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"you don't like him? "he asked "hmmm.. should I? "she demanded"should i like him? " His eyes remaind cold, void with any emotion. she gazing at his green eyes.. 'there are nothing' she taught . 'whatever, not like he care about me' "hey you know what, I think he is quite a catch you know. He is handsome too and his well build body with six-" before she can finish her word, he capture her lips and kissed her passionately. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ what happened when Maple Williams who tried to stay low started to get everyone attention just because of a simple mistake? Her life could be in danger and the past pain still haunted her every night.. Unbeknown to her.. a pair of eyes always watching her.. who is the real Maple and why she need to stay ordinary? and will history repeat in her new life?? **first of all, this is my first novel and i know there are a lot of grammar mistakes in this novel so i would be grateful if you would point my mistake **No rude word in my comments section, if you felt this novel is not cup of your tea you are honoured to not read this novel **this novel content some violent and assault, read on your own risk.


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