11 Chapter 11

I just nodded my head, way over any rationality, and turn around heading for the doors. We climbed the three stories to my apartment, both of us eager to get there as soon as possible.

We stepped inside my small and warm apartment and he kicked the door closed. I've put the keys down, turning slightly away from him and all of a sudden starting to feel shy and over-thinking.

But he wasn't having it, coming from behind me lifting my hair and putting them over one shoulder.

Before I was able to utter a single word the feel of slow kisses being poured down my neck made me instantly forget what I was being shy for in the first place. Instead, heat was settling in my core.

He kissed and licked my skin, making goose-bumps rise on practically every part of my body. Agonizingly slow he started pulling the jacket from my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor next to us.

All the time he kept contact of his lips on my neck, giving me the most delicious tingles at its wake.

I felt when he found the zipper of my dress at the top of my back and lazily he started pulling it down my back, his fingertips tracing at its wake. I moaned when his lips touched the delicate spot behind my ear and I felt him press in my bum in answer.

The dress fell down and pooled at my feet still without a word being used. Not that there was a need for any.

This left me in my dark blue lacy bra and panties that were matching for once, and my high-heels. I started to feel exposed, momentarily contemplating of covering myself, but when his hand roamed over my shoulders to my front and cupping my breast, feeling my hard pebbles through the material of the bra, I couldn't help but moan again and push back further, grinding over his cock.

"Fuck, you are so incredibly sexy. I want to lose myself in you, sweet girl."

I couldn't be faced away from him anymore, I wanted to touch him, to feel him under my fingertips, our skins molding together.

I turned around, not giving him a chance to protest, and slowly started pulling his jacket off his shoulders.

He was looking at me with dark eyes, full of lust and want. I was so wet already; he could slide in with ease right on the spot. Oh god, I wanted to feel him inside me.

His eyes roamed down my body and he cursed silently under his breath, putting his forehead to mine and inhaling deeply.

I became a woman obsessed, I needed to feel him. I started pulling his shirt over his head, exposing his muscular body and when my hands landed on his firm chest, a deep growl escaped his lips, feeling him becoming even harder.

I wanted to lick every inch of his lustful body. He looked unbelievable. His muscles were defined, his abs ripped and he looked just enough muscular that it was sexy to-die-for.

I unbuttoned his jeans and he pulled them off, taking his shoes with him and me stepping out of my high-heels. He was standing in front of me just in black boxers that did nothing in hiding his big erection.

Before I managed to tear my gaze away from his straining underwear, he pulled me back to his heat, my breasts pressing to his front in torturing friction and kissing me fiercely, touching me all over. He grabbed my butt and pulled me high up ending in me straddling him around his waist. We kept kissing frantically, lavishing each other, hungry for more.

"Where is your bedroom? I need to get you in bed. My self-control is slipping and I don't want to take you against the wall the first time."

I couldn't even muster up a proper response, my mind was jumbled between the image of him taking me exactly where we are and the implication that this isn't a one-time thing.

When he started moving blindly, I showed him the way to my bedroom and he carried me there.

I was rubbing on his hard-on, begging for some friction to relieve the ache between my legs.

He put me on the bed very gently despite our heated touching, and then lay over me, engulfing me with his long hard body.

He pushed my thighs apart with his legs and I felt him press his cock at my entrance. His hand roamed down my sides, pushing under me and behind my back, expertly unclasping my bra. It was slowly removed and my breasts were bared open for him to see.

He was looking at me, my eyes, my lips, and then to my breasts, my nipples hard, begging for attention.

"How can you be so beautiful? How could I ever thought I can stay away from you?"

"I don't want you to. Jake, I want to feel you inside me."

He put his mouth on my nipples, sucking and biting gently and I cried out from the pleasure that surged through me. I'm going to die of pleasure tonight if he keeps up like this.

His mouth started going lower down, kissing my navel and drifting over, sucking lightly next to my hip bones.

He hooked his fingers in my panties and looked up for permission to pull them off. I lifted my hips in agreement, answering his pleading lustful eyes and letting him drag them down my legs.

He pulled his boxers down and we were completely naked in front of each other. His gaze was devouring every inch of my body. I started to feel shy again with him regarding me so closely, even though I couldn't tear my eyes away from his incredible body. He looked magnificent.

I wanted to slightly close my legs to feel less exposed under his heated stare, but he wasn't having it. He pushed my legs apart and lay between them, his mouth resting on my lower belly.

"Don't hide from me, ever. You're the sexiest woman I have ever seen."

My rational mind wanted to penetrate to the surface at his comment, thinking about how many women did he have to compare me with, but he didn't let my mind drift away.

When I felt his hot breath close to my nub I involuntarily shivered and when his tongue connected with my feverish spot, my hips bucked up in shock and pure intoxicated pleasure.

"Oh my god, Jake!"

He was merciless, licking me up and down all the way to my entrance and back up, stopping and lapping with his tongue on my most sensitive spot. I felt his finger slowly slide over, gathering my moisture and excruciatingly slowly entering me with utter precision.

When I felt him add another finger the tension was too much and I was on the brink of coming, the voices of pleasure escaping my lips.

"Shit baby, you are drenched. I can't wait to feel you."

His words killed me, I was frantic, grabbing the sheets for something to help me stay put. And I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Jake, I'm going to come."

And the connection of his tongue was suddenly lost, followed by him pulling his fingers out of me. I screamed in frustration. I looked at him, and he was looking at me with such raw want and pure male satisfaction shining from his eyes, I almost came without him touching me.

He took each finger to his mouth and licked them.

"You taste so good Jess. But I want to feel your first orgasm when I'm buried deep inside you."

