1 Chapter – 1 (The Beginning (Part 1))

This world is full of mana. It consists of many races such Elves, Cat people, Dwarf, Chienthropes, Cow, Boaz, Humans, and many other races along with Gods. The mountains are even bigger than Mount Everest they are as high as 10,000m. These mountains are lushed with greenery. There are even springs coming out on the top of the mountains which fall and create many lakes, ponds and so on. The water is very clear. There are variety of fishes in the water. Many have never been seen before. Air is very pure. Trees grow has big as 500-600 feet tall. These trees have grown many fresh fruits on them.

Suddenly someone fell from the sky into the lake, scaring away all the fishes in the water along with animals near it. After some time, the said person came out of the Lake all wet. After reaching the shore he removed all his clothes except his shorts to dry them. He then looked around him, trying figure out his current location. Soon some rabbits, squirrels and many small animals which were near the Lake look at the person from there hiding.

The person has dark hairs which covered his eyes because they are wet. He has sharp chin and sharp nose. His skin color is the same color as Elves, if not as fair as High Elves but still as normal elves. His body is perfect built and as the droplets of water falls from his perfect body and as Sunlight is coming from behind him, this makes a very beautiful scenery. If only his ears were not that of Human's, everyone would have though he is an Elf.

As animals started to approach him, he put his hand on his bangs and put them back at his head. After that he looked towards the animals that were approaching him. When those animals saw his Blood-red eyes which have 3-tomoe in them they become scared and ran away in different direction.

???: System. Did I look that scary?

[DING. Host is extremely handsome. Otherwise, those animals won't even have tried to approach host. It's just that your Sharingan can even scare people who will look straight into it, let alone animals.]

???: Well, whatever. Not that I care in the first place.

[DING. By the way Host, should system still refer you as Host or by your name]

???: Call me whatever you want.

[DING. Then system will continue using the word Host.]

???: Fine.

After answering to the system, the person looked around the forest again before he went to lake to drink some water from the Lake.

[DING. Host the Current world we are in is…]

???: Danmachi.

[DING. Yes.]

'???: So, that really was Babel Tower which I saw when falling from the sky.'

???: Mind telling me why you chose this world.

[DING. Host this is the best world to check your progress in detail.]

???: The stats system of this world. Huh.

[DING. Correct. This world divide stats into five parts namely Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility and Magic. Other systems won't have all these. They were missing one two of these stats.]

???: I get what you mean. Like if your chosen world focus was Technology, then I won't have Magic stat.'

[DING. Correct. In Future when host travels to other worlds, you will use Danmachi stats system.]

???: I see. Show me your functions.

[DING. Affirmative.]


Status: To see your Stats and skills

Store: You can buy anything you want here.

Inventory: Give you items slots to store things inside. Each Slot has the area of 15 cubic meter.

Home: A personal world for the Host.

Worlds (Currently Locked): Allow you to travel to different world. (Reminder: Currently Host can only go to the worlds which are in Group 1(Existence level 1-3))]


???: Explain me Grouping and Existence Level.

[DING. Sure. The existences in the entire Omniverse are divided by their Existence levels which are they are

Existence Level 1

Existence Level 2

Existence Level 3

Existence Level 4

Existence Level 5

Existence Level 6

Existence Level 7

Existence Level 8

Existence Level 9

Existence Level 10

Existence Level 11

Existence Level 12

Existence Level 13 ]

???: The Gods in Danmachi World can create Universe, lives and so on. What Existence are they?'

[DING. 3rd Level Existence.]

???: I see.

[DING. Now, Grouping. There are 4 Groups:

Group 1: Existence level 1-3 Worlds

Group 2: Existence level 1-6 Worlds

Group 3: Existence level 1-9 Worlds

Group 4: Existence level 1-12 Worlds

Currently Host destination is Group 1. Once Host will become 4th Level Existence, Host can Ascend to Group 2.]

???: You told me before that you are made from the power of 12th Level Existences.

[DING. Yes. Even though I said the strongest Existence Level is 13. No one has ever reached that Level. On top of that, all 12th Level Existences are dead.]

???: Who can kill them?

[DING. No one. They killed themselves.]

???: !!!!!!

[DING. Till now, there had only been 26 of such Existences. And they are all dead. After their death, all their residue power combined and that's how I came into being. You will learn more about it in future.]

???: Then why you only have 5 functions.

[DING. Because all that power is given to you.]

The person narrowed his eyes before opening system function again. He then clicked on Status.



Name: Primis Rigla

Age: 18(More than Billions of years)


Level 1

Strength: I-10

Endurance: I-10

Dexterity: I-10

Agility: I-10

Magic: I-10


Existence Level: 2



AINCRAD Supreme: I

The Primordial One: I

Truth Essence Steps: I

The Eye that reflects the heart, Sharingan: I (Sealed)


Awakening: God of Destruction (Locked)(Locked)(Locked)


Primis: System...This… Awakening... it can't be… what… I am… thinking... right...

[DING. Answering to Host. This is exactly what Host is thinking. The Power of "God of Destruction, Jirol". Which Host wanted the most before Host memories were erased.]

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