1 The war

More than a century had passed since the first appearance of the Zergs. Since then, a massive change in the world has taken place.

For the people today, what happened then was both the end and the new beginning. It was the end of an old era and the beginning of the birth of mana in the world.

These heinous creatures called Zergs surprised the populace when they suddenly appeared through cracks in space.

They were gluttonous creatures who ate humans. Countless humans fell victim.

Although humanity tried to retaliate, their weapons at that time were not enough to cause serious damage to these monsters.

Their outer shells were so tough that even the bullets from submachine guns were easily deflected.

However, before humanity goes extinct in the world, something good happened to them. They discovered that those cracks in space weren't only spurting heinous creatures, but they also spurt out mysterious translucent gradient energies which were later identified as mana.

The appearance of mana in the world had changed the world greatly--- from its inhabitants to their technologies.

But, one thing that had the greatest change was…

The war.

After several years, the war was still happening, but not against Zergs only. Sad to say, it was a war between humans themselves.

The biggest and most major war that took place in human history in the new era was dated on March 10, Year 169 NE.

[Eastern Pacific.]

A big jet-black bird was flying high below the sea of clouds. Reflected in its eyes were hundreds of naval fleets along with fighter jets and flying beasts. All of them were crossing the largest ocean in the world. They were heading towards the eastern continent. Some of those navals were carrying thousands of modern war machines also called Mechs.

Mechs were the advanced variants of tanks. They were more durable and more powerful. The most unique features they had were their humanoid form and their ability to walk or run through their robust metallic limbs or some by wheels. They were also more agile and much easier to maneuver.

They were also equipped with more powerful weapons and they were very versatile in combat. They could not only fight from range, but also in melee.

March 10, 169 NE, 10:37 AM, Sawarrah Beach Headquarters of Eastern Alliance.

Caught in long-range binoculars were thousands of silhouettes in the distance.

Ring! Ring!

"Captain Hughes, there is a call from the headquarters! It seems the enemies are bringing with them thousands of Zergs sir!" A military person anxiously gave his report.


Not only the captain, but everyone who heard it exclaimed.

The thick pointed brows of the middle-aged man in military uniform turned to V-shape upon hearing the report. "D*mn it! Those fiends, they're a bunch of lunatics. They have indeed found a way to tame those heinous creatures." After grating his teeth for a couple of seconds, he turned around and walked out of the control room.

He arrived outside and faced a group of soldiers who at that moment were in military attention formation.

Facing his men, Captain Hughes hardened his jaw before giving them his speech.

"Soldiers! There are times we all fail, and times we make mistakes. But those times are not today! Because today! Is the day we will become heroes of our land! Let's bring glory to our nation for the future of our children…" he gave a passionately encouraging speech to boost his men's morale.

After his speech, his men responded with a loud warcry.


Looking back at the number of enemies, all the soldiers' knitted their brows. They already knew deaths were inevitable, yet none of them turned their backs away from the approaching enemies.

Immediately when the enemy arrived at the exact range, the spark of war lit up. The booming sounds of war could be heard along with the people's shouts and cries. The 'wheezing' sounds from cannons and high caliber ballistic weapons along with the 'ratatat' sound from submachine guns repeatedly rang in their ears.

Those deafening noises gave chills to everyone.

It was a war between the two largest continents in the world, the Western Alliance and the Eastern Alliance. Looking at the situation of the battle, it was apparent that the Eastern Alliance was on the losing side.

With the help of the Zergs, the Western Alliance was able to dominate the sky. After losing their sky force, the Eastern Alliance's chance of winning was close to zero percent. Their only chance of winning at this point was through a miracle.

As the battle continued, the Western Alliance was able to push forward without a hitch. They took over many of the Eastern Alliance's headquarters.

The Eastern Alliance was losing the war. Whereas, the Western Alliance was already celebrating its eminent victory.

However, the result suddenly turned 180 degrees after the appearance of the Mysterious Dark Flying Mech. It was the first ever flying Mech in the history of mankind.

A Six-Winged Headless Dark Flying Mech obliterated all the Zergs and the fighter jets of the Western Alliance, reclaiming all the headquarters which were conquered by the enemies.

The Valhalla of Death - This was how they described that war.

After losing all their air forces, the Western Alliance retreated.

But who was the pilot of that Dark Flying Mech? It was top secret. Since then, they called him the Dark Reaper.

The Western Alliance had never tried to attack the Easter Alliance since then. Not only because of that Mysterious Dark Flying Mech, but because of the pilot itself.

It was still fresh in the memories of those present in that war what Dark Reaper did or what he was capable of. It wasn't only an extraordinary piloting skill. It was beyond that. That was a godly ability.

That's why, even some years later, the Western Alliance did not ever try to step into the Eastern Borders.

The two Alliances were now in a stalemate. But who knows when the fuse of war started to spark again. No one knows. Only those in the higher position might know about it. Anything could happen.

However, even though the war against nations was at standstill, those horror from the cracks were unstoppable. From time to time, they were causing havoc to the humans.

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