Only I Can Recharge Money in This Game Book

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Only I Can Recharge Money in This Game

Flight Captain

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In the Year 2200, a revolutionary game, New World, was launched with a unique system that allowed players to manifest any item in the game to the real world. Unfortunately, things in the real world could not be brought over into the game. Thus, no one could spend money on the game, and players had to grind instead. It immediately became a huge hit. When Su Jin entered the game, he received the Recharge System and became the only player in New World that could spend real money on the game. “Hah!” Su Jin laughed. “There’s no way I’m spending money on this game!” [Recharge 6 dollars to unlock a hidden race.] “Alright, I’ll just recharge this once.” [Recharge 888 dollars to receive a Growth Lucky Equipment.] “Just one more!’ [Recharge 8,888 dollars to receive a Hidden Job Advancement Certificate.] “Ugh! Fine!” [Recharge…] “Just take my money!” [You haven’t heard about the reward yet…] “Just take them!”


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