13 Chapter 13

He emerged from his apartment a few minutes later, fully dressed now, which was almost a shame with his fine physique. It's a crime he's hiding that fine body of his. I would almost grin at my thoughts if I wouldn't be so nervous about what will happen.

We drove silently in the elevator, both of us stealing glances without actually looking up. I felt butterflies in my stomach not quite sure if from excitement at his nearness or just pure nerves.

When we finally got to the ground floor he put his hand on the small of my back like the first time we were in the elevator and my skin tingled at the heat radiating from his hand.

I've tried to push down the feelings he seemed to wake up and lead my thoughts to the things we actually had to talk about.

By the time we stepped out of the building he already let go of my back and it helped me clear my mind. Even though I hated the loss I felt losing his touch.

We've crossed the street and stepped into a small coffee shop that was half empty since it was almost closing time.

Both of us moved to the far corner, feeling the need for some privacy, even though none of us actually said anything since we left the apartment.

We were sitting across each other and after ordering coffee, I finally gathered the courage to look him in the eyes. He was regarding me intently, something secretive in his eyes, waiting for me to start talking.

I know my eyes were shining when I looked at him and I didn't manage to hide the way I reacted to his nearness. My heart was beating fast and we just kept on staring at each other, breathing in every detail.

Finally, I shook my head slightly and opened my mouth, "I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other day. I think I owe you an apology."

"You think or you know?"

I was looking at him closely, thinking if I want to fall into his provocation or just relax the hostile feeling growing in me. You were kind of mean to him, let him know this. Swallow your pride for once, Jessica.

I took a deep breath and continued.

"I think. You didn't really do anything to change my opinion. But it wasn't the right way to say it. Also, the timing could be better. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable."

I tried for a small sheepish smile and it worked. The side of his mouth quirked, but he still suppressed the smile that was about to show.

"You had the right to doubt me, I can't deny this and my reaction could be better. I am sorry for this. Though I agree the timing wasn't the best, seeing it was minutes after you came screaming my name."

I blushed crimson; squirming in my seat and looking around making sure nobody heard him.

"Why don't you just yell it to the whole coffee shop?! I'm not sure the old guy on the other side heard you well."

This time he did laugh, those damn dimples of his showing again. I couldn't help but grin back. He was so gorgeous. How will I ever be able to resist him?

He got a more serious face when he continued, "I went for a check-up. I wanted to let you know tomorrow if you wouldn't have come today." He paused before continuing, making my heart beat faster.

"I'm clean. You should be safe from me... At least in this regard."

He winked at me and I was looking at him in wonder, an incredulous smile playing on my lips.

I shook my head and smiled bigger, "You really are a player, Jake Adams."

He grinned as the waitress approached and put coffees in front of us. Her eyes lingered a bit too long on Jake asking if we want anything else, but clearly looking only at him. I rolled my eyes at her obviousness, but Jake didn't care for her. He said 'no, thank you' without losing eye contact with me. I liked that. More than I was willing to admit.

"I'm not a player when it comes to you, Jess," seriousness entering our conversation again, "I thought you felt it also."

"Felt what?"

"The connection we've had in bed. There weren't only sparks, it was a goddamn firework. You blew my mind that day. And I couldn't stop thinking about you. Even though I know I shouldn't."

I started shaking my head.

"Why shouldn't you? I felt it too, Jake. So much. I know you don't want anything serious with me, and I'm not sure I want to date either, but if sex would be like this between us... Well, you blew my mind also." I took a deep breath after finishing my speech, slightly embarrassed for putting all of this out so clearly. Desperate much? Ugh.

He stayed silent, looking at me, a million things passing through his eyes, but I couldn't make out what were any of them. He was such a mystery to me.

Something just occurred to me, before he managed to reply.

"Why didn't you want me to come to your apartment earlier?"

He looked down when I asked this question, his brows furrowed. And suddenly it dawned on me what is happening and I wanted to punch myself in the face.

"Is there a woman waiting for you there? Oh God, I am so stupid, so naรฏve. Seriously, I'm sorry for wasting your time. And mine!" The thought just enraged me more.

I started getting up, but he took a hold of my arm and hauled me back down to my seat.

"Sit down, Jessica, and let me talk before you make your stupid assumptions again."

"Stupid assumptions? I wouldn't say stupid assumptions when a man like you is involved."

My anger started rising by that point.

"A man like me? Are we really back to this again? I thought you learned your lesson about this already."

Is this guy for real?

"Do I look like a small kid to you that needs to be schooled? You've had plenty of time to explain what's happening with you and you've used none. I'll take the hint and just stopped bothering you."

