: .........'

[The Second information, I think it's from Alaya. And It's......…]

{{"The Last Servant will be Summoned in 23-minutes 10-seconds."}}

'Primis: .........'


'Primis: .........'


'Primis: .........'


'Primis: .........'

[............…This is not good, is it?]

'Primis: Of course, it's not. You already told me because of my Origin Force, no matter in which world I will go and do, the Wills will always keep a close eye on it. But on the contrary, they also won't provide me with any help.'

[True. I would have believed that it was because you provided them with a way to solve their problem. However, they already showed their thanks by giving you the Blessing which will help you gain five times more Excelia.........So, why are they helping now?]

'Primis: *sigh* I already have a hunch. They are doing this and will keep on doing so that I will have a good impression on them. And then in future, they will a favor for the help that they provided.'

[*sigh* If I am not mistaking, the favor they will ask will be to kill the Beasts.]

'Primis: Indeed..................…Still, do they really think by giving me help they can ask for such a big favor.'

[I am sure if you will ask them to give you the entire Throne of Heroes in return for killing the Beasts, the Counter Force will agree without a second thought.]

'Primis: It still won't be enough. Don't forget, even if I will have all the Heroes, in front of real Beasts they still won't be able to hold a candle.'

[True. Just to kill a single vessel of Beasts, all the Heroes have to join forces. Even then they barely win.]

'Primis: And the vessel didn't even contain 1% of the Beasts real power.'

[What a pain. The Real Beast can kill all of them with just its sneeze.]

Primis didn't deny Twilight words. He just waved his hand and put the screen away.

'Primis: Forget about it for now. I have here for Mew anyway.'

[Nevertheless, we don't know where in this world it is...............…How about----]

'Primis: I am also thinking the same. Participate in this Holy Grail War and get my hands on the Greater Holy Grail.'

[Yes. On top of that, Alaya already told you when the last Servant will be summoned. In a way, she is saying if you want to participate in the War then you must hurry.]

[Hmm.........…If I remember correctly, the last Servant to be summoned is ............…Saber.]

Kyubey: What's the plan?

Snapping out of his thoughts, Primis looked down at the colorful city. Beatrice also turned her head and was looking at Primis right now waiting for him. After remaining silent for a minute, Primis spoke.

Primis: Simple. Get the Holy Grail and everything will be solved.







Miyama Town is the suburban area of Fuyuki that contains old houses and traditional buildings. It can be split into two main parts, the traditional Japanese houses district and the foreigners' houses district. The road to Homurahara Academy, where the main protagonist of this world studies, is set between the two districts. The intersection road connects to the shopping street, the school, the northern and southern parts of town, and to the bridge.

At this time, Primis and Beatrice were following a teenager with short auburn hair, golden-brown colored eyes and was wearing Academy uniform. Instead of walking, it's more like he was dragging his body. The teenager's face was covered in sweat and there was some dried blood on his uniform.

This person was the Protagonist of this world, Shirou Emiya. Shirou was almost killed by the lancer at the school. If not because of someone coming to save him at the end of his life, then he would have already died by now. Everything was proceeding all according to the plot till now.

Beatrice: Why are we following this human, Big Brother?

Primis: You will know.

Beatrice: Hmm......…Ok. Though there is nothing special about this human.

[Can't agree more. This protagonist is nothing special. If not because of Plot armor, he would have died countless time.]

'Primis: Hmmm.........…Looks like you hate him.'

[Exactly. I HATE him. Always talking about being "Hero of Justice". What "Hero of Justice"? His so-called 'friend' said that he is 'busy' so please clean the Kendo club in my place. Even though anyone could that that 'friend' of his want to spend time with girls. Yet, this 'creature' said sure. Beacause as a "Hero of Justice" he will help. Tell me, how could you become "Hero of Justice" by cleaning?]

Primis couldn't help but sigh hearing this. He also noted how Twilight referred to Shirou as not human but 'creature'. This clearly indicated that in her eyes, Shirou was as less feces.

Primis: In our world, there is no place for "Hero of Justice".

Beatrice: Hero of Justice?

Primis: That's the mindset of this boy. He wants to be "Hero of Justice". The one who can help anyone.

Beatrice expressions changed as she looked at Shirou like some kind of idiot.

