15 Chapter 15

The following week passed way too fast due to the work load from studying and my job, and at the same time at the most dragging pace as I was anxiously anticipating hearing from Jake.

I got a cute message from him on Monday morning, asking me if I want to meet up later and wishing me a nice day. The goofy smile I wore on my face the entire day was just ridiculous. But I couldn't help it, how things happened on Friday night and Saturday morning, left me tingly every time I thought about it. There was a bitter-sweet taste to our conversation, later on, deciding to keep it casual, but since it was my idea and on some level, I probably did want this, I guess I should be alright with it. It's not like I want to jump in another relationship right after the Scott fiasco.

We didn't meet on Monday because I had plans in the evening, and the rest of the week he was busy at his club, so I actually haven't seen him since the weekend.


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