This time I got up before he could drag me down and I fled out of the shop. I saw him throw a few bills on the table before I opened the door.

I stepped out on the street planning on crossing the street and going to my car, angry at myself for how things turned out. But before I could reach my car, he jogged after me and stopped inches away from me, blocking my way.

He grabbed my arms and gently shook them.

"What the fuck is going through that cute head of yours? I didn't even get a chance to say anything and you just fly out, pouting like a 5-year-old."

I shot daggers at him with my eyes.

"Oh, bite me. Go back to whoever you are hiding in your apartment, and I'll go back to my life. Let's just forget anything ever happened between us and move on."

He cursed under his breath, ducked and put his arm behind my thighs, hauling me over his shoulder. He started walking towards the entrance of his building. What the f?

"What the hell are you doing, you idiot. Put me down!"

He just kept going, until he entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 18th floor. When the door closed, he put me down and I shoved him with my hands.

"Why did you take me here? I told you I don't want to have anything to do with you."

I knew deep down inside I was acting like a lunatic, but he just got under my skin and could make me so angry. I'm going to lose my damn mind around this guy.

He got threateningly close, making me retreat back to the wall where there was no room left. He gazed down at me, intense green eyes boring holes in mine, shining with so much raw intensity, my knees almost buckled.

"Well, sweetheart, I didn't take you here...yet. And I'm not done with you either. Do you want to know the reason I didn't invite you to my apartment earlier? Do you?"

"Oh yes, please enlighten me," I huffed at him, not backing down, even though some huskiness entered my voice.

"Because you are driving me crazy with your presence. I can still feel the taste of you on my tongue and I can't get the feeling of your body moving against mine out of my head. I didn't invite you to my apartment, because we needed to talk. Really talk. And if you were sitting at my place, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from kissing you, taking you again."

My breath hitched, my heart beating so fast I thought it will jump out of my chest. And at his words, said in his deep growl-like voice, sparkles shot down my body, making me instantly ache between my legs.

I saw lust shining in his eyes and I know he saw the same in mine when he pressed his body hard against mine, trapping me with the wall, his mouth crashing down on mine with primal force.

I didn't hesitate, I couldn't. My body betrayed me long ago and my mind could only focus on one thing. And that was Jake kissing my lips so passionately I could barely come up for air. Though, I didn't want to.

I kissed him back with everything I got, pressed my lush body to him, putting my hands around his shoulders and pulling him as close as I could get. He moaned in my mouth at my obvious surrender and I could feel his hard erection pressing to my lower belly. I was already so wet for him, he could easily slide in right here in this elevator.

I faintly heard the beeping sound indicating we've reached our floor. He kept on kissing me when he pulled me out and open the door to his penthouse, kicking them on shut after we entered.

He broke our kiss once inside and we were both panting, looking at each other with primal lust written all over our faces. It seemed like we reacted at the same time, crashing our mouths back together and he grabbed me behind my thighs, lifting me up easily. Wrapping my legs around his hips seemed like a natural response.

He started walking towards his bedroom, I presumed, and I was frantically pulling at his shirt, trying to get it off without losing too much contact from his lips.

He stopped at the base of his huge bed and threw me down on the bed not too gently. He pulled his shirt the rest of the way over his head and started unbuttoning his pants. I followed his lead, taking my clothes off, staying only in panties and a bra.

He stripped himself naked. I was in awe. The guy had such perfect body it was unrealistic; like he would jump out of a commercial. And he was huge. His erection was jumping in front of me, pulsing, waiting to be sucked in again.

"Take everything off, Jessica. I want to see you."

If this was even possible, I got even wetter at his words. I arched my back and reached behind unclasping my bra. I pulled it off slowly, seductively and the cold breeze rushed over my nipples, making them harder. His eyelids lowered and his eyes got a darker shade as he was raking his eyes down my body. I would normally feel self-conscious being this exposed, but seeing such raw intensity and lust in his hooded eyes made me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. I swear, he will be my undoing.

"Take off everything. I want to see you wet, begging me to lick you and make you hard."

I think my mind already had a small orgasm at his words. Fuck, I was so damn turned on my panties was drenched when I started pulling them off. He was breathing heavily, raw passion shining from his features and I whimpered with the need of feeling him touch me.

He didn't play around this time; he didn't want to seduce me. Not that I needed it, I was all his. Without further ado, he kneeled between my legs and pressed his tongue harshly against my center, made me almost jump off the bed. "Ooooooh my God, Jake."

