250 Chapter 250

Side Story 7

5. Your daily routine (2)

The high school freshmen were gathered in the school's athletics field for the entrance ceremony.

Noisy, noisy….

The new students used the gap created by the still-lax surveillance of the teachers to form small groups comprising of the graduates from the same middle schools and noisily chatted away.

It was then.


Like a lone shark scything its way into a school of sardines, the 'Venomous Snake', Teacher Park Gi-Sool, made his sudden entrance and shot a scary glare, prompting the new students to hurriedly shut their mouths up at once.

"Who dares to make a noise? Who??"

Rather unfitting for his name, Teacher Park Gi-Sool was in charge of the physical training. But, fitting for a man who competed in amateur wrestling in his youth, he was blessed with cauliflower ears, a thick neck, broad shoulders, as well as muscular thighs.


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