31 Epilogue

16 months later...

Shit. This is not what we planned for. Shit shit shit. What if it'll be too soon for him?

The stick in my hand with a bright pink + on it was staring back at me, almost mockingly and I knew I should start freaking out, because no matter how good and loving relationship we had with Jake these past months, a child was not something we really discussed yet. For god sake, I didn't even agree to marry him yet even though he has been asking for the past year. Not that I'm not sure about us. We are good as we are, perfect actually. Why go out there, get married and put some invisible pressure on us? It's not worth it. We will do it when the time is right. But what if now this, this small little pink + makes him run again? No, no, no. I need to give him more credit. He gave me no reason to doubt his love since I saw him that day at Becca's wedding. We were good together. We are good together. It will be fine. There is no other possibility really.


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