231 Volume 3 - Chapter 31(Sisters Reunion)


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One of the boys was tall and had a sturdy and muscular build. He had short brown hair and a scar on his left cheek. He was wearing a brown vest with white sleeves and a white collar. His pants were also white. His name was Guy.

Another one was a boy with black hair and green eyes. He was wearing a green jacket with a black T-shirt and black pants. His shoes were also black, and he wore glasses. He was wearing a necklace with a gem around his neck. His name was Green.

The last one was the boy with spiky, blond hair and golden eyes. He was wearing an outfit resembling a military uniform consisting of a long trench coat with golden epaulets and a suit underneath. He's also the leader of Elite Seven. His name was Najasho.

Now, the whole Elite Seven gathered inside the room. The boys first looked at Akame before moving their gaze at other girls who just shook their head in response. Seeing this, they sighed and turned to Akame again. Najasho who was named as the leader of the group by Gozuki decided to speak.

Najasho: Akame, we know that you are still worried about your sister but if you don't cheer up then you will just be a useless piece in our group. Father won't take your silence for much longer. So, if you wished to remain like this then you better leave.

Green: Hey, Najasho isn't it too rud----

Najasho: What.

Before Green could continue, Najasho glared at him, making him shut.

Guy: Najasho is right, Green. If Akame doesn't stop her current behavior, Father won't take this lying down.

Green: ............

Green remained silent and glanced at Akame who was still ignoring all of them while keeping her head down. Cornelia turned to the boys and asked.

Cornelia: Is daddy still in his room?

Guy: No. He left a few minutes ago.

Poney: Left. Why?

Najasho: Don't know much. But he received a letter from the capital. Reading it, he hurriedly left, saying he would be back by dinner.

Green: He also told us not to leave because there are Danger Beasts roaming around.

Hearing "Danger Beasts", all of them shivered. Memories of Gifnora Forest resurfaced in each of their mind. There with their own eyes they witnessed how other children were being hunted and eaten by those beasts. The scar on Guy left cheek was made by one of the Danger Beast too. He still trembled thinking about his near-death experience.

However, among them, the one who had the most intense reaction was Akame. Her body trembled violently. As the scenes of Gifnora Forest re-emerged in front of her eyes. How she and Kurome were running through that forest. How they met that man(Edward Teach) and ran for their dear lives. How that man slaughtered all the Danger Beasts like they were nothing. How she witnessed Kurome's death right in front of her own eyes. How she held her cold and lifeless body in her arms.

This brought an overwhelming fear to her. Her body started shaking as her heart felt like it wanted to come out of her throat. Current Akame's emotional state was very fragile. She covered her head with both her hands. Her chest was rapidly rising and falling as she was having a hard time breathing. Others also witnessed that and realized the blunder. They all gave a fierce glare to Green for bringing that out before turning to Akame.

Cornelia: Akame, It's alright. As long as we are here no danger beast will come.

Poney: Yes, Akame. We will be fine.

Tsukushi: Akame, we are here. Please be with us.

Nevertheless, it was as if Akame didn't hear them. Her body was shaking more and more intensely with time. Others became more worried witnessing this. No matter what they said, it didn't get to Akame. They now only wished that their "Father" was here. As the situation was becoming more severe, a voice was heard behind.

???: Her condition is more worse than I thought.

Cornelia: .........

Poney: .........…

Tsukushi: .........

Guy: ............…

Green: .........…

Najasho: .........

They hurriedly turned back but didn't see anything. However, in the next moment, the space ripped, and abyssal dark vortex appeared. They all felt a chill down their spine and their hair stood on the end as they witnessed the vortex. It was like a mouth of darkness that will devour everything. Though, in the next second, Primis walked out of it. Along with Sheng Ming and Ais. It attracted all their attention.

Seeing Primis, Sheng Ming, and Ais looks, they all fell into daze. Ignoring them, Primis walked to Akame. Crouching down, he grabbed one of her hand covering her head and removed it.

Primis: Akame.

Akame: ............

Hearing his words, Akame raised her head and met with Primis' eyes.

Akame: M-My L-Lord.

Primis: It's okay. With me here, no one will hurt or separate you sisters again.

Saying this, he pulled her in his chest and started rubbing her back.

