43 Human traffickers in an abandoned factory (3)

But those who waited for them were part of a human trafficking gang in a used car trading complex. They kidnapped Kyongsu's party on the bus and literally delivered them to the 'abandoned factory.'

"All kinds of wicked and terrible things are happening there right now. Not only exploitation but also rape, cannibalism...I really can't believe my ears...Even though the world is crazy, is it possible for them to get involved in such heinous deeds after only a few days?"

"I understand," Sungwoo nodded.

"But they did not become crazy like that in a day. These crazy guys were just hiding in society."

Adaptation and liberation were different. In that respect, they had now been liberated.

Sungwoo looked at the only member he didn't kill. It was a young man in his early twenties, he was standing there, terrified.

"Now, I'll give you a chance to survive. You see that dog over there, right?"

The 'dog' that Sungwoo pointed to was actually a Werewolf skeleton.



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