Only My Weapons Level UP

The End is finally here, but humans struggle and decide to fight to the bitter end and use all of their weapons. However, all of that was useless, and billions died. Until the first humans invaded the enemies' worlds and returned with powers after awakening them, they finally had the chance to fight back and defend their lands. Many years have passed, and humans have yet to obtain any real victories. Terry lost everything since the monsters and the overlords came to Earth, and he waited patiently and trained every day until he had the chance to awaken his power. Despite doing well on his first attack, Terry didn't awake any power... However, when he returned home, he confirmed that his power had indeed awakened... he could see weapons' status, and they could gain experience when he used them or killed monsters with them. Soon, he will come to realize that no other power is better than his!

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Getting rich

"... Is your trait something like super strength?" Rebecca asked when she saw Terry pulling the bodies to where she was.

"Something like that," Terry replied, wondering why he had an easy time pushing the bodies.

In theory, having more attack power would be the same as having the strength to carry or pull heavy things. There were a lot of things that Terry had to learn about his trait. Regardless, Rebecca began to work since it seemed that she was going to earn quite a bit of money that day.

Soon enough, a new group of three sahuagins showed up. Terry had already learned that they would once every five minutes, but instead of that, he was more worried because he could see some people in the distance. He knew that they came from the East, but they stopped moving once they saw Terry and Rebecca.

"I don't think that the hunting spots change that much… so Guard B or his superiors made them look for me," Terry thought.

Terry hurried up and killed the monsters and then kept his eyes on that group. They weren't getting close, but it was hard to see them in detail… they had three members, and one of them certainly had a vision-enhanced trait.

"It is normal for people to find each other in other worlds, right?" Rebecca asked when she noticed what was bothering Terry. "We all arrive in random places most of the time, but…"

"I guess so," Terry said and then looked at the magic stones, the claws, and the meat of the monsters that they would have to carry. "I will focus on fighting as much as possible, so you shouldn't get too much meat."

"Eh? But it would be such a waste to let it behind," Rebecca protested.

As expected, Terry and Rebecca were kindred spirits raised in poverty. Terry would have said the same two days ago, and while the food was important, getting stronger and faster was even more important.

"Well, you can keep getting the meat, but I doubt that we will be able to transport it," Terry said.

Terry hunted for five hours, and when it was time to leave, Rebecca much hesitantly was forced to leave a pile of sahuagins' meat behind.

"What a waste…" Rebecca said.

Once again, Guard B guided Terry to the soup seller, and then he got around 18k… a lot more than he had expected since he had overslept. Terry wanted to leave as soon as possible after giving Rebecca's share, but then someone troublesome appeared. It was a guy who had a long bow on his back while he was wearing a light green armor and some other magic accessories. He also had a black mustache, so he really looked out of place. That was Rey, the guild master of the Dynamic Team.

"You must be Terry. It is surprising that such talent managed to escape our eyes," Rey said.

"Sorry, but I am in a hurry. I am late for my piano lessons," Terry said. "Rebecca,.give me your bank account."

Terry hated that kind of behavior, being ignored for years, and then the guild master showed up like nothing had happened and tried to caress his ego. That was so fucking annoying that he felt itchy…

"You can send me later if you have other business," Rebecca said while looking nervously at the guild master.

"No, I am just late for my piano lessons," Terry said. "Anyway, meet me tomorrow in the central plaza."

"It seems that you have a grudge against us, but I think it would benefit you if we could talk," Rey said.

"Not much of a grudge. It is more like acting the same way others acted toward me," Terry said. "Have a good night."

Terry left the area, and Rebecca followed him since a lot of people were looking at the guild master, who had been thoroughly ignored. The smart thing to do was to stay on the good side of all guild masters, but Terry didn't care about that. There are countless dungeons out of the city, after all.

"Are you sure that was a good idea? It was clear that they wanted to offer you a high position in their guild," Rebecca said, worried.

"They wanted to tame and fool me after acting like I had no value for them," Terry said. "Would you work for them after being dispensed by them today?"

"Well… I have things more important to consider than my pride," Rebecca looked away, looking uncomfortable.

"Family, huh…" Terry said. "I commend you for that, but I am in a different position. Anyway, meet me tomorrow in front of the salamanders' dungeon. That is if you want to keep working together."

Rebecca nodded. It was a pity that Terry was unable to buy more of the soup, but it couldn't be helped… he will solve the problem to level up the crossbow later. If the worst comes to the worst, he can use the magic stones for that, but he wasn't that rich to be spending money in such a way.

"Come to think of it. I forgot to check the spear…" Terry thought.

Long Spear - Lv 10 (45/110 EXP) (Common)

Attack Power: 22

Defense: 11

Durability: 20/22

(Critical: increases the chances of causing critical damage when hitting the enemy.)

(Spear Mastery: increases your attack power by ten percent.)

"This will definitely help… the more the weapon level up, the higher the attack will become," Terry nodded to himself in satisfaction. "However, it is losing durability… I blocked too many attacks today."

Terry had more than 30k in his bank account now, which is pretty good progress considering that he was dead broke two days ago. He could buy a skill book, but maybe he should buy a decent home… it should be easy since some people can repair and build those with magic… for a price.