19 Chapter 19

There is a big bag with all the Christmas gifts waiting by the door in my apartment and I'm putting the last layers of clothes and scarves around me since it's absolutely freezing outside. It's snowing lightly and the weather is perfect for today's Christmas Eve dinner at Becca and Brian's house. It has been our family tradition to meet up for dinner every year at my mum's house and this year for a change my sister is hosting it.

My face lights up with a childish grin when looking at my huge Christmas tree in the corner of my apartment, taking up almost half of the place. Exactly how I like it.

I take one last look at my apartment since I won't see it until after Christmas Day and then I quickly gather all the presents and get out the door.

When I ring the bell, Mike opens the door and pulls me in a giant bear hug, almost squashing all the gift bags.


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