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Only For You


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"Do you believe in destiny? I think i am looking at mine." * All Alaia Crowe ever wanted in life was for her family to be happy and to not have to worry about money all the time. But because of her blindness, there was not so much she could do to help. So when an opportunity to 'fix' things comes along, though unsure of what she is getting into, she agrees to marry her father's billionaire boss. Anything for her family. After all, it's only for a year. But soon after, she realises nothing is ever that simple. The situation gets complicated when her beauty and innocence gets the attention of the three men around her. All different, yet all important and none willing to let go. * Nickolas Bishop has no time for love. What he has is Money, Family, Power and Influence. But his whole world is turned upside down, when he has to marry for business and she quickly becomes his whole world. And now he has to fight for her and prove his love or risk losing her to someone else. *** "You want to know my biggest fear, my worst nightmare? It keeps me up at night, it's losing you. And the funny thing is, i just might, because everything you want in a man, everything you described, everything you deserve, everything you need, i am not. I was stupid to think that you would choose me after what we have been through, because even though i love you desperately with my feelings, i could never seem to show you correctly with my actions." #Language and Mature content.18+