Only I Am A Reader

#Infinity Novel #Yandere #Smart Mc #Supernatural #Novel Transmigration #World Hopping(Vol.2 done!) What happens when a special reader obtains the ability to travel into the books that he once read? Read to find out! - Leo Lock, a reading addict with the ability to truly 'read' books, never really fit in his boring 'normal' world. However, everything changed when an unknown voice found its way to his head! Fainting only to find himself in the body of a character from a fantasy novel he once read, Leo barely processed his new reality before he was thrown into another whirlpool. [ Role: Reader ] [ Target: Reach the Epilogue. ] The only lead he had about his 'transmigration' didn't speak much! Even the character he took over already had a foot in the coffin! How was he supposed to survive that long? Why did he have to become the protagonist's brother?! Moreover, what was this Personal Book supposed to be? Reading Attributes? Points? Follow Leo as he experiences the true life of a reader from one fantasy book to another, using his knowledge and the unique Special Ability to face the expected and unexpected, encountering all kinds of 'new'... *** First Volume: The Sword Master's Second Life (Completed) Second Volume: Murim Supremacy (Completed) Third Volume: City of Villains (ongoing) (Current Release Rate: 7Ch/Week, can increase up to 14Ch/Week if the novel gets popular enough) (Current Gift Event: 1 Castle/Super gift = +1~2 Extra chapters, first Castle = guaranteed 2 Extra chaps) Note: Yes, Leo starts out with a sword, but that isn't the limit to his choice of weapons! ~~~-~~~ Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and its events are completely made up. ~~~-~~~ - Check my other novels: = Omni-Mastery = My Plot Armor System - Discord: https://discord.gg/E7kYDhB (join to see all the AI artwork for central characters)

LightningAsura · Fantasy
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Metal Qi, Tiger Claws!

Leo jumped in place before landing on his toes and moving his body around a bit to test out if there was anything different.

'There is definitely some increase in physical strength.'

After doing some light movements and shadowboxing for over a minute, Leo confirmed that he received the usual buff, but…

He still couldn't discern if he received something else.

'Do I need to read its name to be conscious of it?'

Feeling somewhat doubtful, Leo moved towards the target rocks. Considering that 'Force Conduction' only revealed its true potential when it was applied against something, hitting a target was the most promising testing method.

'Let's move this here.'

However, just as Leo was about to grab one of the rocks and move it into an area with more space…


The situation was pretty similar to what he experienced a few minutes ago, but this time, his finger slipped through!

'More sharpness?'