{Primis: Ophis, once Akame calm down, bring Kurome here.}

{Ophis: Mn.}

Primis: Take a deep breath.

Obeying Primis words, Akame held the edges of his Midnight-Coat tightly with both her hands and took a deep breath while still burying her head in his chest. She kept on doing it for some time. Soon, her shaking stopped and she finally calmed down. Primis also kept on rubbing her back, this also helped her a lot.

Primis: Feeling better.

Akame: Um. Thank you, My Lord.

Raising her head, Akame smiled and nodded. Next, she separated and Primis stood up. He kept on looking at Akame for a few seconds before opening his mouth.

Primis: Looks like you have been in this room since coming here. You need some fresh air. Let's take a walk.

Akame: O-Ok.

Nodding her head, Akame grabbed the hand which was offered before walking towards the door with Primis.

Cornelia: U-Um.................C-Can we c-come too?

Hearing this, Primis stopped his steps. Though he didn't turn. Sheng Ming and Ais who were about to follow Primis turned their gaze at Cornelia. Noticing his silence, Cornelia spoke again.

Cornelia: W-We are just w-worried about Akame. T-That's all.

Akame: Cornelia.

At this time, Akame turned her head and looked at Cornelia. Then all other members of Elite Seven exchanged glances and nodded before turning to Primis too. Seeing the sincerity in each of their eyes, Akame felt warmth in her heart. Sheng Ming and Ais also nodded witnessing this. Next, Akame looked at Primis as if asking his permission.

The atmosphere in the room became tense. Everyone was waiting for Primis answer. In case he said no, its not like they can do anything. They were just kids with little to no experience of battle. Seeing the sword on Primis back and Ais waist, they knew if they wanted to kill them, then they won't even be able to resist. Even if someone succeeded in escaping, there were still Danger Beasts outside. Hence, the result will be the same.

So, the only thing they could do was beg Primis. At this moment, Primis glanced back at them before replying.

Primis: Suit yourself.


Then he opened the door and walked out with Akame. Once Sheng Ming and Ais followed behind, the other members of Elite Seven took a of relief before following too.

As they all were walking down the stairs, Primis asked.

Primis: Where is Gozuki?

Poney: Huh? Father? He received a letter from the capital and left.

Tsukushi: According to N-Najasho, he said he will be back by night.

Primis narrowed his eyes hearing this. Since they were still kids without any teaching, they spilled all the beans just like that.

Primis: Hmm. Must be Prime Minister who called him.

Guy: Prime Minister?

Green: Honest. Prime Minister Honest.

Najasho: Since its Primis Minister Honest call, then it must be very important.

As they started chatting among themselves, Ais asked.

Ais: My Lord, why do you think Honest called him?

Primis: To give him the brainwashing drugs for these kids.

Akame: .........…

Cornelia: .........

Poney: .........…

Tsukushi: .........

Guy: ............…

Green: .........…

Najasho: .........

Every member of Elite Seven opened their eyes wide in shock.

Sheng Ming: Yes. That must be the case.

Poney: W-Wait. Wait. Wait. Brainwashing drug for us. W-Why?

Cornelia: Y-Yes. D-Daddy will s-surely decline.

Najasho: There must be some misunderstanding.

Guy: Yes, there must be.

Primis: There isn't. You are not the only ones. Every survivor of Gifnora Forest who has been taken to different different teams will all receive this drug. And you all are no exception.

Akame: .........…

Cornelia: .........

Poney: .........…

Tsukushi: .........

Guy: ............…

Green: .........…

Najasho: .........

Noticing their silence, Primis continued.

Primis: Well, it's up to you whether you believe me or not. Not that I care. Though, I am 90% sure that when Gozuki returns, he will give you all that drug and order you take it. Saying that this drug can increase your strength.

Akame: .........…

Cornelia: .........

Poney: .........…

Tsukushi: .........

Guy: ............…

Green: .........…

Najasho: .........

After walking down, the stairs they reached the main door. Once Primis opened, Akame heard a voice which shocked her to the core.


Kurome: Big Sister?

Kurome who appeared in front of door out of nowhere turned when she heard the door opening sound and saw Akame. Both Akame's and Kurome's eyes met before tears streamed down their face. Primis released Akame's hand. Next, both sisters rushed to each other and hugged.

Kurome: BIG SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akame: KUROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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