Online Games: Infinite Evolution Of Divine Pets! Unlimited Plunder!

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What is Online Games: Infinite Evolution Of Divine Pets! Unlimited Plunder!

Read Online Games: Infinite Evolution Of Divine Pets! Unlimited Plunder! fanfiction written by the author Big_Eve on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games fanfic stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Story of: Online games: Infinite evolution of divine pets! Unlimited plunder! [Online Games + Beast Control + Pets + Cool Articles] [Divine Pet] is an online pet battle game. Su Chen was reborn three years ago and extracted the strongest and only SSS-level talent [Infinite Plunder], which can infinitely evolve pets through plunder. ! Angel, eighteen-winged Seraph, thirty-six-winged Holy Angel, Light Holy War Valkyrie! The little green snake, the azure demon python, the purple-scaled demon dragon, the thunder holy dragon, and the eternal supreme dragon emperor! From then on, a divine pet who could destroy heaven and earth was born from his fingertips... Until one day, the gods invaded reality and wanted to destroy the human race. A cute cat-eared girl stood up and slapped the god away. She looked at Su Chen innocently and asked, "Master, I am a cat-eared girl. Is it reasonable to beat the god?" Well, Very thorough!

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Good book, thx for posting it here, the only problem is a lot of mistakes, but I don't care about it. Add more chapters.


Where did managed to get this novel?Where did managed to get this novel?Where did managed to get this novel?Where did managed to get this novel?


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