Beatrice: .........Are you sure that he has grown up? Because Betty thinks he needs brain treatment. "Hero of Justice", that's what children who read the books about Heroes saving the princess or world think in their childhood. Looks like he doesn't mature mentally. Betty is sure that he must have been struck in the head when he was born.


Primis just shook his head and didn't answer.

Beatrice: Betty also thinks he is just like that Human.

Primis: Subaru?

Beatrice: Yes, that.

Primis: No. Subaru and he are different. It's true that Subaru always tries to save the people he cares about. But he doesn't hesitate to kill his enemy.

Beatice: Huh? Are you saying this human----

Primis: Yes. This person will even try to save his enemy.

Beatrice: .........

Beatrice became dumbfounded hearing this. Her expressions changed again. This time she was looking at Shirou with disappointment.

Beatrice: Such people are not suitable for our world. They should just live and die like commoners.


Primis: .........…

Beatrice: Big Brother?


Primis: ............I also agree with that.







Soon, Shirou reached home. Primis and Beatrice were talking just two steps behind him. Yet, Shirou didn't hear anything. That's because Primis was using "Denial and Acceptance of Plane" on himself and Beatrice.

Once Shirou entered his house, Primis and Beatrice stopped.

Primis: Kyubey.

Kyubey: What is it?

While Primis and Beatrice were following Shirou, Kyubey was also with them. Though it was walking on the walls on the side of the road.

Primis: Have seen some Insects flying around?

Beatrice: Insects?

Kyubey: I do. There are many insects flying around, but they are different from normal insects. Someone is using these insects as his eyes to keep an eye on the things.

Beatrice: Wha----

Beatrice was stunned hearing this. She then used her power to detect magic in her surroundings.

Beatrice: T-This is......…

She was shocked sensing many insects around the house. All these insects had traces of magic on them.

'Beatrice: Betty was careless. In case Big Brother was not hiding our presence then I would have long been detected.'

Kyubey: Do you want me to do something?

Primis: No. I was just giving example to Beatrice to always remain on alert like both of us.

Kyubey: Ok.

Primis: Anyway, let's enter. The thing we are here for is in the backyard of this house.







Emiya Residence.

This was the home of Shirou, located on the northern end of Miyama Town, and a Japanese-style building with a classical elegance befitting the area. Even within the old style of Miyama, it was of a rare style, and it can be considered a rare example of architectural history. Though it was large and previously unused, its history made it, so it was never torn down even in its degradation and having taken up a large amount of space in an area of civic planning.

In the backyard, Primis gaze fell on the very old storehouse built at the edge of the yard, which utilizes a key cast in an ancient style far different from the modern cylindrical kind utilized in the rest of the estate. The door was old and rusty, constantly creaking as it opened. While the rest of the house was unsuited to be a magus' workshop, the storehouse is suitable enough for a makeshift area for magi to work.

Without saying anything, Primis entered the shed with Beatrice and Kyubey in toll. Suddenly, Beatrice sensed something and looked at Primis.

Beatrice: Big Brother, looks like someone has come. This person is a lot stronger than that human. Maybe here to kill him.

'Primis: It's lancer.'

Primis glanced back outside of the shed over his shoulder before shaking his head.

Primis: Forget about him. We are here for something else.

Beatrice: Ok.

Nodded Beatrice and didn't ask anything else. Primis gaze then fell at one corner.

Primis: There it is.

Beatrice: A Magic Circle? And it seems activated.

Yes. A magic circle was drawn on the ground there. That magic circle was emitting dim light. Walking to the circle, Primis crouched down and touched it. Once he did so, he got all the necessary information.

'Primis: As expected. There is a time mechanism installed in this Magic Circle. According to that, once it's time, it will be activated automatically. In other words, even if Shirou is not here, the magic circle would have activated automatically summoned the Servant.'

[Mostly because of plot.]

'Primis: I guess.'

Primis then sent his Zenith own inside the circle.

'Primis: Even if I don't have the qualification to be a Master, Zenith could do it for me.'


The sound of glass shattering was heard outside.

Primis: Ignore it.

Beatrice: Um.

Kyubey: Ok.

Zenith was going deeper and deeper into the magic circle. Finally, it touched a sword that was emitting holy power.

'Primis: There you are. Now, come forth, my Servant.'


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