Only Guy In A All Female Dimensional Chat Group

A relatively normal guy dies and gets transmigrated in the body of someone else in another world.

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Chapter 2: Transmigration

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

What is that noise? Let me sleep some more? Its not like someone's gonna die if I wake up 5 minutes later. Wait... die? Wait a second..... I died right?

Just as realization hit him, that he had died, he shot up from the bed at loght speed and started panicking.

Akira:*panicking* HOLY SHIT I DIED!!!! What will happen now!? Will I be sent to heaven or hell!? Most importantly where am I!?

Looking around he saw that he was in a completely normal room. Maybe a little luxurious but still in a human house. So did he not die? Was it all just a dream?

As he started to calm down and think rationally, the confusion in him only grew. If he was dead where is this? Heaven? If this was not heaven the is he still alive? So many questions with no answers.

He started to look around in the room to bring his thoughts away from questions he had no answers to.

He went around the whole room to see if he had any clues. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Well ordinary but high quality. There was a king size bed, a huge study desk, an A/C, shelves, a huge closet with clothes that looked like it were for a kid. When he walked passed a mirror he saw a bush of white. Confused at what that was he went in front of the mirror once more and got shocked at seeing his own body.

He had white hair that looked like it had never been dirtied before, bright red eyes that were akin to jewels and a face so cute that it would make many milfs, shotacons and ara ara onee-sans fall for him instantly. He looked to be around 10 or 11 years old had had a taller stature than most kids his age.

Akira: What the hell? I wasn't this cute? Did I transmigrate like in those animes and fanfics?

Just then I alot of memories that weren't his started entering his mind. I did not feel any pain but it was a wierd sensation. Its like I bought a DLC to I memories and the extra information just got added.

After processing the information some things were made clear to me. My name in this life too is Akira Kurokami and I am 10 years old. My parents in this world died in a car crash and I was given all of their assets and inheritance. My family was very rich so I wouldn't have any problems in the future even if I waste money.

They tried to contact my relatives, which were my two aunts from both my father's and mother's side, but they weren't able to get in touch with them. They said they are still trying but still not able to get in contact.

Now to the part that really matters. Do I have any cheats?

Akira: System!!

[System booting.....]

[System loading player's information.....]

[DING! System fully online. For waking up the System on your own you have been rewarded 1 Gacha Ticket]

Akira:*pure joy* HAHAHAHAHA I really have my own system. So system what can you do?

[System has the following features:

1} Stats

2} Missions

3} Dimensional Shop

4} Inventory

5} Dimensional Gacha

6} Dimensional Group Chat]

Hmmm, pretty self-explanatory.

Akira: System explain me the functions of Dimensional Gacha.

[Dimensional Gacha is a gacha where you can get any random item or power from any universe. The rewards go from E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, Ex, X. The same rarity/power rank is used everywhere in the system. The Gacha is divided in 3 parts:

1} Powers & Abilities:- This function allows the user to specify the gacha to powers only. You could get any power from any universe from this function.

2} Items & Materials:- This function allows the user to specify the gacha to items and materials only. You could get any item from any universe from this function.

Random:- You could get anything from this function at random. You could get X rank power or E rank item.]

Interesting. Now to the function that really caught my eye. If this is the same as those fanfics then it means that I can talk to fictional characters from animes.

Akira:*super excited* Tell me about the Dimensional Group Chat feature!

[It is as host imagine's. Any fiction character will be invited at random with the only limitation of them being opposite of host's gender i.e. females.]

What...? What's with that absurd limitation? The only ones eligible to enter are the bane of my existence?

Akira:*exhale* Fuuuu..... calm down. Not every woman is like that. It's just my shitty luck with women. Plus if we only become friends then I don't have a problems. I didn't have many friends anyway.

After I calmed down I opened the invetory, which was infinite, and saw a [Beginners Starter Pack] in there.

Akira: System open the starter pack.

[Opening the starter pack...

You have received 4 [Random Invite Vouchers]

You have received 1 S-Rank [Body Enhancement Pill]

You have received 2 [Gacha Tickets]

You have received 1 SS-Rank [Skill Tickets]

You have received 10,000 Credits]

OH MY GOD!!! This isn't a Beginners pack, this is a fucking Legendary Pack!!!

A S-Rank Item an a SS-Rank Skill right off the start is one hell of a boost.

Akira: System show me my stats!!

[Name:- Akira Kurokami

Age:- 10 Years

Race:- High-Human

Titles:- ~~None~~

HP:- 3500 (270/minute)

MP:- 3500 (350/minute)

STR:- 23

AGI:- 27

DEF:- 20

END:- 35

VIT:- 27

INT:- 35

MAG:- 35

LUK:- 70

CHA:- 45]

[Due to your Race your magic is 100 times your MAG stat and your magic regeneration is 10 times the INT stat. Similarly, your health points are 100 times your END and heath regeneration is 10 times VIT stat]

[The basic stats for average humans is 10 and 15 for trained humans. This is applicable to all stats except LUK and CHA]

Damn boi I am the strongest motherfucking kid out there.

Akira:- What are the effects of the pill? Will it have any side effects if I take them now?

[The S-Rank [Body Enhancement Pill] adds more than 350 points in each stat in the stat menu. The item has no drawbacks or negative effects other than leaking of impurities from tbe body and itchiness in the whole body for a few seconds]

The effects of the pill are insane!!!! Goddamn I really hit the jackpot.

Wanting to take the pill as early as possible, I went to the bathroom according to the memory I received and boy oh boy was the bathroom huge. This is not even a bathroom at this point.

Not dwelling on the bathroom I quickly removed all my clothes and jumped in the huge bath tub.

I willed for the pill to appear in my hand from the invetory and violà it appered just as I thought about retrieving it.

I quicly put the pill in my mouth and ate it. It didn't taste like anything. It was like those cheap candy you buy that has no taste at all.

I waited for a second to seethe pill take effect but nothing happend. But then all of a sudden my body started getting hotter and hotter to the point that my skin was glowing red and I was release a huge amount of steam like a certain titan. It wasn't particularly painful but as the system said, my whole body was itching.

Then black goo, which I guessed to be the impurites, came out of me. It was a good call to do this in the bathroom since this smells like expired milk and rotten eggs had a baby. Also this would be very hard to clean.

After a minute or two my body started to settle down. I felt as if I could topple a few buildings with this much power. I need to be able to control it or the result of this going haywire would be disastrous.

I gently, with my index finger and thumb, twisted the knob to the shower and water started to pour from above me.

After wash the goo and the smell off my body I ran in front of the mirror to see if there were any changes and to my surprise there was.

My body before looked a little skinny not the malnourished kind of skinny but skinny at the end. But now I wasn't skinny anymore and my body had defined cuts as to show my power and I looked even more cute.

Getting even more excited about the rewards I dried myself as fast as I can, wrapped a towel around my waist, and ran towards my room.

This life just keeps getting better and better!!


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