1 The Recharge System

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It's already autumn but the temperature remained high, and the weather was still hot.

X city, inside a cheap apartment.

Su Jin sat up abruptly from the sofa, looking around blankly.

This place looked both strange and familiar.

"This is..."

He was lost for a while, then suddenly said in disbelief, "This is the place I lived ten years ago?"

Su Jin hurriedly called out his personal terminal and looked at the time.

"September 15th, 2200. 11:30."

Su Jin's pupils contracted rapidly, and his heart beat violently!

Year 2200?

He actually went back to ten years ago!

It was the year he just graduated from university.

He took an internship job offered by the federal government.

Not far from his work place, he rented this apartment and stayed here for five to six years.

"Wait! September 15th? !"

Wasn't it the day New World released its beta?

Su Jin hurriedly opened his personal terminal to check the news.

He was right!

The advertisements for the groundbreaking online game New World were everywhere. Everyone was talking about it online.

The game was released by a mysterious company called Otherworld.

The moment it was released, it became a big hit.

Because people discovered that even during this closed beta stage, everything in the game could be brought into the real world!

Such as the attributes, skills, inventory, and so on that the players obtained in the game.

The whole world went crazy!

Everyone wanted to find out more about this Otherworld company.

However, it was as if Otherworld suddenly appeared in this world out of thin air. No one even knew where the company was and there was no game publisher.

You couldn't find a more mysterious company.

Even though the beta test had only lasted for a week.

Those who were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the test had benefited from it so much that they made everyone else envy them.

Some players who had learned magic spells in the game could release fireballs that were as big as cannonballs in real life!

Players who had become swordsmen in the game had actually mastered swordsmanship in real life. With a casual slash, they could cut through steel plates that were as thick as a thumb!

Someone who had become a summoner in the game could summon an elephant-like wild boar in real life; its skin was so thick that even the bullet couldn't pierce thought it.


Among these lucky players, some of them were rich.

Like in real world, they wanted to be one step ahead of others and more superior.

Therefore, these people looked for the in-game purchase option to recharge, and hope money would help them become more powerful.

However, New World did not offer the recharge option, nor did it have an online store.

To recharge, which was common in other online games, became something they could only dream of in New World.

This was a game changer!

Players could obtain things from the game and bring them to real world, but not vice versa.

This meant everyone had the same starting point in New World.

And those with great power and had dominated in the game world also ended up controlling the real world!

They would be respected and worshipped by tens of thousands of people!

At 12 o'clock today, the door to the "New World" would open on time!

It would be a historical moment for the whole world.

"It will start in half an hour." Su Jin checked the time.

This epoch-making online game would become so popular that people from all over the world would play it.

Su Jin wouldn't miss it either.

He had already ordered a game cabin for himself.

In his last life, Su Jin was a talented player. After he entered the game, he seized several opportunities and became very skilled.

In the end, he became an expert and joined a gold farming group. He had earned quite some money.

However, he was no match for those top players who had the support of big financial groups.

Compared to those true experts, Su Jin was inferior and could only mingle among ordinary players.

"In my previous life, I missed many things. In this life, since the heavens allowed me to be reborn, I must stand at the top of the pyramid!"

Su Jin took a deep breath and clenched his fists. He made a decision in his heart!

As a reincarnator, he was extremely skillful and knew the strategies to get the secret missions in dungeons.

He also knew the plot of New World and what was about to happen next.

Su Jin was confident!

In this life, he would definitely rise up in New World and become a top-notch expert!

He would influence the power structure in real world as well!

"I'll quit my job first and focus on the game. With my rebirth memories, the first bucket of gold won't be difficult."

Su Jin had a plan in his mind.

First, he informed the company of his resignation through his terminal.

He had just joined the company and was still a newbie. The resignation was quickly approved.

Then, he checked the remaining federal points on his bank card through his personal terminal.

Su Jin was a university student who had just graduated and didn't have much savings.

He originally had 15,000 federal points, but after spending 5,000 on a game cabin, he had less than 10,000 left.

"Order a month's basic citizen plan."

Su Jin sent an order to the personal terminal, which cost 2,000 federation points. In the end, he had 8,000 federation points left.

After he finished doing these trivial.

There were only 10 minutes left until the game opened.

Su Jin entered the game cabin and planned to create a character.

"System checking..."

"First login... pupil scan... citizen information verified... bank card saved..."

The game notifications flashed one by one, and Su Jin's consciousness appeared in a white hall.

"Welcome to the New World. Host, please create your character."

A loud voice echoed in the space, and different races appeared in front of Su Jin.

When Su Jin pointed his finger, the introduction of the race appeared.

There were five races in New World: humans, elves, dwarves, undead, and trolls.

Su Jin had chosen humans in his previous life; he planned to do the same this time.

He pointed his finger at the humans, and just as he was about to choose...

Suddenly, he heard a pleasant voice:

"Congratulations to the host for setting up the recharge system. Do you want to recharge six yuan and randomly open a hidden race?"

"Recharge?" Su Jin was slightly stunned.

This was the first time Su Jin had heard this word after playing for ten years.

No matter the system was in closed beta or open beta.

No one had found any "Recharge" option in the game, let alone the online store interface.

"Could it be that after I was reborn, the game changed and now I can recharge?"

Thinking of this, Su Jin quickly logged out of the game to check the discussion forum of the online players.

Everyone was discussing which race to choose and which class to choose. No one mentioned that the option to recharge was available now.

Su Jin was the only one who had it!

Confused, Su Jin returned to the game.

"Do you want to recharge 6 yuan to randomly open a hidden race?" The pleasant voice continued to ring out, as if urging him.

Suddenly, Su Jin suddenly thought of a possibility, and he became excited.

"Wait, could it be that after I was reborn, I awakened the Golden Finger?"

"Forget it, I'll just give it a try!"

Su Jin replied in his mind:

"Yes, recharge please!"

"Ding! Recharge is successful! 6 yuan was automatically deducted from the host's bank card."

"Congratulations to the host for activating the hidden race -- Protoss!"

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