18 Chapter 18

Monday morning I walk into the office and I'm sent right away to the office of my boss Elena, realizing all hell broke loose. We've almost lost one of our biggest clients, because of some newbie error (that thankfully wasn't made by me) and now we'll have to work twice as fast and for less money on their new project for them to not leave our firm.

As soon as I enter her office, she starts barking orders at me from all directions, so I barely have time to pull out my iPad and start making notes for all the things we'll require.

It's not until 1 p.m. that I manage to breathe and steal away for a quick bite before we return back to work. Luckily I don't have classes today, so I can devote my time and be the best PA my boss can get. And hoping she won't forget it when it's time for promotion.

I walk down to the coffee shop and when I finally manage to sit down with my cup of coffee and a sandwich, I let myself breathe and relax from the hectic morning.


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