"Yes, please. Jake, I can't wait anymore."

I was way beyond being ashamed for begging. I was in so much need of release and I needed him to make it happen. It felt like our foreplay was happening for the past few weeks and the build-up was too much to take.

He moved higher up, kissing my front on his way and then finally capturing my lips, kissing me deeply. I felt my arousal on his tongue with a mixture of mint that I now knew as his taste. For some reason, it was even more of a turn on.

He nudged my thighs further apart and the. hold himself before adjusting to my entrance. His hard dick was throbbing and my muscles were clenching, begging him to enter.

I felt him slid inside slightly, slowly opening me and groaning with intense feeling.

He paused for a moment, looking me deep in my eyes, and without breaking eye-contact he pushed hard inside me, burying all the way in. I cried out in surprise at his thrust, but the pleasure overwhelmed me.

He cursed under his breath and fall down on his forearms. The feeling was so amazing and he filled me up completely. I knew that I won't last long before the orgasm surges through me.

He kissed me hard and start pulling out of me again, almost to the end, and then he slammed right back, making me scream in shock at such an intense feeling.

"Am I too rough Jess? Tell me this is what you want!"

"It's more than good. You feel so good inside of me. Fuck, Jake, move, please!"

He started moving, rolling his hips, pushing inside of me, and rubbing on my inner walls.

He was good at this, and he knew it.

All the time he kept looking down at me, pure pleasure emanating from his face and he was, without doubt, the most beautiful guy I have ever seen.

His moves became faster and less controlled. We were crazy, trying to devour each other, grabbing each part of our body we could get a hold of. His drives were pushing me higher and higher, making me feel I was about to explode. I scratched on his back not being able to control myself any longer.

"You're tensing around me, Jess. You are so close, aren't you?"

I mumbled something at his question, not being able to actually speak.

"Tell me, Jess. I want to hear your voice."

"Jake! Yes, don't stop, just don't stop."

"Fuck, I need you to come. Come, Jess!"

I exploded around him, his words pushing me over and orgasm thrashing my body.

I was pulsing around his cock and I felt him throbbing inside me as he followed my high, filling me with his release. I kept on shaking under him, the release holding me for the longest time.

It was easily the best mind-blowing sex of my life.

He collapsed on me, our sweaty bodies colliding, heavy breaths escaping our mouth, and filling the room.

After what felt like hours, but was probably just minutes, I lazily opened my eyes when I felt him move and slightly lift on his forearms. I looked him in the eyes and he was looking at me, something warm entering his features.

"This was amazing. And I hope you feel the same because I intend on repeating it."

A small smile played on my lips, "We'll see about that, Sex God."

His lips pulled in an enormous grin and he gave me a sweet kiss on my lips.

"Sex God, you say?"

"Oh, now I've boosted your ego even more. I take it back, I was joking."

I started laughing when he tickled me on my side.

"You've already said it. Sorry to disappoint you, you can't take it back."

I loved the playful part of him.

Slowly he slipped out of me when he suddenly froze.

"What's wrong?"

"I forgot to put a condom on. Fuck, I never forget to put a condom on. Are you on the pill? Shit, shit."

He frowned down at me when he felt my whole body tense at this revelation.

I didn't even think about this. How could I forget about a condom? I'm more responsible than this. What the hell is wrong with me?

I slowly sit up, thanking every divine force out there I'm on the pill since being with Scott.

"I'm on the pill, don't worry about pregnancy."

He let out a heavy sigh, not meeting my eyes when lifting himself off the bed and heading to the bathroom.

I felt a lot less happy than a few seconds ago. He returned a few minutes later with a warm wet towel and slowly started cleaning me.

It was so very intimate I didn't even manage to protest from the shock, and he put his sole focus on the task, his features becoming softer after the frowning that marred his face before.

I didn't know how to express what was going through my head, but I knew it needed to be said. When he finished taking care of me he lied down next to me, letting out a heavy exhale.

I was mad at myself for being so careless, but I didn't want to ruin the moment with my accusations. Even though, they were completely justified.

Well, here goes nothing.

"Ehm... I am on the pill, but..."

"But, what?" He turned his head slightly towards me, his eyes questioning, the frown slowly returning.

"You are checked out and all this, right? I mean, I don't want to be rude, but you seem to have a lot of women in your bed."

His face fell at

my statement, anger, and traces of shame replacing previous signs of a caring face.

"I never have sex without a condom, with anyone. I'm not some careless prick. So that's why the fuck I don't know what happened today. I was so-so... shit, consumed in you, I didn't think straight. But I will get checked out, I don't want you to worry about getting something from a guy like me."

"I didn't mean to offend you, but let's be realistic. You are seeing all those other women and it's not like you want anything serious with me. I don't want to put myself in a position where we get involved more than necessary. More than we already are."

He looked at me, giving me a long hard look and then shook his head.

"You don't know if and how many women I'm seeing. But as you like, we won't get further involved."

He got off the bed before I could reply and start pulling his clothes on. I was just looking at him, not knowing what to say and feeling something dangerously close to abandonment.

I didn't expect cuddling or anything and I brought up the subject even though the fault is as much on me as it is on him. So why am I feeling like this now? Fuck.

Before he left, he turned around.

"Just so you know, I didn't lie when I said I couldn't stay away from you."

He turned around, opening the door. He almost whispered the next words, but I still managed to hear them. "This hasn't changed."

"You were the one who said you don't date."

But my reply was lost in the slam of my bedroom door and later the front, which meant he literally bailed minutes after he gave me the best earth-shattering orgasm of my life. Bloody perfect.

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