21 Chapter 21

I froze, instantly far away from sleep and even my headache couldn't compare to the sudden pressure in my chest. Good pressure, or bad? I have no idea. I mean, I wanted him to care about me, God yes, to feel at least something, but this just blindsided me, coming out of nowhere.

He couldn't, could he? Did something happen yesterday? Shit, why did I have so much to drink? I should remember. I don't even know how he managed to be in the same place as we were.

Oh wait, did we go to his club? The image of the club's bouncer opening the VIP entrance flashes through my mind. Yep, he didn't come looking for me, I went to him.

Probably he is saying this because I wanted to break things off. Maybe he just panicked. He is Jake goddamn Adams; he doesn't fall in love. He fucks, hard, and then moves on.

The hand that was caressing my messy locks starts slowly moving to my face, brushing my cheek, before his thumb and forefinger enclose my chin and gently pull my face up to look at him.


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