He drew his tongue down towards my entrance and pushing it inside, surely feeling how ready I was for him. "Fuck baby, you are so wet. For me. Say it is for me!"

He was lapping his tongue on my most sensitive spot and I cried out at the intensity. I was almost there, gripping the sheets around, unable to think about anything else. Before I tumbled over, he suddenly stopped and removed his mouth from me. I actually cried out in protest.

"Tell me, Jess. Say you are wet like this just for me."

"Damn, Jake, you are killing me." I yelled at him, "I've never been that turned on in my life. Just from you!"

A satisfied grin spread across his face, showing his dimples that are so sexy I want to lick them up as much as I want him back between my legs. He made the choice for me when he pressed his mouth on my throbbing point, continuing his fierce assault on my nerves.

Seconds later I came so hard, the whole world shattered around me. I cried out loudly from the intensity.

Slowly kissing the inner thigh of my right leg and nibbling my skin on his way up, over my belly, stopping at my nipples, and sucking one of them in his mouth.

He got me worked up again in a matter of seconds and I started panting, pulling his hair, which apparently he liked from the growls escaping his mouth. Suddenly he lifted up and settled himself between my legs, his rock-hard erection throbbing at my entrance. He pulled a condom from his night table and hand it to me. I looked at him questioningly.

"Put it on me. So you'll be sure about being safe this time."

He gave me a pointed look, but this time I didn't care, just wanted to feel him inside me. I took him in my hand and started rolling the condom on. He was so big, so hard, for me. I felt myself getting wetter, craving the feel of him inside me.

I dug my heels in his firm bum cheeks and pushed him against me. He looked at me deeply before surging forward hard, filling me all the way.

I screamed with pain-pleasure from his penetration and felt him pulsing inside me. He was still for a few seconds, seeming to gather himself before he started moving, pushing and withdrawing with the most delicious pace.

I was panting and moaning, not being able to hold back my reactions. Not really wanting to. He was right there with me, pure satisfaction was written all over his face, looking at me passionately. He didn't lose eye contact the entire time, making it seem even more intimate.

He lifted my legs up, putting them on his shoulders and when he surged inside me again, he penetrated even deeper, filling me beyond I thought was possible. With my clit being stimulated every time he pumped inside me, I was on brink of coming already.

"Jess, you are so responsive to me. You feel amazing wrapped around me. I don't know how long I can hold myself back."

Jake liked dirty talking. It was a major turn-on. Yes, this man will undo me.

His pace picked up and I started moaning and chanting, "Oh God, Jake, Jake, I'm going to come. I'm going to come. Don't stop."

He was pumping inside of me relentlessly.

"Do you feel it now, Jessica? Fucking fireworks."

He pushed me over the tip with his words and I spasmed around his big cock, coming like never before. He pushed inside me three more times and his eyes fluttered close, pure raw pleasure tearing through his face when he came. It was the most erotic vision of my life.

He collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing heavily, trying to catch our breath.

I kept on holding him tightly to me, getting down from our high, dragging my fingers up and down his back in a small caress.

What was I going to do? I realized then that he was dangerous to me. I could fall really badly for him, meanwhile for him one day he wanted me, the other pushing me away.

Probably he felt me getting somewhat stiff under him because of my thoughts, and he lifted his head, regarding me closely. It seemed we communicated so well only just looking at each other and he let out a heavy sigh as if knowing what I was thinking.

He gave me a small peck on my lips and slowly withdrew himself from me, lifting up and heading to the bathroom. By the time I heard the flush of the toilet, I started pulling on my panties and standing up from the bed. I won't be a clingy one-night stand that he wouldn't know how to get rid of after some steamy sex.

When he came back and saw me getting up, he grabbed me and pressed me back down on the bed. I looked at him questioningly, but he pulled back the cover and indicated to get in.

"Lie back down, Jessica, you are not running away this time."

"You were the one who ran away last time," I muttered under my breath, but I lied back down. He chuckled silently and got in next to me.

"Point well made. Sorry about that." He gave me a sweet kiss again and pulled me back towards him, my back hitting his chest. He rested his hand around my belly and covered us with a blanket. I was rigid, thinking if he actually wanted to cuddle.

"Shh, relax baby. It's late, we are both tired and it was a long evening. We are going to sleep now and yes, I'm going to cuddle you."

I couldn't help a small smile spreading on my mouth and I snuggled closer, inhaling the unique smell of Jake that his sheets hold. Before even realizing, I was drifting in a deep sleep, with Jake's slow breathing filtering my thoughts.

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