OP: Of Wind and Waves

A man dies in a strange way and meets a goddess who tells him because of the thing his last life accomplished, he would get some boons and go to another world. Watch as the man who became the demi god of wind and waves Maui lives in the world of pirates. The drums of liberation are not exclusive to Nika. i do not own cover image or copywrited content.

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18. Detour

My trip to Frauce had taken longer than expected. It was a little over a week since I had left the Conomi Islands, which means the Straw Hats should be in the Drum Kingdom meeting Chopper right now.

Which means I have two weeks to get to the Alabasta Kingdom if I want to get there before Crocodile is defeated.

I'm not so much interested in meeting the Straw Hats although I would like to witness the battle between Luffy and Croco.

After that I can spend some time helping the people by making rain which should give me lots of faith energy.

As my divinity grows, my shifting power will as well. I'll be able to transform for longer periods of time on bigger and more powerful creatures.

My durability and strength will increase as well as my energy reserves and energy purity.

I'm still wearing the training weights at all times which is gradually building my strength but it's like a drop in a bucket compared to what I will need.

I set sail heading due south towards the calm belt. I'll likely stop off a few islands along the way that are shown on the crappy charts I bought.

Cant miss any treasures on my path, now can I?

My trip to the calm belt should take 3 days going at a steady pace. I'll spend a few days training in the calm belt and then ramp up our speed to reach Alabasta within a few more days.

If I time it right, I could see Luffy's boss fight and introduce myself to that country's princess, Vivi.

Making connections with the royal family will definitely come in clutch. I could even have her spread my medallions in her country like I did in Frauce.

If the people of Alabasta were to receive my blessing, the wind might even carry more rains thier way in support even after I'm gone.

And they will recognize these blessings are given to them by their new god.

"Hup! Hup! Hup!" I trained while we sailed, throwing punches and kicks into the air. I increased the weight of my gear again and my limbs were starting to feel like noodles.

I was also trying to reinforce my haki to my arms and feet simultaneously, trying to form armament haki.

Now that I've gotten observation, I can see the spiritual energy move in my body. Because of that I was making great progress and will no doubt have armament learned in no time.

It's a little strange though. My observation haki seems a little different that what the characters in One Piece could do.

If I focus my haki, I can see the life force of the living things around me in my minds eye.

I see a cloudy energy that emanates from living things wherever I look and if I listen closely I can hear what sounds like voices or unintelligible whispers, but not always coming from somewhere close by.

The voices sound distant, distorted and mixed up.

Perhaps I have godly haki and not just haki? I heard Roger and Luffy had something called the voice of all things but I didnt know too much about it. Maybe also that?

I suspect those voices, I have occasionally have been hearing might be prayers. But I'm not sure yet. I'm not able to hear them clearly yet.

But I can feel the intent to a degree.

It's something I think I can figure out later though.

I finished up my training and I could feel I'm close to learning Armament.

I rested a bit and then directed Gyarados to stop at another island.

I didn't find a devil fruit on this island or any of the other islands on my path, but I did get some gold coins, a few jewels, and some old Belli.

Time past by and the we were nearing the calm belt.

However, something caught my eye.

It was like a giant blurry shadow in the sea in front of us.

As I stood on the front of the yacht I had noticed it.

"There's no way right? Wasnt that just filler? I thought it was a non canon."

As we got closer it was like we passed through a curtain and the shadow became clear.

A huge rocky island that looks like a warship, Warship island.

"If this is here, that means the Straw Hats already visited and saw the dragons."

The island was currently in it's normal state and no dragons could be seen.

This island was featured in a filler arc that I thought was non canon, but here it is in front of me.

Theres supposed to be a place called Lost Island where a species on it are thought to be extinct or just myth, come to reproduce.

Millennial Dragons, come to die and be reborn every 1000 years, hence the name.

I read on a wiki once that the dragons actually live on a sky island and stay there except for when they come down to this island to get freaky or die.

The dragons can also take human form but rarely do they have relationships with humans since they live for a long time and humans don't. Not sure how accurate that info is though.

It looks like the mating season is over as the water has risen over the Lost Island again.

I had Gyarados take us to the shore, I just wanted to sightsee the ruins and stuff I saw in the anime.

After disembarking the yacht, I strolled around and even saw a small village on the island, where the little heroine of that arc probably lived.

I walked toward the village but started hearing the sounds of people screaming.

I dash to the village, jumping over rocks to ascend as quick as possible.

I enter the village and found all the people running into thier homes, panicking.

The source of their fear was a man that was holding an older gentleman by the neck.

"Where is it?!"

The man had a grey suit and wore thin shades over his eyes.

What really should out is the light purple hair he had that was twirled on his head, making his look really stupid in my opinion.

I summoned my hook and strode towards him.

"Put the old man down and I'll only kill you a little bit."

"Huh? Who the hell are you. Another pirate?" The man dropped the old geezer and faced me. "You better watch your words, stranger. Because I'm really not in the mood."

"Oh why's that? Got your ass kicked by kids recently, perhaps? Eric the Whirlwind..." I smirk at him and said.

"Do you know those brats?!" His veins on his forehead expanded. "I nearly died because of that rubber bastard and that damn orange bitch!"

"Haha, how did you survive anyway?" I was genuinely curious because I remember Nami kicking him into the water during the ascent of reverse mountain.

As a devil fruit user, that should have been a game over.

"Hmph! As if I could be defeated that easily. He reach down to his belt and pressed a small button.


"See? This is the kind of thinking that comes from a true professional!"

From his belt, a yellow ring appeared and I almost lost it...

"Pfft! Hahahaha! You survived because you wore a floatie?!"